Savitri 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 15th July 2013 Written Update

Maharaj raises his voice against a stubborn Princess Damyanti stopping her from moving out…
Episode begins win Damyanti trying to move out of mahal at night with Nakshatra. On reaching out of the room they are welcomed by King who asks them not to move out as its dangerous. But damyanti tries to argue which angers King and he yells at her… Damyanti ‘s eyes gets moist seeing the king’s anger and walks off angrily to her room while king feels sorry for his act of being helpless as rajguru have given instructions of being cautions until the end of chandrotsav.

Senapati tests Veer regarding him being loyal to Kingdom
Veer and Vidhu almost reaches the mahal and vidhu was suggesting to directly meet rajguru , that they are welcomed by a arrow from a hidden enemy. Veer who sensed

the arrow coming cuts it out with his sword and runs to catch the man who bow the arrow at them.. the stranger guy runs away sensing veer’s step while veer backs of replying vidhu who was asking behind the reason of not catching the enemy, that they mi8 get late by trying to catch the enemy. Vidhu boasts about them being famous as enemy attacked them even before reaching mahal.

They advances further that senapati comes with 2 soldiers..Veer greats senapati while vidhu too introduces him as veer’s best friend. Senapati says that he need to talk to veer in personal..He tooks veer to a side and congratulate veer on getting a promotion to mahal as in getting more trustful responsibilities.. Veer thanks senapati while he continues that now on Veer must keep his eyes and ears open and how he’ll be working for senapati inside mahal thereby helping senapati to create problems inside kingdom,mahal and for king. Veer gives a doubtful look while senpati continues that in return of all his work he will be given money land and women…

Veer is all shocked to hear this and replies that he can’t even believe that senapati is asking him all these and trying to bribe him. Veer replies that he is ready to shed his blood but will never act against king and kingdom. Veer backs off and tries to go away while senapati says that veer is not realising whom’s order is he defending, to which veer replies how he is ready to give up not only senapati’s idea but also his life for the country. He further turns and mives away that senapati claps his hands and congratulate veer on winning his exam.. Veer gives a shocked expression while Senapati clarifies that he was testing veer and his loyalty on which he won. Veer is so happy and senapati advances with veer to meet king. (He doesn’t seems to be happy with vidhu but then allows vidhu to accompany on veer’s nod)

Maharaj appoints veer as the new Bodyguard to Damyanti
Veer is being questioned by mahamantri and senapati ( just as though veer is attending a viva voce with senapati as internal and mahamantri as external)

Veer states that a clever enemy is far better than a foolish friend to mahamantri ( perhaps to some ?n which is not shown)..Mahamantri says that he is happy with veer and his replies and enquires if senapati wishes to ask something. Senapati moved closer to veer with his question that..its said that a sainik must never lose his sword and horse at any cost .So if veer is in a situation to choose between the two which one he would select… Senapati adds that he knows his question to be diplomatic ( if he thinks thn why do he asked)… Veer replies that the question is all good and that he will choose his horse than his sword as a sainik need to use his power on sword to protect himself while a horse with its speed and cleverness takes u to a new sword.

Maharaj who heard the reply of veer is highly impressed and praises him, while veer with obedience replies that how he is overwhelmed to know that Maharaj decided to send him to warfront to fight for the country… Just then Maharaj offends that who told veer of going to warfront as he is given another important responsibility of becoming the bodyguard to princess damyanti. Veer is not so happy hearing that and replies starting with a pardon that its dream of every soldier to serve the country at warfront. Maharaj states that by protecting the princess he is indeed serving the country to fullest as then why was he doubtful in deciding. Veer is still in dilemma.

Damyanti once again showed off her stubbornness and runs away from mahal
Their utara tries to enter Damyanti’s room who was at first stopped by soldiers guarding the room. Utara convinces them that she just need to report a news to damyanti and she has no intention to take Princess out…Soldiers doubtfully allows utara to enter.. On reaching room utara founds that Damu is not their and sees the she had escaped through the balcony. Utara rushes to inform other regarding the matter.

Veer took vow of being the bodyguard
Veer is announced as new bodyguard to Damyanti and he is shown taking oath….(i promise to safeguard Princess even by giving up my life…by giving respect i’ll look only at her foot…and i’ll never raise my head infront of her…Not only her life but i shall safeguard her self respect and name)…

Their at some deserted area Damyanti is shown walking with nakshatra to some hilly area…She thanks nakshatra for her story which brought them up there. Nakshatra recalls how she had narrated the story to Damu…’ Nakshatra comes to damu ‘s room and announces the moon being ourt their at sky..Damu questions why was she saying it like a great thing as moon is seen every ni8…Nakshatra replies that its not the usual moon but the ekadashi moon and recalls that her naani said this moon is out just every 13years. Damu is a bit thrilled and looks at moon while nakshatra continues that her naani saying about a myth that looking at moon from jyodish rekha one will be seeing their life partner( the 7 life wala)…’

Nakshatra is tensed and asks Damu that its not safe to be so far from mahal and that too at ni8 and hence suggests to return. Damyanti boasts that if a enemy comes at that moment then they both can easily defend and safeguard themselves.. Just then a tiger’s roaring is heard and nakshatra adds that at the time of day more than human enemy they must think of flesh eaters.. Damu is still adamant and orders that she won’t give up and asks nakshatra to return as she is happy all alone and will continue her journey. Now nakshatra becomes adamant too and asks damu to just return as she won’t return alone to mahal. She forces damu and finally damu nodes to nakshatra’s request and agrees to return

Damu at top of hill and in danger .
Nakshatra walks first and is apologising to damyanti regarding being offensive and talks about her helplessness. On not getting reply nakshatra turns around only to realize that damayanti is not with her..

At mahal king is tensed and orders senapati to send whole army to find damyanti and further asks to get his horse ready so that he himself can go out searching. Senapati rules out that saying that its not safe for maharaj to go out like that as princess is already in danger and now king moving out like this can only increase problems. King over-rules senapati’s request but then veer joins and says that its his duty to find princess and asks maharaj’s permission to carry own…

Veer trying to search her
Veer is in horse searching for princess while she reaches top of mountain and is mesmerized at moon’s beauty..She is too much in moon’s beauty that suddenly her eyes caught attention of a tiger moving towards her..She is feared and stays still not knowing what to do…

Precap: Veer heard tiger’s roar and is looking for damu..damu all feared and backs off with tiger’s advance

Update Credit to: snowdream

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