It was a blissfull morning with a beautiful sunrise. Birds chirping around the trees.
A young man was sitting in deep thought..
A voice from back
“kabir ”
No response
(shouts) ” Sanskar ”

The young man jerks all his thoughts n turns around to find a fuming man with blood shot eyes.

Young man : yes baba.
“Dare not to call me baba” said the man.

He continued ” so you are sanskar.You are a traitor. I believed you. But you Cheated us. ”
The young man gets shocked.
YM : no it’s not

But the man called his men and ordered them to kill him right now. The young man was beyond shock. He fought with some of his men. They tried to kill him with sword. Seeing him, anyone could predict that he was well trained in playing sword. Then he was chased around the village. While running he collides with a girl. The duo falls down. But the young man taking this as a chance, keeps the sword in her neck. She widens her eyes. Everyone froze in their position. When the head ,heard abt this. He came running over there.

Man: no.. Leave her..
YM: I won’t , until I’m safe.
Man:(gritting his teeth) You traitor.
YM: I’m not a traitor. You are a traitor. Yes I’m Sanskar. Im proud to be whom I’m. But You are a traitor for this whole country.

Saying this he takes the girl under his sword and starts moving. The girl was panting heavily ,so as sanskar. The man shouts from the back,
” I will save you Swara . I will save you from this traitor ”

Sanskar thinks “wats special abt this girl, who is she? This is the first time I’m seeing her”
He jerks his thoughts and pushes the girl in a jeep still pointing the sword. He takes out a gun from the jeep and fires other jeep tyres,in order to restrict them from following. Swara sighs a big relief.

Both swara and sanskar looks at eachother AnD thinks ” MY SAVIOR ”

TADAAAAAA… How was the prologue.
Or bad??

Is Swara- Sanskars saviour (or)
Sanskar – swara’s savior (or)
U guess something else. ?
I dont want to confuse u guys more. I will continue this ,if u all like it. otherwise I’m dropping this..

Hi guys hope you remember me!!! This is Sha!! Writer of ” falling for you ” … Yup I’m here with a new Ff.. It’s a small story, which has been hitting on my mind from long. Hope u support me as u supported for FFY.. Well I will continue this only if u are fine with it.. Will continue with your responce..

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  1. Srivarsha

    Hey it’s interesting .Continue it and don’t stop falling for you no problem.. Take your own time and post them whenever you want.. We will wait. And I think swara also wanted to escape from there….i think they are getting her married but she doesn’t like it.. Hehe?the thought came to my mind is this.. But I think you’re thinking another one. Anyway all the best and continue it?

    1. Srivarsha

      Yayyy. I am the first one to comment

    2. Sha

      glad u liked it dr.. abt ur guess,lets c wats stored in this story..?lol

  2. Sha pls continue soon

  3. Nice

  4. AnuAnn

    Plzzzz continue yaar.. It was interesting

  5. awesome prologue

  6. Sumeeta

    Interesting.nd i recognise u by ur name.glad to see u with another ss

  7. Sriya

    It was amazing stupendous fantabulous mindblowing dear loved it to the core and post falling for you also stay blessed dear.

    Love u loads
    Keep smiling always

  8. Hadi

    Gr8 sha another one n fantastic one hope so n will definitely u will prove urself in this ff also waiting for next

  9. Sree

    Its very interesting. Both r each others saviour i guess????
    Well this is something Different.
    Plz continue this.??

    1. Sha

      sree dr.. ur guess is not bad. ?well glad u liked it.. love ya..❤

  10. Abirsha

    Its interesting….. Continue

  11. it was so intresting

  12. Vyshu10

    Very interesting dear

    Thanks for dat info u gave at the end. I was wondering whether u r d same Sha…..suddenly switched from cool,cute,sweet,naughty story to action! Nice…

    Upload falling for you plz…

    1. Sha

      lol.. seeing ur comment made me grin.. hehe yaa switched from cool ,naughty one to action queen.. ???
      glad u liked it..

  13. Anisha

    Eloping bride?????

    Its good sha i love it but pls dont forget to post eloping bride

    You know na how much i love it???

    I’ll be waiting

    1. Are! Mein vi na!

      I got confused! Bahu!
      I thought you to Sana Solly!

      BTW it’s too good?????

  14. Sweetie

    Heya Cutiepie..Kya mast prologue hai rey..Loved it.. 🙂 Please continue.. 😀 Lots of love..❤

    1. Sha

      glad u liked it sweetie.. my sweetu mil? u know ur name always remind me of veer from my ff.. i always prefer to call him sweetu..

      1. Sweetie

        Hehe..Glad to know my name reminds you of Veer..I love his character a lot..?

  15. Its very intresting , i will definetly read this …. very good one ….

    I just read it on wattpad …. well my user name is priyuS there …. would be glad if u be my friend …. ???? ????

    1. Sha

      glad u like it priyu.. yep i saw u on wattpad.. i posted a msg there.. wil love to be ur frnd. . love ya.,

  16. Neha_priya

    Amazing HWS…. Wah kut kut ke talent bhara h….. Don’t drop continue…. I’d love to read this too…..
    Sanky is really amazed with his gf…..

    I’m proud of you hone wali sautan ji…. Par where’s ffy…. Don’t forget to post that….
    And ?u didn’t told your writing one more ff ….I’ll kill you for this….. Give me the links or at least give the name….. Sach mein… Hate you for this….

    Love ya continue soon HWS ?

    1. Sha

      arei my hs.. i wasnt ready to post this..but there was a fight between my heart n my brain. then finally both heart n brain took a decition to post the prologue n left the decision in the readers.. lol
      glad u liked it..

  17. Sha I loved this …plz continue …I came here after long time n saw this…amazing dear …I m not commenting on Ffy but I m reading it …

    1. Sha

      glad u liked it musku.. yep seeing u after a long time.. hapy to see ur comment.. love ya..❤

  18. Sha

    Whoever made tat pingback, I just want to know how did u do tat?? ?
    I dont know abt tat?

  19. Kavya_08

    Wow!! Awesome ya❤❤
    Nowadays I’m not able to comment on your ff? bcoz I’ve hell lot of work?

    Please dear just consider every epi awesome from my side I was wouldn’t be able to comment but my love and wishes will be with you?

    Love ya❤ Tc

  20. Dharani

    interesting continue

  21. Pallavibaby

    Masth prologue hj ?
    Looks interesting…. Would love to read it
    Love you ?

  22. Awesome prologue….but dont stop falling for u

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