My Savior My Love – Savitri Devi – epi 8

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Recap-Sanchi comes to know Kabir is taking pragya’s help to find out abt her she gets upset latter veer explains her Sanchi ask veer to help her veer gives her diary to write her feelings

Sanchi is writting in diary
she notices kabir coming
she hides diary

Sanchi(hesitates)-Bhai I wanted to actually

Kabir-Bolo Sanchi what say
Sanchi-Bhai I just dnt want to go back to delhi or anywhere bhai can we please stay here in pune in some temporary accommodation for some days please bhai r free can u please stay wd me for few days

Kabir (teareyed)-Ofcourse my darling Ofcourse jaan am all urs

Sanchi is looking outside
veer comes
Sanchi-good morning dr
veer-Good morning, nice to see u this way but Sanchi please add me as veer I hope u wdnt mind being my friend

Sanchi put forths her hand
veer smiles
they shake hands
they have intense eye contact n both are smiling
Sanchi-dr oopss veer its my pleasure friends
veer I too like to see myself this way am tired of crying
Veer-Hmmm so tip no 2 meditation
Sanchi every morning u do meditation start with 5 mins 10 15 keep increasing so lets start

Sit on bed close ur eyes hands on lap

Sanchi forget everything forget u r in hospital try to hear sound of birds try
imagine bird taking all ur pain flying high n high n high now Sanchi u r free u r light no problems no pains

Sanchi is smiling

Veer-Gently open ur eyes

Sanchi looks straight into veer’s eyes

Sanchi (excited)-I feel so good, I feel so light

Veer-Ok promise me u will do this daily

Sanchi (smiles)-Promise

Veer-Chalo tc see u in evening

Pragya comes
Pragya-Sanchi hum game kelenge angry birds naam hain humko hara kar dikhaoo hum champion hain ish game ke
Sanchi-Challenge accepted

Both r shown playing on laptop n having good time
Kabir comes
pragya laughs out
Sanchi(confused)-Kya hua
Pragya-Aa gaya real angry bird tumhara bhai gussa toh naak par rahta hain Amitabh bachan ka fan

Sanchi-No pragya bhai is a lover boy shahrukh khan fan actually u have never heard him play guitar

Pragya-Seriously Kabir tum guitar bajate hoo? humko sunna hain
Kabir tries to nod no
Sanchi-n he sings also
bhai even I want to listen
Kabir-Sanchi let it be
Pragya- ohhho bhaav kyu kah rahe ho mote hooo jaaoo gaye I will bring guitar from hobby room

Kabir smiles

Kabir starts thinking about pragya he sings kuch toh hain tujhse raabta

All r enjoying
veer enters ward Sanchi is about to slip veer holds her n song continues
Sanchi is in veer’s arms

Song gets over all clap sanchi stands veer blushes

Veer-Kabir I have got seagull movie’s tickets for u n sanchi take her out for sometime she will feel nice
Pragya-Bhai humko bhi dekni yeh seagull movie iske reviews fantastic hain
Sanchi-so please come along I wd enjoy movie more

Kabir smiles
Kabir-Veer u too join us it wd be fun
Veer-Sorry kabir I had some admin wrk
pragya-kya bhai pura time kaam
Sanchi-veer please come lets celebrate this new friendship of all four of us
veer gestures her to be silent-silly we r in hospital

All four are seated
sanchi Kabir veer Pragya in this order
they r watching movie Kabir n veer enjoy comedy scenes
Pragya gestures veer -bhai yeh bajowali ka bachaa bahut ro raka hai I cannot hear am not able to enjoy movie please exchange seat

so pragya n veer exchange seat
some horror scenes r shown
Kabir is scared he holds pragya’s hand firm thinking him to be veer
pragya-Abbhe ooo Kabir mere haath ki chutney nikaal do gaye kya bachoo ka horror hain itna kyu darr rahe ho

Kabir embarrassed-sorry sorry

All four r shown drinking coffee at cafe, they are talking laughing

They r on road
Veer is talking on phone
Pragya-I will recharge phone n come
kabir-my bal is also low I will come along
Sanchi-Am tired am here
Kabir-sure? r u fine
Sanchi-Bhai veer is there na u both go

They leave

Sanchi sees a newly married couple making eachother eat ice cream
she gets lost in thoughts
a car is behind her
she is in middle of road
car is abt to hit her
veer notices he pulls her to side
both fall on eachother
veer (angry tone) r u mad what were u doing? where were u lost?

just then Sanchi notices blood coming from veer’s head she realizes his head has hit stone

Precap-Sanchi-veer y r u doing all this for me y u save me everytime y u want me to smile y y y y

Tom we will come to know abt isha

friends my ff has 4 core characters n all r diff from original who is ur fav
1.Veer 2.Sanchi 3.Kabir 4.Pragya

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  1. My favorite all of four.nice and interesting story yaar.thanks a lot??????????

  2. Dharani

    Awesome… All have good characters i can’t say who are my favorite as I like all of them… So take all are my favorites

  3. I love veer character today episode just awesome keep writing

  4. Richa1496

    All characters are good… But I like kabir character more…. Nice ff… Eagerly wating for next one ?

  5. All 4 of them are fav…I love all of them. And it was super se bhi upar good. I lovedddd iiitttt…Speciall sanveer scenes but Prabeer ( Kabeer and pragya) scenes were also good. Comedy was there when Kabir held pragya’s hand while getting scared and kabeer singing for sanchi and pragya and veer holds sanchi while she slips and on road too ge saves her. All the scenes very nice. Main thing is that u are a punctual writer u post daily. That’s why i enjoy it most..☺?Rushi..very nice. Post soon..Loads of love and take care.

    1. *my fav.
      *he saves

  6. Rushi dear..a really difficult choice to make…its really impossible to choose one bcz all 4 hv got their own individuality…kabir..a loving and caring bro.. always adorable..pragya.. is a lively character..I mean full of life and veer..a responsible Doctor and a genuine friend…so don’t think that I’m being diplomatic…but yes..i like all 4 and its only bcz of u as u hv given equal importance to everyone…just love u a lot??? & eagerly waiting for ur next update asap ☺☺☺

  7. Moonlight25

    It was really good…loved all the scenes between Sanchi and Veer and Kabir and pragya…post your next part soon

  8. Trisha139

    Kabeer is my fav ❤️❤️Nd epi was toooooo gooood

  9. Awesome nice but ur too suspensive I think u like suspense keep writing

  10. Don’t who is best but kabir is my favourite I like him and today’s ff was very nice awesome super fabulous

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