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When sanskar’s eyes fall on monkey ,he widens his eyes and recalls the dreadful incident that happened yesterday ..

Sanskar was not enjoying the silence.. She din’t opened her mouth after their quarrel . Though he dint like her being quite. He wanted to hear her voice. Swara was afraid to open her mouth.

She thought tat, This man has a bipolar nature, He may throw her out of the jeep any time.. She makes faces,but her mouth never keeps quite. She was quite just for two minutes and she felt like decade.. She shook her head and starts disturbing him..

Swara: what’s your name..??

He gives her “are you crazy” look

Swara: OK OK. Don’t make such face. I just want take a casual conversation, so I asked your name.. Hi(fowards her hand) my name is swara.

He shooks his head and keeps driving.

Swara: so mean. Atleast you could have nodded. Huh.. (murmurs) jerk.

Sanky looks at her side and lifts his eyebrow.. She rolls her eyes due to his cold behaviour..

Swara: you are Rauther’s Malik men right.??.

He again gives her a cold look.

Swara: huh. Are you always like this. ?? Don’t you know to speak. ??Atleast a small smile. !!! (rolls her eyes) I know all Rauther’s men are a*sh*le’s..

He immediately stopped the jeep and she bites her tongue.. Did he just referred him a*sh*le.. Oops she is dead now!!!

“This girl is really something. She knows to swear as well.. She just called him that . How could she? . Oh god, how will her husband manage her “, He thought. Why do you care, his mind yelled.

He gulped and gives her a death glare. Though he is not Rauther men but he was his men in past. So all together she sweared on him as well.

Swara kept moving from her seat and couldn’t know wats going on in his mind. She is almost dead now. She felt giddy. Now he will throw her out. And tats wat happened.!!

He came out and pulled her out of his jeep and drived away. Her jaws dropped. He left her in the forest. She cried at the instant . Soon she heard some noise, when she turned around she screamed her lungs out.

A monkey jumped on her head. Sanskar who have just gone to some distance, heard her scream and quickly rushed to her. Wat he saw made his heart to sink. She was crying like hell and the monkey was on her head scratching . He came out of his jeep and ran towards her..

Sanky: swara. !!

The monkeys nails were struck in her hair. The monkey was even trying to free himself. Sanskar slowly went towards them and was hell worried seeing her crying. He saw some sort of fruit and gave to monkey . The next instant monkey was calm and sanskar freed swara. She immediately hugged him and cried..

Sanskar comes out of his thoughts and shook his head..

“I hope she is fine. ”

He was hell worried. Wat the hell .. How could he leave her alone. He immediately turned his jeep around and went in that direction again. He searched her all through his way. But she was no where to be found.

His heart was beating faster, He felt restless and was on the verge of breaking down. How stupid he is. He cursed himself…. Now he is back to the place where he left her..

” But where is she.. Did she went back”he thought.. He wants to see her once,just once . He prayed closing his eyes. Whoa.!!! Did he just want her to see again.. His heart yelled “yes” . But his mind was denying.

Sanky: just once. Just once…

He murmurs and takes a deep breath opening his eyes.. But his jaws dropped with wide eyes when he saw her sneakers.. He rushed and took it in his hand. Yes it was her sneakers. But where is she.

Sanky :(worried) is she alright. ??

He felt restless. Just then he heard some noise of people walking. He rushed in the direction and widen his eyes.. He saw Rauther’s men taking swara. Wait a minute, they were taking unconscious swara.

What would have happened.. ?? So many thoughts running in his mind. Is she going with her wish.. Does she know, they are taking her back.just then his eyes falls on her bleeding legs ..

Sanky: did they hurt her.. ?? Bastards..(He swears).. I will kill them if anything happens to her.

He keeps following them. Just then swara squirms and shouts. That was it for sanskar. He was sure Now, they have forced her. He hears swara shouting to leave her.

Swara: I dont wanna go with you guys. Leave me. And drop me down..

Shipheads.. He cursed them.. They were touching her. How could they. This triggered his anger . There were five men in total.. The man who was carrying swara was in the lead ..

He pulled the man who was at last and punched on his throat to stop him from shouting.. And tats it, he passed out..

Then Sanky tip toed again pulling another one from them.. Attacking on his neck made the goon to faint on the spot.. He smirked and saw the remaining three with venom in his eyes..

He jumped from the back and caught the two men wrapping his hand around their Neck. Within a sec, he twisted their neck causing a fracture and they passed out..

Hearing the noice, the man carrying swara turned around and gets the biggest shock of his life. He saw the men lying unconscious in the floor .

Swara smiled on the instinct of seeing sanskar. She tried to jump from goons arm but the goon tighten his hold. Sanky fist his hand and shoots draggers at him.

The goon instantly loosened his hold making swara to jump.. She ran towards sanskar and gave him a bone crushing hug.. He felt as if his life was back. He sighed taking her in his embrace closing his eyes..

They both hugged eachother at if their life depend on it.. It was an long passionate hug. But good moments doesn’t long last. The goon comes from the back with a knife.

