My Savior My Love – Savitri Devi-epi 11

Good morning lovely readers,
Thanks divya, sanu, sana(good to know ur reading n liking thanks), moonlight,rehmat(dear i like ur pic lot because am also a sid-alia fan), dharani, riya(yes riya dear sanchi n veer’s past will bring them close) , maayoori, anu, trisha thanks alot
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Silent readers tysm

Recap-Isha wanted to become telly star she was unsuccessful in her career n veer was busy with his career isha commited suicide
Sanchi feels sad to know abt veer’s past n promises him that she will not quit n fight

Sanchi is meditating in her ward n kabir is reading something
Veer comes
Kabir-Good morning veer how r u now
Veer-All good Kabir n goodnews for u, U can take Sanchi home now,  I have seen her reports all good
Kabir hugs Sanchi but Sanchi seems upset
Kabir-Veer I will complete discharge formalities
Veer notices that Sanchi is upset
Veer-What happened
Sanchi-Nothing Dr
Veer-Dr??? Y so formal?
Sanchi-Because ultimately u r my dr  ,thats y sending me home
Veer-No Sanchi am sending u because now u dnt need this hospital ambience otherwise for u am just call away
Sanchi-I will miss u, I mean I
Veer interrupts-Sanchi I will keep coming  to meet u frequently
Sanchi smiles awkwardly-Sorry 
Veer-Sanchi no sorry n thank u in friendship
Pragya comes-Abhhee yaar Sanchi tum jaa                            Rahi ho, tumhare bina maan          Nahi lagega hamara

Sanchi n pragya hug eachother tight
Kabir comes-so come tom [email protected] our new small home      for house warming
Pragya-Haan zaaror kaho toh abhi chale

All laugh

Kabir n Sanchi enter their new home
Kabir-Jaan I hope u like this           It has small balcony n we have got Plants too n we decided u will like top Floor soo …….
Sanchi-Bhai house is fantastic but we  Matlab u n who?
Kabir bites his tongue
Sanchi-wat r u hiding bhai?
 Kabir-Actually veer has helped me find This house n get it set but he didn’t  Want me to tell u 

Sanchi smiles 

Sanchi is reading in her room
Sanchi’s pov-Its just few hrs y am I missing  Veer so much
Just then her phone beeps

Sms from veer”Sanchi take ur medicines on time  Dnt think much n rest”
Sanchi smiles Sanchi replies”Yes Dr n u too relax n take care of ur injury”Veer smiles reading it.

Sanchi is selecting what to wear Kabir comes
Kabir-u have still not selected ur dress?one hr ago also u were doing same
Sanchi-Bhai ur preparations r over
Kabir (hesitates)-Sanchi any idea what  Pragya likes to eat I mean I want order food
Sanchi-Bhai pragya likes homemade food but how I make no grocery
Kabir (euphorically)-I will get u give me list   N I will help u also

Sanchi n kabir r shown making food together Kabir has messed his apron n face 
Bell rings
Kabir opens
veer n pragya smile Seeing his condition

Pragya-Bhoot Bhoot
Veer gestures her to remain quite
Pragya laughs out loud
Kabir feels awkward
Sanchi comes 
Sanchi-welcome pragya n veer
She hugs pragya

All four r eating food
pragya-kasamse sanchi itne time baad hume ghar ka khana naasib hua hain
Veer-pragya dnt just eat u r also a girl learn cooking from Sanchi then cook for urself
Sanchi-Bhai u teach pragya because tdy bhai has made major contribution
Pragya laughs-He will teach me how to cook or become ghost while cooking hahaha

Kabir gets up n goes
Pragya-Abhee yaar he is really angry man I will go n get him back u guys continue

Veer n Sanchi look at eachother
there is silence but seems they r talking alot through eyes
veer-how r u I mean

veer’s pov-what did I ask just to talk am asking something so silly

Sanchi-Right in front of u veer what do u feel how am I??

Veer-U??? good

Kabir is in balcony pragya comes
Pragya-sorry na kya chotsi baat par itna gussa ho jaate ho
Kabir-Its not small thing pragya u cannot see hardwork n efforts involved just so that u can enjoy food

pragya feels bad
she holds her ears
pragya-galtise mistake ho gayi

Kabir cannot control his laughter

Pragya-u forgived me na? not angry na?
Kabir nods
pragya hugs him
pragya-sorry Kabir ur friendship means alot to me

Kabir smiles

Sanchi-Bhai has got my fav game lets play na
Pragya-Which game
pragya-Abhee yaar do u think I have brain? chess requires brain play with bhai he was a champion but……

Sanchi-Dnt tell me it was isha’ s fav game n now he doesn’t play

Pragya nods-Right

Sanchi is shown talking to veer, veer is shown refusing Sanchi gets upset veer sits to play chess they both r shown enjoying game n laughing

Pragya-Sanchi I cannot believe Bhai actually played chess again thanks
Sanchi-Pragya do u think our friendship is correct I mean
Pragya-yaar if two ppl had bad past n r able to overcome it with eachother’s help whats wrong?

Sanchi nods

Sanchi is sitting in car veer is driving
Sanchi-Where r we going
Veer-surprise surprise

Veer brings Sanchi inside a big room its pink color painted n has all music instruments

Veer-This is ur music academy Sanchi n u r our music teacher so now enough of being lazy n being at home start teaching

Sanchi gets teareyed

Sanchi is shown teaching

no of students r shown increasing

Sanchi is teaching its raining Sanchi asks students to go home
She is looking for rickshaw but not getting
Veer comes in car n gestures her to get in
sanchi-Veer how come u here
veer-My friend was in trouble n wanted me so had to come

Sanchi sneezes
Veer notices she is drenched
He removes his coat n wraps around Sanchi
she closes her eyes he is so close to her she can feel his breathe

Veer gets away

Sanchi enters Kabir is talking on phone
Kabir-Sir My sister needs me I cannot come back u can remove me from ur firm I wd join some other firm for me my sister matters most

Sanchi is shocked

Precap-Veer is holding a diary n key
Sanchi-veer pls read this n help me please

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  1. Dharani


  2. story Best h but I hope sanchi ka bro kabeer nai veer ko hona chaye tha bcz sanchi and kabeer made for each other .

    1. sorry parul, but I feel every individual has got his/her own perception, I too am a big kanchi fan par hum apna nazariya kisipe thop nahi sakte……..I just hope that I didn’t sound rude to u in anywz dear………..

  3. Moonlight25

    Awesome Rushi as always….i feel sad for Veer..he sure did have a bad past..but his past will bring him closer to Sanchi…and would love to see how they will end up together…plzz post your next part ASAP eagerly waiting if Veer will read the diary or not…loads of love???

  4. Rehmat

    superb Rushi keep writing sooo cute bonding between sanveer love it thanks

  5. Nice story.keep it up????cooking bala scene is very sweet

  6. u nailed it once again rushi dear………the bro-sis bonding was superb as usual…….& loved to see the growing bond betwn sanveer & prabir……….
    coming to the episode, in a scene, when it started raining while sanchi was at the academy, for once it reminded me of the song, koi ladki hai(dil to paagal hai)………..haha…….
    eagerly waiting for ur nxt update dear…………

  7. Wow very nice

  8. Its just superb….. Keep writing like this

  9. Trisha139

    Fantastic awesome mind blowing no words altough I am a Kanchi fan but ur ff made me love sanveer too

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