Savitri 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 10th July 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with, Chandal Singh walking around his hall and remembering the day’s events at the palace. He cribs against Damyanti. Sughanda says that he doesn’t understand small things. He tells her to stop talking in riddles. She gets up and feeds him the paan. She tells him about her plan of killing the Damyanti while talking about some story. She tells him that if an arrow shoots her then no one would no from here it came or who did it. She indirectly tells him to attack her when she goes to the temple tomorrow to give the invitation for Chandrotsav festival. He embraces her in happiness while she gives a disgusted look.

Next Morning

Damyanti is woken up by her mother who tells her that she needs to go the temple to give the invitation for the Chandrotsav festival. A maid brings

a dress and jewelry and the Queen tells Damyanti to get ready and meet her father who must be waiting for her.

Damyanti get’s ready and proceeds to meet her father. Her father is talking to her friends and telling them to take care of her. She takes his blessings and he gives her the invitation.

Damyanti and her friends are walking to the temple with the soldiers when she stops and says that she thinks maybe someone is walking along with them. They proceed further and reach the temple. She takes the blessings of the Godess and gives the invitation letter to the Pandit. She notices a chain near the idol and picks it up and questions the Pandit about it; who tells her to keep it because she found it. While leaving her purse falls and a soldier ?(Veer) picks it up and without showing his face walks away.

They are going back to the palace when a band of people in black attacks them. Everyone takes out their swords and start fighting including Damyanti. Someone is about to strike her with the sword when Veer hold’s the sword. He comes in front of her and starts fighting. A man shoots an arrow and Veer saves Damyanti and it strikes him on his shoulder. He tells the girls to take Damyanti with them. She is taken back while he fights and she keeps looking at him worried.

Veer kills everyone when a short and bulky man (Vidu) comes out running from somewhere behind the rocks. He scream about killing everyone who tries to harm his friend Veer. A comic scene. Veer says to leave from here.

At The Palace

Damyanti is worried about Veer and talks about the same to her friends. They promise to find him.

The king, queen and the Senapati are walking along the corridors talking about finding the princess and bringing her back safe. The queen spots Damyanti. Everyone is relieved to find her safe but she says she is worried about the soldiers who fought to save her. The Senapati informs her that he has sent another batch of soldiers to help them and he himself is leaving for the place. She tells him to find out about the soldier who protected her today. All this is heard by the two spies of Chandal Singh.

Damaynti tells them everything that happened. She tells her father her that she is worried that something might happen to him and she wants to help him.

Near The Temple

Veer feels dizzy and he drops down unconscious while Vidu screams for him to wake up.

Vidu says the arrow was poisonous. He keeps on screaming for Veer to open his eyes.

Precap : Damyanti gives the task of finding the soldier (Veer) to Nakshatra. The king tells Senapati to find the soldier who saved Damyanti’s life. Chandal Singh also tells his spies to find the soldier.

Update Credit to: catty2000

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