Part 2
Next morning
NAI MEREY KO WO BILLI KA BACHA CHAYE [no I want that kitty]’ YELL SWARA laughing and running after little cat
R tire: aray meri ma ruk ja [just stop there plz] ‘they both reached in mid road and swara finally catch the cat, both were breathing heavy and tired,
A sports car was shown, sanskar was sheen driving with maximum speed, with sahil, they take over many cars, ‘wo dude chillax, do u want us die’ said sahil, ‘salay darpok phat gai kya [what, did u get scare]’ said sahil, ‘bro we r here for very important, for that we have to reach their in 1 piece, u know na if we didn’t deliver work on time ur dad will kill us’, sanskar smirk, ‘don’t worry sahil, this time there is not going to be any mistake, u just relax and enjoy the ride’ he increase the speed both were enjoying when ,’SANSKAR WATCH OUT’ sanskar put the brake suddenly and turn the car in wrong path to save the person who were crossing their road, both got shock as the car was nearly falling from mountain, both were panting heavily, ‘bro u alright’ sanskar come out of his trance, he nod but anger rises in him, he step out of car in angry ready to kill the person sahil also followed him, ‘OYE, MARNE KE LIYE MARI GADI MILI THI [DID U FIND ONLY MY CAR TO DIE]’ he yelled looking at 2 girls, both girls seem scared
Sah: sanskar relax, leave them they r kids, look at car, all tires got flat and we have to go back tonight
Hume maaf karden, wo billi ko pakarte pakarte meri behen road pe agai or apki car dikhai nai gai [plz forgive us, we actually were trying to catch this cat, don’t know when we reach road and didn’t saw ur car coming] ‘said ragini, ‘shonu mafi mang inse [shonu ask forgiveness from them]’, ‘sorry bhayya maaf kardo hume dikhai nai dia [sorry, plz forgive us, we didn’t saw ur car coming]’ swara said cutely, sahil smile looking at her while sanskar smirk, ragini take cat from swara hand, ‘chal shonu chalte hain [lets go, we should leave]’ she nod, both were leaving when, ‘oye u Ms. Kitty’ sanskar call to ragini, they turn, ‘yahan koi mechanic ki shop hai [is there some any mechanic shop]’ both swaragini look at eo and then nod.

Laksh wake from his sleep as he heard door knock, ‘itni subha kon hoga, array Tmlog is waqt sub theek tu hain na [what r u guys doing this early, did something happened ],
Sw ran inside pushing him, yelling: taklu se jhoot bol ke aye hain, [we came here lying to that taklu], ‘’
L frown: matlab [mean?]
R: wo kal raat ko galti se jhoot bolia tha, ab andar anay do ge ya phir yahin bahar khara karoge[ we lie to warden mistakenly , now will u let me come in or ur gonna stand me on door]
L smile: ajao [come] ‘they both went and ragini saw the house what bit mess, so she started cleaning up’ rehne do, me baad me karln ga [u leave it, I will do it later]
R: tm kyun karoge, me hn na me sab saaf karln ge akhir kar mera bi tu ghar haina [y will u do it, I’m here na, I will clean this all after all this is my house too ]
Sw: ye mera bi ghar hai, tu me kharab karngi [this is my house too so I will mess it, yay] ‘she started to do her masti disturbing ragini
R: shona baskar ja dekh agar ai ko kisi cheese ki zaroorat hai [enough, just go to ai see if she need anything] ‘swara ran to ai room’ me yahan saaf kardeti hn [I will clean here]
L smile: acha theek hai, chai piyo gi me bana raha hn [fine, will u drink tea, I’m making it]
R: nai tm garage jao or unki car theek karo [no u plz go to garage and fix their car]
L frown: kiski car or itni subha kon kaam karta hai [whose car and who work this early morning]
R: wo jab hum arahe thay tu accident hotey hotey reh gaya [wo when we were coming, we almost had an accident]
L scare: accident, ragini tm theek tu hona [u r alright na] ‘he start checking her if she got hurt’ tme koi chot tu nai lagi or swara wo theek haina [u didn’t get hurt right and swara is she fine]
R smile: han baba me theek hn or swara ko tu dekh lia na tmne, galti humari thi, tu hum un dono ladko ko yahan le aye, shehar se aye dono, plz dekh lo na unki car [yes baba I’m alright and u have already seen swara, the mistake was ours, so we brought both boys here, they have come from city, plz check their car]
L frown: kaise aye [how did u come?]
