Savitri 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 11th July 2013 Written Update
The episode begins with the Queen telling Damyanti to have her medicines and go off to sleep. Nakshatra is applying the medicines when Damyanti again remembers Veer and is worried for him. She orders Nakshatra to find out everything about the soldier who saved her life and says that she is worried for him.

The king orders the Senapati to find out who had attacked Damyanti and also to find out everything about the soldier who saved her life. The spies of Chandal Singh listen to all this.

Veer is lying on a bed in a tent and Vidu his making him drink some medicines.

The spies go and tell Chandal Singh the truth who is busy celebrating the death of Damyanti. He orders them to find out abut the brave soldier.

Nakshatra tells Damyanti that the soldier’s name is Veer and he is

an orphan. After completing his studies at Gurukul he had joined the army. She tells them that she wants to meet him and would go without the King and the Queen’s consent.

Vidu goes out of the tent to the forest and tells Veer to not go anywhere. Veer opens his eyes and closes them back again.

Damyanti and her friends are outside Veer’s tent with their faces covered. Damyanti tells them to stay outside and she goes in. She goes inside and sees him. She wants to leave something for him when her friends come inside and tell her that someone is coming and they should leave. They tell her to not leave anything otherwise someone might come to know about her coming here. They leave.

A man is doing some penance when another saint like man says that your penance is completed now. The man (Rahukaal) gets off his place and stands up.

Veer hears someone and goes outside the tent with his sword. He finds Senapati there and greets him. Senapati asks him about his health and tells him that he did a very good job and displayed his skills well. He tells him to coem and meet him in the palace next day. Veer smiles and agrees. Senapti asks him if he could recognize the attackers and Veer disagrees. He asks Senapati if he suspects someone and he replies that this could either be Chandal Singh’s work or of the powers living on the other side of the kingdom.

Rahukaal calls to Gulika and she is there in the form of a bird at the sight where Damyanti was attacked. She reaches the spot where Rahukaal was. He tells her that his penance is done now and he is now a great Tantrik. Gulika says that he is happy with this only while she wants to see him as the most powerful Tantrik in this world. Rahukaal asks if this is possible and Gulika replies affirmatively. She tells him to coem with her to Champanagar. She tells him that there is something in Champanagar that makes it and the seven kingdoms beside so prosperous. She also tells him that thirteen years back the kingdom had become really prosperous and the same happened thirteen years even before that. Rahukaal says he would go with her and he wants to become the most powerful one on this Earth. Rahukaal leaves.

Gulika thinks that Rahukaal doesn’t know that they have come thousand years back in time. His mother told her to take care that he doesn’t meet Damyanti but she wants him to meet her so that she kills him and she can become the owner of all the Tantrik powers.

Precap The Senapati tells the King that eh has found out about the soldier and has called him. He tells him that he thinks he would be the best choice for a bodyguard for the princess. Rahukaal and Gulika are passing through a place probably Chamapanagar, in disguise. Rahukaal flashes some powers on to someone while thinking that he ants to own this land make all the people here his slaves.

Update Credit to: catty2000

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