Savitri 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Savitri 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 13th August 2013 Written Update

The epi starts wid senapati told veer to do da work quickly. Veer looked annoyed and thought,”wat’s wrong wid senapati?”
scene shifts 2 chandu. He was romancing wid vishi. Then he imagined suggu nd was afraid. Then he came 2 reality. Vishi told him dat she wanted a job in da palace. Then bondhu came and vishi changed his attire. Bondhu informed chandu abt a dasi who wore veil. Chandu slapped bondhu nd said dat there’s no need 2 suspect anyone.
Damu dressed as a dasi was abt 2 go outside. Just then bondu nd chandu stopped her and wanted 2 show her face. Damu made lamu excuses . At last when she was abt 2 uncover her face mahamantri came nd alleged chandu fr his buri nazar 2 female servants. Damu went away.

Scene shifts 2 suggu who was worrif abt chandu and a man came and informed her of his affair wid a dasi
here at veer’s place veer was narrating abt his suspect towards senapati. Damu overhead everything. Vidhu scoled damu fr coming there. Damu narrated a fake story abt her sorrows then by chance took da name of bodyguard. Vidhu mocked at her. Then vidhu gave food dat was made by veer 2 damu. Damu then felt happy while having food and by chance she said dat she would gift him in a princess style. Veer was surprised.
then damu put her skirt up and veer saw da shoes. And he remembered dat those kind of shoes were worn by princess while taking her wid his arms. He felt suspicious

precap: veer went 2 palace and told uttara showing a payel in his hand dat those were savitri’s nd savitri told dat those were gifted by damu. He would ask damu da truth.

Update Credit to: MUNIASTUART

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