MY SAVIOR – Episode 3


Sanskar was driving the jeep at a high speed. Swara’s teary eyes keeps on rolling in his head. He should haven’t met her. He hits the steering wheel in frustration. He recalled yesterdays sun rise. It was a blissfull morning with a beautiful sunrise. Birds chirping around the trees.

Where he was sitting in deep thought..

A voice from back

(shouts) ” Sanskar ”

He jerks all his thoughts n turns around to find a fuming man with blood shot eyes.

” yes baba. ”
“Dare not to call me baba” said the man.

He continued ” so you are sanskar.You are a traitor. I believed you. But you Cheated us. ”

He gets shocked.

” no it’s not ”

But the man called his men and ordered them to kill him right now. He was beyond shock before he could react, Rauther’s men started to attack him. He fought with some of his men. They tried to kill him with sword.

But he answered them back by taking another sword. Seeing him, anyone could predict that he was well trained in playing sword. But one of the men got him at his back with a rod. The sword from his hand fell down. Before they could stab him, he fought back by grabbing another sword from the men.

Then he was chased around the village. While running he collides with a girl. The duo falls down. But sanskar taking this as a chance, keeps the sword in her neck. She widens her eyes. Everyone froze in their position. When Rauther heard abt this. He came running over there.

Rauther : sanskar.. Leave her..

“I won’t , until I’m safe. ”

Rauther:(gritting his teeth) You traitor.

” I’m not a traitor. You are a traitor. Yes I’m Sanskar. Im proud to be whom I’m. But You are a traitor for this whole country. ”

Saying this he takes the girl under his sword and starts moving. The girl was panting heavily ,so as sanskar. The man shouts from the back,

” I will save you Swara . I will save you from this traitor ”

Sanskar thinks “wats special abt this girl, who is she? This is the first time I’m seeing her”

He jerks his thoughts and pushes the girl in a jeep still pointing the sword. He takes out a gun from the jeep and fires other jeep tyres,in order to restrict them from following. Swara sighs a big relief.

Sanskar looks at her AnD thinks ” MY SAVIOR ”

He came out of his thoughts when his jeep jerks due to the unsteady path. He turns to the passenger seat to check whether she was fine. But frowns seeing no one in it..

Swara cursed the moment she collided while running. This man was not her Savior. He is just an arrogant jerk. He left her. He left her in this deep forest. How could he?? A lone tear escaped through her eyes.. She cried at the next moment..

Where as Rauther Malik was pacing here and there in his underground palace. He called all his men .. Evryone were present there. His men, the whole village men and some hired goon.

Rauther:(in full of frustration) I want you all to find my swara as soon as possible. Tat traitor took my swara.. Do anything. Kill him, cut him into pieces but no one should harm swara.. I guess you all know the reason..

Evryone nods.

Rauther:(in cold tone) do it asap..
Evryone: jee Maalik..

Rauther sighs in frustration.. He thinks, to hit sanskar ..How dare he to take swara. ?? . He bangs his fist on the table and all the men gulps in fear.. Never in their life they have seen him this much frustrated. Rauther looks at the men, who haven’t dispersed still .

Rauther : (barks) I said you all to search swara. Why the hell you all are standing still.

Evryone rushes outside and thus the search begins.

Meanwhile, Sanskar recalled how mean he have behaved. Even after seeing her teary eyes, he dint stop. But why should he. She was from Rauther’s place. So of course she will be happy to go back to her place. If he would have taken her, she could have stabbed him at his back one day.

But will she do tat.. ” Noo” his heart shouts back at him.. But he can’t deny, she was one of the girl from Rauther’s place.. Something special about this girl made Rauther to shake at his knees. The people worship Rauther as their lord. But his heart yelled

“she was happy running away from there”

Immediatly he stopped his jeep. Yeah he couldn’t deny how happy she was when he took her at gun point.. Anyone at her place would have Panicked but she was different.. He recalled,

After escaping from Rauther’s men, sanskar stopped his jeep at a fair distance from the village and asked swara to get back to her place.. But instead she gave him an amused look and frowned instantly. From their her tantrums started..

Swara: oh hello, u have brought me from their, so better take me out of this place as well.. I’m not going to go back their.
Sanky: Wat the hell..??
Swara: to the hell with it.. I dont care. Just drive fast.

Sanskar saw her with amused look. What does she think of him. A driver.. ?

Swara: haan

She answered as if she read his mind and smirked. This made him angry..

Sanky: I’m not gonna take you. So better go back to ur Rauther Malik.

Her face fell instantly. His anger faded away immediately as soon he saw her pale.. Did he said something wrong. ?? But she was from Rauther’s place so obvious she will be her devotee,was all he could think..

Swara: Pls take me away from here.

He was taken a back with her pleading voice. Does he actually heard her pleading. His lips twisted instantly.

Sanky: come again.. What did u say?

