MY SAVIOR – Episode 1



The entire forest was filled with darkness. But the moon was spreading it’s light in the forest. Under the glowing moon, two people leaning against the trees, opposite to eachother.  One was in deep sleep and other was in deep thought.

It was none other than our swara and sanskar.

Sanskar was staring at her continuously.  He was a man, who doesn’t give a look towards the girls.  Just the girls used to ongling over him. But , wat was he doing. Staring her continuously.  His mind yelled “Staring Is Rude ”

Quickly, he averted his gaze.  He closed his eyes to distract his mind . But sleep was far away . He again opened his eyes and his eyes fixed on swara. Wat was she doing to him. 

Under the moon light, her skin was glowing. Did he noticed her before.  His mind answered “No”. She was looking absolutely stunning.. Stunning would be less to compliment her.  She was more than that. His lips whispered Beautiful. He widened his eyes.  Wat did he say now.  Beautiful?? No no. He shook his head.  He can’t fall for anyone.But this girl had something in her.  He was just admiring her. He can’t deny the fact that she was his ‘Savior’.

“Savior” . His lips curved a little.  Was he smiling. No , he don’t smile.  He pressed his lips and formed a thin line. She was his Savior.  He again smiled at the thought. Those terrorist would have killed him,if he wouldn’t have collided with her. She came as an angel.  But she is not an angel.  She was a trouble. A mere trouble,who is troubling him from yesterday.

He recalled how he joined with Rauther Malik. Yes Rauther Malik, an Underground Terrorist. He chuckled.

Rauther Malik, head of underground terrorism . Underground??  Yes Underground.  He was a business man in front of the whole world , who was in his mid 50. But terrorism was in his veins. Mostly we hear unworld don and vice versa.  But he was called as Underground Terrorist. Guess why?? 

Yes, he always deal in Underground. His house was beautifully built but he has an underground in It.  Wat do people think of underground? , a muddy,  dusty area.  Huh!!  But his underground was an heaven.  He built it like an heaven.  It was an vast area  built beautifully with each things selected by his choice. 

The  walls were usually made of cement and bricks,but his walls were made of gold and silver.  His chair. His chair was embedded with diamonds.  Wat was his business , tat gave him this much wealth?? Of course, evryone may have known the answer till now.

It was a Rainy night  when Rajesh,a man of mid 35, left hand of Rauther Malik was passing through the busy streets of Jaipur.  His car was punchered. When he came out to check the tyres, he was Attacked by some goons. 

They had so many enemies tat he wasn’t aware, who was actually attacking him. He tried hard to fight back but they overpowered him.  This was the time, when someone jumped in the scene.  He attacked the goons and shot them with his gun.  Rajesh was left shocked.

Who was he?  He shot everyone with the blink of eye. His back was facing Rajesh. He moved towards the man and made him turn around. He was shocked to see a young man.  He saved him.  He was his Savior.  He smiled at him when he heard a masculine Voice.

” Are you okay ? ”

Rajesh was only able to say “Im ”

The young man just gave a nod and starts to leave. Rajesh was so lost in him.  Just then he realised he was actually going.  He quickly rushed to him.

“wait ”

The young man stopped..

” who are you” asked Rajesh.

He saw an angelic smile in him..Yes , he actually smiled. Rajesh couldn’t help but smile back at him.


“My name is Kabir” he said.

Rajesh was quite impressed with his tone of pride. He thought, doesn’t he know, to whom is he talking. May be or may be not. But he saved me.

“I know who You are?  I just heard someone planning against you. So I came here and saw you struggling ” was all he said.

Rajesh thought, how could he guess wat was on his mind. This man is really impressive.

“But you shot them. Only a trained person can aim so good” ,Rajesh raised his doubt.

“I’m not trained, it’s just that I have been using gun from my childhood ”

Rajesh widens his eyes. He murmurs “childhood”

” I have a bad habit of collecting guns. And I do have a wide collection of guns. Revolver-Tokarev 33TT, .45, air gun, blunderbuss, hand gun, six shooter, stun gun, pistol-smith Waldon 42 is my favorite.” he says with almost pride and attitude.

Rajesh was left shocked. This young man had something special. He may be some local goon. But he thought, how did he escape from his eyes.  That’s when he decided to make him work under them.  When he offered kabir, he denied him.. Wat??  Did he actually denied working under Rauther??  This hurt his ego.  But again kabir spoke,

“I dont want to work under you. But I will work with you. I dont like someone ordering me”

This impressed Rajesh more.  He actually touched his heart.  This boy will soon reach heights, was all Rajesh could think.  This was the day, kabir joined Rauther Malik, underground terrorism.

Sanskar opened his eyes when a drop of water fell on his face. He looked at the sky. Is it going to rain? He thought.

Then his gaze averted to swara, who was still sleeping like an angel.  Wait, wat did he say,  an angel.   No!! ,he exclaimed….  She is a mere trouble, Aafat ka dusra naam hai swara. He widens his eyes, when he saw her slipping down towards the ground. He quickly rushed to her and his hand reached her cheeks to stop her from hitting the ground .

Seeing her this much close made his heartbeat flutter. He made her lean against the tree and came back to his original spot.  He saw her sleeping innocently, the one whose tantrums doesn’t stop is actually looking innocent like a Child. How can she look so innocent and sweet. He analysed his hand which touched her cheek. A unknown feeling formed in pitch of his stomach.

His lips curved a little but he was jerked from his thought due to the sudden out burst of rain.  It started to rain.  This made swara to Wake Up immediately.  He saw her scared due to this sudden outburst. She was panting due to it.

She was getting drenched, he wasn’t feeling good.  He moved towards her. He removed his jacked and gave her. She looked at him, Their eyes met. She thought for a while and took it. When he was abt to go, she caught his wrist. He was also getting drenched. He turned around and she said,

“we can share this ”

He wanted to deny but his leg failed his attempt. He sat beside her. Both leaning against the tree with their heads covered with his jacket.

Isn’t it romantic..??

Who is sanskar? 
A terrorist or a goon?
To know more, wait for my next chapter

Done with the first chapter .. Hope you all liked it… And comment on this chap as well to help me do better.

Advance Eid Mubarak to all.  Remember me in your prayers.

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