R: unki car me aye [we came in their car]

L angry: tmara dimagh kharab hogaya hai ragini, tm kisi ladke ke sath car me ai ho, tme nai pata nai ye shehry ladke kaise hotey hain [did u lost ur mind ragini, u have come with some guy in his car, don’t u know how these city boys are]
R: laksh kaha na humari galti tu humara farz banta haina k unki madad karen, ab tm chup chap jao me nashta wahin leke aati hn or han ache unki car theek karo [laksh I said na the mistake was ours, so it’s our responsibility that we should help them, now u plz go quietly and fix their car, I will the bf their only]
L: acha theek hai lekin ab ke ab ke baad kisi ladke ki car me nai batho gi samjhi, balke kisi or ladke se baat bi nai karogi [okay fine, but from now u won’t sit in any boys car or better u won’t talk to other boys] ‘ she sigh nod at his possessive fiancé, laksh left to his garage, ragini clean the house and then went to ai room and saw swara massaging ai head, she went and sit beside them
R smile: kesi ho ai [how r u ai]
Ap: tm logon se milke behter hn [I’m good after meeting u girls]
R fake anger: ai aap apna khayal kyun nai rakti, dekho kitni kamzor ho gai ho [u don’t take care of urself see how weak u had become]
Ap: tm hona mera khayal rakhne ke liye [u r here na to take care of me]
Sw cutely: me bi rakhn khayal, buhut zyada [I will also take care of u, that to too much] ‘ap and rags laugh at her cuteness’
R; acha swara tm yahan ai ka khayal rakh me laksh ko nashta dene jarai hn [okay swara, u take care of mom here I will take laksh his bf] ‘swara nod, she left to garage, and saw laksh working on tires, she smiles’ ye lo pehle nashta karlo pehle [take this, first eat ur bf] ‘both smile at eo, they were doing there bf
L: ragini tme mechanic ka kaam tu samaj araha haina, me soch raha hn tm or swara mere sath hee kaam karo, me nai chata tm kahin or kaam karo, or thoray paiso ke liye unki dant suno [ragini ur understanding mechanic work na, I was actually thinking that u and swara work with me, I don’t u to work for someone else and get insult for small amounts]
R: muje yahan kaam karne me koi harz nai, but car k baray me buhut kam janti [I don’t mind working here, but I know very less about cars]
L: me samjha dnga [don’t worry, I will explain u everything]
R; theek hai phir, muje koi problem nai hai [then it’s fine, I don’t have any problem to work here] ‘they were sharing a sweet eye lock when
Oye humne tme car theek karne ko kaha tha, khana khanay ko nai, kab theek hogi[hey we said u to fix our car not to eat, when will we get our car back] ‘sahil said
L: sir 2 gante lage ge [it will take 2 hours sir]

San angry: blo*dy hell, 2 gante hum yahan kia karen ge [what will we do till then]
Sah: oye tm kitty [hey u kitty] ‘he point to ragini, which irk laksh as he don’t like any other guy talking to rag’ yahan koi guest house hai [is there any guest houses]‘ she nod no’ ab kia karen [now what should we do]
L bit angry: sir yahan ek paas me hee chai ki dukan hai, aap wahan aram karen me jald hee apka car theek kardn ka [sir there is a small café, if u want u can rest there, I will fix ur car soon] ‘they nod
Sah to rag: rasta dikha sakti ho [can u show us the way]
L angry: agay se right [straight then right] [kuch yada ya hehe] ‘sah-san smirk
San; I think she his gf, that’s y he’s getting possessive ‘they both laugh and leave from there
L: dekha kameena, tabhi kaha tha aisay ladko se door raho [did u see bastard, that’s y I was saying to stay away from boys like those]
R; oh-ho laksh tm kham khai jal raho ho mene kaha na galti humari thi … [laksh ur getting jealous for no reason, I said na the mistake was ours …]