She rolled her eyes and made faces. This hot jerk was making her plead. Yaa of course he is a jerk but he is hot,so she named him hot jerk.. He wants her to plead!! After all , he was one of the Rauther’s men. So indeed he will be like them,she thought..

Swara: Pls sanskar.. Take me away from here.. (flutters her eye lashes)

He gave an breathtaking smile. Her heartbeat began pumping in her chest. Wow his smile. She felt dizzy, he is really hot, she thought.

He was damn happy when he heard his name from her mouth. The way his name rolled over her tongue. It felt different.. Then he saw her grinning. Just then he realised he actually smiled with whole heart.. Again his lips were back to the thin line . She frowned.

Swara : so,
Sanky : OK I will take you..
Swara: (amused and happy) oh,really. Thank you .(smiled) Thank u sooo much.

He came out of thoughts and a smile appears on his face. She was really happy at that time.. He was indeed missing her right now.. He again started his jeep. She would have gone back to her place, he thought. But still he was restless..

Swara dint move an inch from where he left her. It’s been half an hour since he left her. But there was a tiny hope tat he would come back and take her.. She immediately cried. His billion dollar smile rushed in her mind and she instantly smiled.. She remebered how he nodded to help her and took her in his jeep. She recalled,

Sanskar just nodded and started his jeep. There was a thick silence. Swara and sanskar keep glancing at eachother. When she looks at him,she finds his eyes always on the way. Though she felt disappointed, She keeps admiring him.

He have adjusted the rear view mirror such tat he could see her whenever he wants. He have been watching her through it ,how different she is from other girls. Her attitude. He admires her whenevr she pouts.

The girls in the village is scared to talk In front of him but they keep drooling over him. He din’t gave a damn to Them.. But she dared to raise voice in front of him.. Indeed she was a tigress..opps, what did he say!!

A tigress..

But tat name suited her…. Tigress… Swara couldn’t take the silence anymore, so she starts humming the song. He couldn’t help but chuckled. His chuckle was like a music in her ears. SHe smiled at him and started to talk.

Swara : so Mr.Hot Jerk knows to smile as well.

Sanky: (shocked) Wat..??
Swara:(gulps) I mean, you were smiling.
Sanky: I dint..
Swara : but you were..
Sanky: no..
Swara: yes..
Sanky: nooo…
Swara: yes yes yes.

He immediately stopped the jeep and turns to her

Sanky: (shouts) out..

Swara was taken a back..

Swara: (murmurs) jerk..
Sanky: I heard it..

Swara keeps quite and pouts..

Swara : (snaps at him) you were smiling.. I saw it. Don’t lie.

Sanky keeps Staring her..

Swara : (shouts) you can’t convinve evryone with your so called order. You may be Rauther men, But I’m not afraid of them.

Sanky’s face fell when she accused him to be one of the Rauther’s men. He wants to tell her, he is not one of them.. But why do he care. Let her think whatever she wants,he thought.

It also hurts her to know tat he is one of the men of Rauther Malik but she can’t do anything. This hot jerk was shouting at her. How could he. She pouts. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. This girl does something to him.

He starts the jeep without giving her any look.. She signs but she was happy.. She finally shut him.. Wow, she exclaimed.. She finally shut one of the men of Rauther. So one day she will surely shut Rauther Malik. She smiles in her deep thoughts..

She came out of her thought and smiled sadly. He may be a hot jerk but he doesn’t care abt others..He left her in this forest. Wat she can expect from him, it’s his old habit. He have left her before as well in this same forest. . But he came again and saved her yesterday.

Yeah, He came to save her again. He was her Savior again. She thought there was someone who cared. Ya he actually cared and saved her another time..

He even agreed to take her out of this Forest. But what happened to him, all of a sudden. Where as sanskar on the other side was restless. He couldn’t concentrate on driving. His while mind was lost in swarA. Where is she? Is she safe? Was his decision right? Wat she might be doing? Did she reached hee village? He was really frustrated with all those thoughts. As Soon as his eyes fell on a monkey, he widens his eyes.

Phew. Done with the third chapter.. How was it.. ?? Sanskar actually left swara!!!! Isn’t he a jerk.. Yaa, a hot jerk ?
Why is sanskar shocked seeing a monkey. Is he saw something there or is some story behind it. Whoa, sanskar have left swara in the forest for the second time.. When did it happen?? Will he go back and bring her or it will be too late.. ?? Who will get swara first?? Sanskar or Rauther’s men?? Come-on COMMENT and let me know how was the chapter. .. I have finished the next chapter as well. The more the response, soon will be the chapter published. I will submit the next chapter as well but u have to be fair with the response. U should let me know abt both the chapters..

N guys abt falling for you(smilong sheepishly) .. I’m really sorry. I will start writing now.. Well, I’m not busy but I have become so lazy(busy kehti hu toh, alag Matlab nikaaldete hai mere sab FFY members).. Really cholly.. I will try to post asap..

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