Just then swara opens her eyes nuzzling in sanky’s nape. She pulls sanky towards her and ducks instantly . Both fell down rolling on one another. The goon missed hitting Sanky.

Sanskar was lying on top of swara, looking into her eyes. Again she saw the goon coming with a knife towards sanskar,she rolls over and comes on top of him. The knife slits in swara’s arm and she screams out in pain.

Sanskar widens his eyes. The goon drops the knife and rushes to swara calling her “gudiya”.. Sanskar punches him straight on his face breaking his nose.. Sanky beats him black and blue.

“She saved him again”, he thought..

He takes out his anger and frustration on him. How could he hurt her.. She is so fragile. The thought of loosing her made his knees weak.. The goon finally fell unconscious and sanskar rushes to swara . She smiles faintly..

Sanky: idiot.. Who the hell told you to take the slit..

Swara looks down..

He examines her arm and finds her arm bleeding.. He looks into her eyes and his hand hesitantly reached her dupatta. He questioned her through eyes and she nodded.

Within a swift moment, he took her dupatta tearing apart and ties it across her arm.. She hissed in pain while he creases his forhead as if, he was feeling the pain. He keeps staring her and saw her teary eyes..

He cursed himself for the tears forming in her eyes.. He hesitantly cupped her face and wiped her tears with his thumb. The next moment, she hugged him. Burying her face in his chest, she inhaled his scent.. This is where she felt safe.

She is safe. She kept sobbing and he soothed her with soft words calming her. She felt protected. A protected arm around makes her feel special . She was safe in his embrace.

He felt relaxed. The way she hugged him was like her life was dependent on him.. He liked the way she holds him. As if she is safe in his embrace. Now he will do anything for her safety.

He stroked her hair. When she relaxed herself, they finally breaks the hug. He saw her face with tear stains. She was looking vulnerable. The bubbly girl was now looking broken.

He cupped her face and kissed her forhead. His lips lingered their for a while. She closed her eyes feeling his lips on Her. It felt so good. He parts away and looks at her. She was closing her eyes. She looks so innocent.. He smiled seeing her and slowly whispered

“I’m sorry”

Instantly she opened her eyes.. She recalled evrything, how he left her, how tat Rauther men came and forcefully took her. She was hurt. He hurted her.. She got all angry and starts hitting on his chest…

” I hate u”

She keeps hitting him.. He couldn’t help but laugh at her antics. She was beating, making him laugh. Her tiny hands were like massaging his chest..

When she saw him laughing, she hit him harder and harder. He burst out into fits of laughter. She saw him laughing for the first time. It felt so good. He is actually laughing. A genuine laugh.

He haven’t laughed whole heartedly in his whole life. This girl made him smile on the first day and made him laugh on the second day. Indeed she is different. Her hits dint stop.

He caught her wrist and pulled her into his chest. Their chest colliding with one another and their faces are inches apart. Their breath fanning on one another. He strike his forhead with hers, such tat their noses touching the other. Both of them looking into eachothers eyes, their lips inches apart.


Whoa!!!! Finally SwaSan together..
How was the epi.. ??
How did my sanky fight?? ?
why did Rauther man called swara as gudiya.??

Yippee Sanky finally lingered his lips on Her forhead.. Aww, so sweet right.. I just love this side of him..

Wel wel wel,how was the ending???? Do you expect them to kiss ?..

Don’t forget to comment. … So two chapters at a time.. Now tell me, how was the chapter. ?? And FFY ,I will try to write as soon as possible. Forgive this lazy frnd. .. I know no one will be as lazy as me.. .. But whoever is lazy like me, come-on give me hifi?

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  1. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear… Really missed it

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      Glad u liked it Dr .

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    Swara is rathore malik’s daughter? ?????

    1. Sha

      A pretty awesome guess.. Let’s c wat happens..

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    Woah swasan together….. No not now first kiss….. Just now let the love blossom….. I’ll love to see that…. I didn’t commented on previous epi as both are posted so…. Here…. But you said you’re busy…… Haww busy girl…. Hs kahan busy or…..kiske saath… ?????batao batao…. Meri hs…. Hey ohhh I forgot octet…. Hmm carry on ????

    1. Sha

      Neha !! I’m not busy. I have mentioned there already.. I know abt u guys DM.. Hehe. DM. Wow. Guess karo. Wat is DM.?? ???

      It was just their first step towards eachother. So no kissy..aur haan bahut aas mat karo,I won’t let them kiss.. Haha,kissy wissy sanky SE lelena.. ?

      aur haan so many things have happened on fb. Mil got GC through u. Rids is ur woh.. Hamlog baat kar chuke hai.. Lol.. Yeh I’m safe.. ????

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    Cutiepie..Loved both the chapters..What??Kiss??Noooo…Abhi toh party shuru hai,isi mei kiss..Haww!!May be Swara is Rauther’s daughter or know weird guess..Hehe.. 😀 Oyee!!Octet math bhoolna.. 😉 Love you..Bye for now,will talk to you in private chat.. 😀

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