L angry: me jal raha hn, ragini tme nai pata in ameer ladko ka, ye hum qareeb logon ko insan tak nai samajte, jhanwar ki tarhan dekte han hume balke unse bi batar [I’m getting jealous, ragini u don’t know how these rich boys are, they don’t even consider poor people like us human, they saw us like animal, infect worse than animal]
R sigh: laksh wo log 1 din ke liye aye hain kuch important kaam ke liye, aaj raat wapis jana hai iney, tm plz car theek karo [laksh they r here for only 1 day that too for some important work, they will return back tonight, so u plz fix the car] ‘laksh sigh, and start working on their car while ragini helped him, another truck came and from which 2 men step out, ragini got bit scared as both men were very muscular, she hide herself behind laksh when 1 man stare her dangerously having tatoos
L: ji kia kaam hai [yes what u want]
Man: ye car check karlo sanskar sir ne bola hai, dekho koi problem tu nai hai, ache se check karna [check this car also, sanskar sir had sent, see if there is any problem, and check carefully] ‘laksh nod, both men left
R shock: hey bhagwan, ye kon thay, muje tu dar lag raha tha inse [OMG, who were they, I was getting scared by them]
L: lagta hai koi pehlwan hain [they seems like some wrestlers] ‘they both start doing their work
Sanskar was resting under the tree shadow when tree leaves started to fall on him which irritates him, he heard some1 laugh and find the same girl he met b4
ye kia batameezi hai [WTH, don’t u have any manners]’ said san, ‘batameezi, aap har waqt itna gussa kyun karte ho, me tu apka welcome karahi thi [manners, y do u always get hyper, I was only welcoming u]’ said swara pouting her lips, ‘aisay karte hain welcome, muje disturb karke [do u welcome like this, by disturbing me]’, ‘mene kab disturb kia, jab bi yahan shehar se log atay hai hum unka phoolon se swagat karte hai, tu isliye mene bi kia [when did I disturb u, whenever people came here from city we welcome them by showering flowers on them] ’, ‘aray per phool kahan hai, ye tu sukay patay hai [aray but where r the flowers, these are just dry leaves]’, swara saw it was actually the dry leave, she hold her ears realizing what she did ‘sorry bhayya muje laga meri waja se apki car kharab hogai tu muje kuch karna chaye tha [sorry brother, I thought cus of me ur car got damaged so I thought I should do something for u]’, ‘phoolon se swagat karna hee tha, tu kisi dukaan se le ati ye karne ki kia zaroorat thi [if u want to welcome by showering flowers on me then y u didn’t buy flowers on shop, what was it need to do like this]’, ‘meray paas paise hote tu le ati, aap kitne buray ho yahan me apka khyal karai hn or aap [if I had money I would surely buy flowers, and ur so bad here I’m taking care of u and u han]’ she huff and left from there, ‘what the hell, everybody is mad here, signal bi nai hain yahan [even signal r not coming here]’ he went call booth and call someone
hogaya, mene dono check kardi sab theek hai [its done, I have check both cars, everything is fine]’ said laksh, ‘ahn ragu tu yahin ruk me saab ko bata ke ata hn [ragu u stay here, I will tell sir]’ she nod, laksh left to tell them, he saw sanskar talking on PCO
S: ji dad, aap fikhar mat karo is bar sab maal time pe deliver hoga, yes dad me khud karn ka, kia bataya tha apne han amabale orphanage, sara saman aaj raat ko leke nikal jayen ge kisi ko kabhar nai hogi, warden ko manana itna mushkil nai tha [yes dad, u don’t worry, all material will deliver on time, yes dad I will look by myself, what u had said Ambala orphanage right, we will take all stuff by tonight nobody is going to know about this, it wasn’t hard to persuade warden] ‘laksh wide his eyes, what work he will have their, sanskar hanged the call and saw laksh, ‘kia, car theek hogai, [what, did u fix the car]
