Savitri 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 12th July 2013 Written Update

Damyanti is being taught rules and slokas where guru is teaching abt how the predator must try to get a prey as in how a man must try to attain his fate rather than waiting 4 god to bring it to his doorstep. Damu is too much involved that her 3 friends moves in laughing on their own jokes. Seeing guru teaching damu they gets silent and folding their hands to show respect, moves to bed where they sit and enjoys their silly talks. Here damu is jealous on her friends enjoying and waits desperately for guru to finish the class.

Finally after a long class guru finishes and says damu of resuming the class next day. Soon after guru leaves damyanti reaches near her friends and announces them to damn careful while sword practice as they r gonna face tough fi8. She complains on how they were enjoying themselves

when she was busy learning.

Nakshatra says that they reached mahal early and hence was discussing some crosswords. Damu is all joyed to took part but then utra says how damu will not be able to answer. Damu takes it as challenge and asks them to carry own and ask questions. She boasts how she never fails. The three asks 2 questions and damu replies both. ,the third question was on warrior and its then she remembers about wounded soldier aka veer. She enquire nakshatra who says that he is fine and also adds that damu can’t leave mahal to meet him making such excuses now. Damu says she can move out freely when she wishes with a naughty grin.Just then queen enters and damu asks her friends to leave.

Here at kingdom province veer is anxiously waiting for vidhu to come out and yells how vidhu is taking so lot of time in getting ready even after himself being called at mahal rather than vidhu. Desperate veer is moving here n there that he spots the mangalsutra. He takes it and wonders who would have thrown it there. He finally guesses it to be of my some sainik who visited his hut with senapati. He keeps it with himself that vidhu finally comes out.

Veer shouts at him 4 being late and him taking time in getting ready. Vidhu says that he is coming to mahal so as to meet rajguru and says his dream of taking rajguru’s blessings and rajguru in turn accepting him as shishya. Veer says all this is never gonna happen while vidhu brings out veer’s dream of getting promotion from sainik to a warrior. Veer admits that vidhu is true and he indeed wants to become a warrior and need to fi8 n win over enemies.

Queen starts convo on how damu always wishes to be a free bird and that until that date her parents let her live so. But then not longer then as the kingdom itself have her enemies and queen is worried on how she had a narrow escape the other day. Damu asks her mom if she doubts her capability. Queen replies that she is not but then adds on how they can’t ignore enemy and that when they r not aware of enemy’s strength. Damu boasts that it won’t happen again as she will be cautious but then queens says not any more as damu will not be moving out of mahal atleast not for some time.

Damu is unhappy and questions what kind of security is that when she can’t even breathe properly.

Queen is angry and replies how she did tried to convince her lovingly and that now if damu ignores then she and king will have to become strict.

Senapati says king that he had asked the sainik who saved damu to come to mahal and proposes that he will be apt as angrakshak to damu. King nodes and moves out to balcony to meet praja. He announces start of chandrotsav festival to praja and also adds that rain will be coming soon. He adds that once again he is announcing that tax is forgiven and none needs to pay. Also if some1 try to force then they need to complain authorities. The praja praises him happily.

Here vidhu is tired and asks veer to slow himself . Veer says they have to reach mahal 2day and asks vidhu why is he getting tired soon and asks him to have a jogging ever day now on. Vidhu excuses that he is not tired but looking forward to enjoy chandrotsav settings and praises how there is so lot of rice in kingdom. Veer shouts that he can’t waste time and asks vidhu to walk. Vidhu replies with a funny smile that if they are late senapati will then ask which veer what veer and all so lets move fast…

Mahamantri asks senapati what he knows abt veer to appoint him as angrakshak to damyanti. Senapati says he just know veer as sainik. Mahamantri says that its not good to believe some1 easily and appoint him as angrakshak as being ankrakshak he will have full authority on country. Senapati nodes in aggression and moves out while mahamantri gives a wicked look..( i doubt him)

Here gulika and RK in different look comes to champanagar kingdom entrance where soldiers r guarding . RK is looking at the beauty of Champanagar and says to himself how he will own the kingdom soon and make all people his slaves.

On entrance RK and gulika is being stopped by sainik and they starts question them as on …why r they here?

Gulika replies in a typical slang that they r here to take part in chandrotsav.

Just then Chandal singh and his disciple Loknath enters …Chandal Singh asks sainik who was them ( Gulika nd RK)..Sainik replies him and Chandal singh replies that none like this can enter Champanagar or take part in festival unless they r kalakaar…

Gulika starts buttering Chandal by praising him and further announces that they r indeed kalakaar…RK now replies that he is a magician and magic is never lesser than a art. Further gulika says that RK is her master and she is his assistant. Chandal Singh gives a wicked look and ask RK to show his magic.. RK first make a sainik’s helmet fly and soon turning it to flowers showers it at chandal thats when he is happy and imitate like a truly mad guy…Further RK transforms a horse on which a sainik was sitting in to a hen.. The sainik falls off and chandal singh is damn happy..Further RK moves closer and hypnotises Chandal Singh. On being hypnotised CS moves out of path and gives the entry card to RK n gulike..Both enters champanagar and RK flews away the admit card. He says gulika that without magic a country can never be so rich and soon he will take the kingdom to his name…He asks Gulika where they must go first to which guli replies to walk further to let know

Precap: Sugandha asks Chandal Singh as who is that irking him. Chandal replies as veer and Sugandha praises veer same as his name.. Veer is one who fulfill his responsibilities…veer shown making poses with sword

Update Credit to: snowdream

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