Savitri 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 15th May 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with RahuKaal and Vishghati atop a pyramid…and they go inside…where Vishghati gathers all her powers..and conjoins a human mummy and RahuKaal together…but inspite of that RahuKaal cannot move…and then a lightning strikes the pyramid…and RahuKaal’s robe uncovers his new body…and he is able to move…RahuKaal laughs his evil laugh…

Vikrant spies on the aghori and his fellow members and comes to know about TaaraDwaar…which is a source of ultimate power and also quite dangerous…The aghoris fear that if RahuKaal acquires these powers…they all will be in grave danger…and RahuKaal will also enslave them..and decide to acquire the power before them…But Vikrant is caught spying..and the aghoris punish him using their powers which drives Vikrant unconscious…

Savitri is praying before Devi maa,and thanking her for protecting her and Satya..When she returns to her room,she sees RahuKaal lying in wait for her…and shows her his new human body that he has acquired…Savitri looks upon with disgust…and warns RahuKaal as he tries to touch her and come close to her…seeing no way she threatens RahuKaal by trying to hurt herself with a knife…RahuKaal seeing that Savitri is not going to budge…he threatens to kill her family…Episode ends…

Precap: Satya starts doubting Savitri’s intentions(which is quite sad),as Mishti and Babumoshai poison his mind(of course under RK’s control)..and in rage Satya throws away the protection ring…RahuKaal in the background enjoys this rift b/w Satya and Savitri

Update Credit to: libran90

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