L nod: sir apko kia kaam hai orphanage me [sir what work u have in orphanage]
S wide his eyes angry: tuje kyun baton me, han, apne kaam se kaam rakh samjha [y should I tell u, han, mind ur own business understand] ‘he throw the money at laksh face and went to his car with sahil, saw ragini playing there with cat, sahil smirk ‘oye tm, kitty [hey u kitty]

R: ji [yes]
Sahil took some money and forward to her: tmare liye [this is for u]
R: per paise apko muje nai laksh ko dene hain, usne apki car theek ki ha [per u should pay laksh not me, he had fix ur car]
Sahil smile: han per ye tmara inaam hai, tm hume yahan lai, kitni achi ho tm, itni pyari [yes but this is ur reward, u have brought us here, ur so nice, so beautiful] ‘she was nervous as laksh had strictly told her not to talk to any other guy and here some guy was offering her money, b4 she take laksh came, he heard and saw everything
L angry: uski koi zaroorat nai hai, yahan ke saray log aisay hee hain, sab ki madad karte hain, apne dil se karte hain, paison ke liye nai [there is no need for that, all people here r like this, they help all by their hearts not for money] ‘sahil laugh
San irritate: sahil let’s go, we r already late ‘sah-san left
L angry: dekha tmne, kaha tha na, ye sab ameer logon ke chochalay hai, inko lagta hai paison se sab cheezen khareedi ja sakti hai, insan ko bi [did u see, I told u na, these r all rich people tantrums, they think they can buy anything with money, even humans too]
R: acha chodo usay, me or swara ko jana hoga, muje 2 baje se pehle orphanage jana hai [okay leave him, me n swara have to go, we have to reach orphanage b4 2 pm]
L: itni jaldi [this soon]
R; han wo warden ne bulaya hai kuch zaroori log anay han [yes warden had called us, some important people will come today]‘laksh remember sanskar taking orphanage and warden name, he though what saman they were talking about, also the other 2 man were looking dangerous, he wasn’t getting any good vibes from then but shrug his thoughts
L sigh, hold her hands: buhut jald me tme wahan se le jaon ka [I will soon take u out from that hell] ‘she blush, as he was look deep in her eyes
R nod; acha suno, itne din hogaye han, hum kahin bahar nai gaye, tm kahin leke chalo na hume, ai ko taazi hawa ki zaroorat hai, or swara ka bi dil tha [acha listen, there been so long we haven’t went out, u take us na somewhere, even mom need fresh air and swara also wants to go out]
L tease smile; or tmara [and u]
R whine: mera bi, plz leke chalo na, kal koi kaam nai hai, hum warden ko phir se topi karwa ke ajayen ge, plz [even me, plz take us na, we don’t have work tomorrow, we will again come dodging warden, plzzz] ‘she said it with puppy eyes
L laugh: acha acha theek hai kal chalte hain, me tmara wait karn ka, jaldi anay hmm [okay, okay fine, we will all go out tomorrow, I will wait for u, come soon hmm]
R happy jump: yay theek hai me kal bi isi samay aongi [yes okay, we will come tomorrow the same time], ’she look at time’ 12 baje se pehle, acha chalte hn [b4 12, okay I will leave now] ‘she was leaving when suddenly he hugged her tight, don’t know but laksh wasn’t feeling like letting her go, suddenly he got a strong feeling to take ragini and married right away and hide her from every bad force
R shy: laksh muje der horai hai [laksh I’m getting late] ‘he nod, and cupped her face kissing her forehead lovingly he let her go.
