MY SAVIOR – Episode 2



Swara and Sanskar were wrapped with the jacket. Both having some unknown feeling inside their heart. Swara felt immense pleasure and protected around him. She kept steeling glances at him but He was leaning against the tree with closed eyes.

She was lost in him. He was a perfectly moulded creature of god. She smiled at her thought. But her smile faded away when she recalled seeing him with the those goons.

She hates the men of Rauther. Was he one of them,her mind exclaimed. But they were chasing him. Whatever it may be, he was her Savior. He saved her from the hell.

Yes a mere hell…

She was a carefree independent girl from mumbai. Jaipur was a one of the hell , she ever know. This place was not less than a jail for her. She still remember the incident how she ran away from here.

Now the whole Jaipur has been developed alot but still the people dint change. She looks at sanskar. She is been bounded by his favour. She recalled how she felt when her eyes fell on him.

Yes, she had tingling feeling in her stomach. May be some kind of crush,tat never had with anyone. At tat time she jerked all those thoughts thinking that he is one of Rauther’s men.

Now she is enjoying this feeling. The Rauther men were going to kill him. So he must be a good person. She smiled at her thought. But still he had worked under him,So definitely he must be a goon atleast. She frowned with the thought of being him as a good.

The moment she came to Jaipur or she can say she was forced to come, she had been surrounded by the goons,they were her bodyguards.She was brought to the same cage from which she escaped years ago.

The first moment she stepped out from her house in jaipur,tats when she saw him.

Yes, him..

She saw him inside the pond with water dripping down from his well sculpted body. His wet hairs, making him s*xy and hot. The water droplets from his face being dripping down to his masculine chest.

Her heart skipped a beat, When he stepped out from the pond. She widens her eyes seeing his well built body. Her lips curved when she counted his packs. Yes, he had six packs.

God! He is one of the Greek god.. Her heart jumped with those thoughts .

But her smile turned into a frown, when one of the men of Rauther hugged him. She felt a sharp pierce in her heart. She have to hate him now. He hugged those men of Rauther and is talking to them.

But her heart was not in the sense,when she saw him smiling.

He is smiling.. She said to herself.

He, of course has a million dollar smile. Her heartbeat began to raise .

Her mind exclaimed “he is one of the Rauther’s men”.

But her heart was lost in his smile. He looks innocent , was all her heart managed to say. When a mere war began with her heart and brain ,she immediately ran away from their follwed by the goons who thinks themself as bodyguards.

She was fed up with those men . She sat on the stairs of temple. She actually reached temple running away from them but her bodyguards never left her alone.

Considering him one of them, her heart ached. But why was she thinking abt him. He is nothing to her. But she felt an unknown happiness seeing him. May be, longing to get some affection from someone , after so many decades.

She was lost in his smile and rested her head on the stair wall. All of a sudden she heard some noise. When she opened her eyes, she saw her bodyguards going somewhere. She felt relieved. Now she was out of the cage. She thought to run away.

Escaping from Jaipur was her main aim. She went inside the temple and tiptoed to back side. She felt a mere happiness. She stated to run. She ran with her full force. She ran and ran until she was collided with someone. And cursed the person for it.

She came out of thoughts when she felt a sudden weight on her shoulder. She widens her eyes seeing him.

Oh god” she exclaimed.

Her stomach producing some unknown feeling. Seeing him sleeping on her shoulder, it brought some unknown happiness in her face. She turned red.

The rain have been stopped but rain drops on his face in the moon light made her heart beat raise. He was looking like a fresh beautiful rose which shines in sunlight.

Since he is different, her subconcious imagined a different thing. Yes for her, he was like a rose in moonlight. She patted herself in mind for this great innovation. Soon she fell asleep and rested her head on his head.

The next morning was an beautiful morning with birds chirping around the forest. Yes, they are indeed stuck in the forest. Due to sun rays, sanky’s sleep gets disturbed. He opened his eyes and witnessed the most dreadful thing, which he have never done in his lifetime.

He cursed under his breath feeling her hot breath on his forhead. Her natural body scent was driving him crazy. What is he doing on her shoulder. When he tried to move, felt something on his head.

Of course she is sleeping with her head on his head. He felt good but it’s not the time for any emotion. He is not a man with it. He gets up with a jerk due to which she even got up.

He cursed himself for doing this.. Wat might she think abt him. A man who is taking advantage of a lone girl. He fist his hand in air. Swara rubbed her eyes and saw him pacing here and there.

Swara: wat happened?
Sanky: I. I
Swara: you?
Sanky: I . I’m
She nods.
Sanky:(blurts out) I’m sorry..

Swara creases her forhead.

Swara: for wat?

He widens his eyes and turns away from her. He is not a man who feels sorry. He haven’t apologize to anyone with Whole heart.

When he did it first time, Wat he got was a mere question. How can he explain her abt this? He runs his hand through his hairs.

Swara understood his reason for apology. She wants to tease him. His tensed face was worth watching.

How can someone look handsome even with tensed face. God have made him taking his own time”she thought to herself and smiled.

She again thought to pull his leg
Swara: tell me, why did you apologize?

Sanky turns to her and their eyes met. His deep hazel eyes where like ocean in which she can dive into it. His hair ,she felt an urge to touch it. Will it be rough like his chest or soft like his skin, she thought to herself and giggled in her mind.

God, this man was making her crazy and made her think dirty things. Her thoughts were not tat much dirty but she thought it to be bad. Of course she haven’t thought of someone like this.

She doesn’t have any experience with this feeling . She have met many boys. Don’t panic, she is still single.

As she studied in co-ed, of course ,she had so many boyfriends. Not boyfriend but boys as her friend. She dint fell for anyone. But something different in him which is attracting her and pulling like a magnet .

He kept starting her, as if he wants to read, wats going On in her mind. But he couldn’t get his answer. Though he could easily predict girls mind but she was not like them..

Girls being drooling over him for his one glance, but she doesn’t even care abt him. She always makes him feel like,he is nothing but some goon. Somewhere in his heart, he wanted her to be like those girls.

But she is not in those one, his mind yelled at him. This is wat makes her different from others and He is getting attracted towards her. Her ignorance, Her daring ,he just love it. Whoo, wat did he thought, he loved it. He rolled his eyes. Never in his life ,he will love those things. He just hate it.

She have never shown him tat she have some soft corner for him. She always remains rude with him. Now seeing him rolling his eyes, she thought him as cute and adorable.

She felt an urge to pull his cheeks and tell him, how cute he looks. She lifts her eyebrow to get her answer giggling in mind.

Sanky: woh. Nothing. I’m leaving. (he doesn’t want to see her anymore)
Swara: OK. Let’s leave..
Sanky: (in cold tone) I’m leaving alone.

She widens her eyes..

Swara: waat. How. How can you. How can you leave me alone. U.. You said, you will take me out..
Sanky: I can’t.(starts walking)

Swara gets teary eyes. He sits on the jeep and starts to go.

Swara: (shouts)you are really an cold,arrogant jerk.

She takes a stone and throws towards him. It hits his head.

Sanky: (turns towards her)wat the hell..

He gets shocked seeing her teary eyes.

Phewwww.. Done with the second chapter. How is it guys?
Will sanskar take her.?
Being a cold arrogant jerk ,will he mend his way towards her.
Don’t you think, something something, going in both their minds. Lol.
So ,in this chappy you all got to know abt swara. How is her character?? And do tell me, how is my new Sanky in this ff.
I know story is going a little slow, but I want you all to enjoy each phase.
Give your valuable COMMENTS..


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