Both swara were happy as after long time they will be free of work and can enjoy, both reach orphanage and met warden there
Ah idhar ao dono [hey u 2 come here] ’ said warden, ‘ji sir [yes sir]’ said rag, ‘tm dono jao or ache se naha doke ye saaf kapray pehen ke neeche hall me ao or der mat karna[u both go get fresh and wear this clean dress and then come to hall straight and don’t get late]’ he left, rag was confuse as warden only let them use washroom on Sunday ‘kia hua di chalona, naha lete hain [what happened, let’s go take a shower]’, ‘swara tune dekha, wo khud aya hume bola ke uska wr use karen or itne ache kapray bi dye [swara did u see, he came by himself, said us to use his washroom even he gave us this nice dresses]’, ‘tu tuje kia, ye tu achi baat haina, dekh muje nahna hai itne din hogaye, me ja rai hn, tuje ana hai tu aja [so what is with u, this is good thing na, see I want to take shower, it’s been days now, if u want to come then come]’ she left, rags followed her, they get ready in new cloths and joined other students and saw all were wearing new cloths and were looking fresh, she know some important people will come but for what, she wide her eyes at some realization ‘ADOPTION’ she nod no, she got panic, she know no one going to adopt her as she is full grown up now but then she look at swara who was looking damn cute in her new outfit, she got scared what if someone adopt swara, she nod no, she can’t live without her, she had promised her death parents that she will always be with her no matter what, she was on her own thoughts when she heard warden
War; oye blo*dy rascal, wo arahe, sab line banao [they r coming, form a line] ‘they all made line, all were seem happy, when 2 young boys made entry to sr shock they were san-sah, rag was confused and scared what if they tell the warden about sr whereabouts, warden was making san-sah meet all children, they also got surprised to see sr there,

War: sir these my children, I love them all by my heart han na ’they all nod, of they didn’t warden will beat them later’ bachon yeh hai sanskar sir or unko dost sahil sir, ye yahan aaj humara sath honge, ye sab kapray uno ne diye hain or aaj ye apko party bi de rahe hain [children, these r sanskar sir and sahil sir, they will be with us today, they were the one who gave u all these nice cloths and even giving u party‘they all got happy, ragini sigh as she relief, she thank god no one came for adoption, she always get scared when some parents came, ragini almost have to hide swara from all as 1 time she was almost taken away from her but they change decision to adopt a boy instead of girl but she can’t risk that again so she always have to be aware when it comes to her, all were taken to mess, where san-sah also join them, they said in the same table as sr
Sah: tu Tmlog yahan rehti ho, kia age hai [ so u 2 live here, what is ur age]
Rag: me 14 saal ki hn or swara 12, aplog yahan shaher se donate karne aye that [I’m 14 and she’s 12, u people came here from city to donate
Sah nod; han, or kia karan ke orphanage me, tm kia samji [yes off course, what else we will do here, what u thought we came here for] ‘rag remember laksh views about rich people, she thought how laksh was wrong as sah-san were sweet to all kids they give everyone new cloths and after so long thy have eaten so much of good healthy food, even sahil started to play with them, she observe sanskar was silent one wasn’t getting interact much but just smiling, day end like this, san-sah gave each children chocolates and left
Di ye buhut mazay ki hai emmm [this is so delicious di] ’ Sw eating her chocolates, she was all lost in her chocolate dream’ kash muje ek or chocolate milti [I wish I could have one more]’ rag smile, ‘nautanki, ye lo kha lo [drama queen, here eat this]’, rag gave swara her chocolate, ‘really’ she nod’ nai chodo aap khalo [no leave it u eat]’, ‘chal natak mat kar or kha le chup chap, phir sona bi hai muje [just stop ur drama and eat it, I have to sleep]’, ‘kia baat hai ragu di aaj kal aap bara so rahi ho, khawab me laksh jiju atay hain kya [what is the thing ragu di, nowadays ur sleeping too much, does laksh jiju came in ur dreams]’, she teased her, rag gasp, ‘badmash chup chap kha or so ja [u have become so naughty, just eat this and sleep]’, they all slept, except ragini she was dreaming about laksh with open eyes, she blush remembering how laksh hugged her today and kissed her, she always wanted a simple life, she never had a greed for money or good cloths, whatever laksh will provide her she will be happy in that, she remember his promise that he will take her soon away from this hell, then she remember how he was criticizing san-sah as they were rich, he was wrong about them she thought and sleep.
Rag wake in midnight, getting up from bed, she directed to toilet, she was returning when she heard a voice ‘meow’ she look back, the kitty they found today which swara hid in terrace had come down ‘shit warden ne dekh lia tu isay bahar phenk dega, me wapis isay terrace me chupa deti hn [shit if warden saw this, he will throw it out, I should hide the cat in terrace again]’ she took the cat and went to terrace to hide the cat when she heard some noises coming from downstairs, she peek and saw sahil with same muscular men she saw in morning in laksh garage, they were stuffing some bags in truck, and sahil was giving check to warden, she frown and went down to check what was going on, she was about to call warden when she saw some moment in bags, she got scared but came close to bag to see, to her shock it was the boy ‘manik’ manik is the guy live in same orphanage, she get totally scare what was going on, why they have put manik in bag, she then observe other bags which were also making small moments, she saw both men coming back so she run back and hided herself behind main door, she was shivering when she heard sahil
all alright, u count the bags right’ said sahil asking the men, ‘u said there were 14 bags, 1 is missing’, ‘Sah wide his eyes; what r u talking about, there should be 14 bags, count properly’, ‘u count by urself’ sahil count the bags, and got scared, ‘WTH, what r u guys looking at just go in find the 14 bag’ sahil yelled at men, both men went to check the house, sahil sigh in desperation, rags saw them coming and got freak out, she started to run to her room, ‘HEY THERE IS SHE, CATCH HER’ both men saw her and ran after her, rag reached her room saw it was entirely empty there was no one, she started to cry when she also didn’t find swara there ‘swara kahan ho tm, swara [swara where r u, swara]’ she cried and try to find her but failed, when she footsteps, she hided herself under the bed, she was to scared that she could hear her own breath, she hold her breath scared that they will also heard her, when she feel some load on her bed, she saw the big foots of 2 men and gulp hard, closing her mouth to prevent her sobbing, ‘she’s not here, come let see other room’ men said and leave the room, she sigh in relief for few minutes, but then she remember swara b4 she think anymore she scream aloud, ‘AHHHH’ she was suddenly pull from floor, one of the same muscular man had grabbed her, he throw her in bed like she was some kind of baggage and jump on her, she again scream and fight with him but he was too strong, his size was 10 times more compare to 14 year old skinny ragini but still she tried hard, he was crushing ragini under his weight when he felt sudden pain, ragini had kicked him right in his man point, his gripped loose on her, she took the chance and ran from there, she was about to leave house when another man come in her way, she change her direction and ran upstairs to terrace, she saw back both men were behind her, she increases her speed and reach terrace, she saw there was no other way, she again saw back both men were coming close to her, she closed her eyes and started to run to the edge of terrace, she was about to jump when someone pulled her and smash her again the wall, ragini yell in pain, she open her eyes and saw dark chocolatey brown eyes looking deep into her, she stopped struggling, ‘sanskar ji’ she said, he smile sweetly at her, rag was confuse by his behavior, she saw sahil, warden and both men were behind him, ‘boss this girl is too smart, we don’t know how she came out of it’, sanskar smirk, ‘sanskar ji ye k-k-kia horaha, ye aplog kia karahe ho [sanskar ji wh-what is happening here, what r u people doing]’, sanskar smile at her cupped her right cheek, ‘mene tme chocolate di thi na [I have gave u chocolate na]’, she frown confusing, ‘ch-chocolate’, ‘han ragini, wohi chocolate jisme nashi ki dawa thi [yes ragini, same chocolate in which we add sleeping pills] ’ she wide her eyes in shock, she remember how she gave her chocolate to swara her eyes got teary, ‘khai kyun nai, dekho kitna misla hogaya, humara kaam kitna mushkil kardia, abi tak tu hume yahan se nikal bi chukay hote [y didn’t u eat that, now see how problem appeared, u made our work hard for us, we would have left this place by now’ she started to cry and plead him, ‘plz hume janey dijye, ye sab aplog kia karahe ho [plz let us go, what are u all guys doing]’
sanskar sigh: tm aisay nai manogi [u won’t listen to me like this], hold her ‘both men hold her from each side, when sanskar went and came back with the cat she hided in terrace, he hold the cat from neck and from other hand he grab ragini neck’ so tm ragini ho, or ye ek choti si kitty, theek hai [so ur ragini and this is small kitty, okay] ‘ragini was confuse by his action but got shock when she saw sanskar pressing the cat neck tightly that it was dying of suffocation
R yell cry; ye kia karahe ho aap, chodo usay [what r u doing, let her go] ‘sanskar pressed more, and cat die in his hands, rag got dumbstruck, she don’t know what is happening and y it is happening, he didn’t get scared to take innocent life’ ye kya kia apne [what have u done]‘he bring the cat close to her, she started to shiver
San: dekha itna time nai laga is chotay se bachay ko marne me [did u see, it didn’t took much time to kill this kitty], ‘rag was still shock’ array nai nai tm mat daro me tme nai marn ga, theek hai [aray no u relax don’t get scared, I won’t kill u, okay]
R: tu phir [then]
San shrug; me tmare samne tmari choti behen ko marn ga [I will kill ur sister infront of u] ‘she wide her eyes
R; aap aisa kuch nai karoge [ur not gonna do that]
San act like thinking: han nai karnga agar tm ye chocolate khalo [yes I’m not gonna do that, if u eat this chocolate now] ‘he forward her the same chocolate they give them b4, she look back at him, she couldn’t believe how innocent he look, but nobody knows that there is devil hiding inside him’ tmara paas ab sirf 30 sec hain, ye khalo warna is billi ki jaga tmari wo behen hogi or yakin karo jis tareeke se mene tme is billi ko marte hue dekhne pe majboor kia usi tarhan tmari behen ko be marte hue tme dekhne pe majboor karnga [u have now only 30 sec, eat this or else instead of this kitty it will be ur sister and trust me, the way I have force u to see this kitty die, the same way I’m going to make u see ur sister die] ‘ragini got scared she remember her poor sister face and eat the chocolate sanskar offer’ good girl, tm 10 min me puri tareeke se so jao gi usay pehle apni behen ko dekh lo [good girl, u will sleep in complete 10 min b4 that see ur sister]’ they take her downstairs and throw her in truck, and closed the doors, rag started to open the bags very fast, searching her sister finally she find her, she was sleeping peacefully, she hugged her little sister body and cried, she tried waking her up when she heard ‘ nai uthay gi wo subha tak, tm bi aram karlo, kal ka din buhut bara hone wala hai [she won’t wake till morning give it up, u also rest, tomorrow is going to be very hectic]’ said the man through window
R yell: kia hai kal, kia karne wale ho Tmlog humare saat [what is tomorrow, what will u guys do with us] ‘he laugh and closes the window, ragini saw some small window, she look through that and saw her village, she saw laksh house, she yelled but started to feel dizziness, last she remember laksh telling her he will take away from this hell soon, she dozed off, nobody would have suspect as the car was cargo and sanskar made sure to put them in bag while crossing border also he had some connections, which made his way easy, he got the call

S smirk; dad 10 ladke or 4 ladkiyan [10 boys and 4 girls], finally dad I did it, I will be there soon’ he hanged the call
KIA MATLAP ISKA [WHAT U MEAN BY THIS] ‘yelled laksh at warden, he was waiting for sr but time passed and he didn’t found any sign of them, he was getting weird dreams about ragini going away from him, someone snatching her and she’s calling for his help, so he himself visit orphanage where warden told him that due to low budgets all children were transfer to pune orphanage, he got angry and grabbed warden from his collars ‘salay, kisko ullu bana raha hai, rato raat koi orphanage kaise mand kar sakta hai [u jackass, who r u trying to make fool, how come the orphange get close in one night]’
Warden pushed him with help of other people: oye teri himmat kese hui, mera gala pakre ga tu, tu janta nai muje, kaat dalon ka, samaj gya [how dare u, u grabbed my neck, u don’t know me, I will tore u in pieces, understand]
L angry; tu ye mat samaj me tuje asani se jane dnga, me wapis aongi, jaraha hn me police ke paas [don’t u think I will let u go this easily, I will come back, I’m going to police right now]
War: aray ja dekhte hain teri police ko bi, ja na [ya go, I will see what ur police can do, go na] ‘warden left, laksh was shock now he was sure something went wrong cus warden always get scared of police name and now he not caring about them it simple mean there is some big hand behind him, he closes his eyes and puzzles all the pieces he remember sanskar talking about orphanage kisi ko kanon kaan kabhar nai hogi, he remember the men who were very muscular, he remember ragini saying warden call her soon, he opened his eyes which had become teary, he wipes his tears and directly went to police stations, at enquiry happened warden show the fake proofs of kid been transferred
L shout: sir ye sab jhoote certificates hain, aisay koi raton raat me orphanage kon mand karta hai, atleast koi notice ya koi or information, sir mera yakeen karen us kameene warden ne bachon ko kahin galat jaga bheja hai [sir these r all fake certificates, how come orphange closed in just 1 night, atleast there should be a notice or some other info, sir trust that bastard warden had sent the children in some wrong place
P: dekho laksh hum proof pe yakeen karte hain assumptions pe nai, or tm uskay khilaf report likwa rahe thay, wo tmari khilaf likhwane wala tha, bal vivah ki saza jante ho na [look laksh, we believe proofs not assumptions and ur filing complain against him, he was about to file complaint against u, u do know na the punishment of underage marriage]
L: per sir yahan tu sab he bal vivah karte hai, or me konsa ragini se galat maksad k liye shadi karaha tha, me tu usko wahan se bachana chata tha [but sir underage marriage is common here, and I wasn’t going to marry her for wrong reasons, I wanted to marry her so I could get her out of that place]
P: tm jo bi kaho laksh, per hai tu ye ghair khanoononi na, wo ek orphanage ka warden hai usko support karne ke liye usky peeche buhut saray baray baray social workers hain [u say whatever laksh, but still it’s against the law, and he’s is the warden of an orphange, there r many big social workers to support him]
L sigh: theek hai, yani aap complaint nai likhe ke, tu phir aap muje us orphange ka naam or pata de den, me apni ragini ko khud hee dhund lnga [fine, u wont file complaints against him, okay so u give me the name and address of their new orphange, I will find my ragini by myself]
P: pune buhut bara shahar hai kahan dhoondon ge [pune is a very big city, how will u find her]
L: wo ab aap ka masla nai hai, bus muje naam or pata de den [that’s not ur problem, u just gave me the name and address] ‘he receive the info from police and left and went to his house, to see his worried mother
Ap; kuch pata chala swaragini ka [did u find something about them] ‘he nod no’ hey bhagwan, mere bache [oh god, my poor kids]
L; aap fikhar mat karo ai, muje pata hai muje kia karna hai, muje pata hai wo log ne hee kuch kia hai [u don’t worry mom, I know what I have to do, I know those people r only behind their disappearance]
Ap; tu ab kia [so now what]
L smirk: un logon ne kuch galtiyan karln, ai mene buhut se sabot ekhata kiye hain, jese un dono car k number, or wo phone number jo kal us saab ne PCO se milaya, 11-12 ke darmiyan usney wo call ki, or sirf ek hee number us doran hua tha, yani wo usi ka hee number hai, or mere paas unke naam bi hai sahil or sanskar or ye kuch information hai unke naye orphange ki, ye saray sabot mene apne dost omi ko bataya hai wo pune me hee social work karta hai, usne kaha wo meri madad zaroor karega, bus muje wahan jana hoga [they have done some mistakes, mom I have gather so many proofs, like their both car numbers and that phone that sir made from PCO, he had call between 11-12 and only one number was dial so it is proved that it was his number and I have their names too sahil and sanskar and some other information of their new orphange, I have told everything to my friend omi, he is social worker in pune, he said he will help me but I have to go there] ,‘ap look at him’ ai aapka yahan akele rehna theek nai hoga mene apki ticket karwa li hai, ap nana ji ke ghar jao, muje nai pata muje kitna time lagega per ai me ragini k bagair wapis nai aongi [mom, also it won’t be good if u live here alone,I have booked ur ticket, ur going to live in grandpa house, I don’t know how much time it gonna take but mom I won’t come back without ragini] ‘ap was numb, she first saw the fire in laksh eyes, she knew he love ragini but to this intensity, she was now scare for laksh too but then remember swaragini their smile, their innocence, their needs, their helplessness so she nods

Ap; wada karo laksh k tm meri dono betiyon ko wapis le ao ke [promise me laksh u will bring my both daughters back]
L smile; me wada karta hn ai, me swaragini ko wapis le aon ga [I promised ai, I will bring back swaragini ]‘laksh was feeling angry on himself, he should have taken stand when he got suspicious on sanskar, if he wanted he could have stopped her, he was continuously blaming himself but one thing was clearly in his mind that he had to save swaragini

Unknown place, a house was shown, music was played in loud volume,
Ahh ‘yelled ragini, as she wake from her sleep holding her head as it was paining, it was all blur for her, she blink her eyes multiple times to catch a clear view, after few blinks she saw the real state, it was a very big room but it was short compare to a large large number of children present there, she saw every children and got sick feeling as none of those children were wearing anything, they all were naked, she saw her body and panic, she try to covered her body as much as her long hair could do, her head was busting out due to loud music, she wasn’t understanding anything after few moments she remember the last night and cried, ‘SWARA’, she yelled but her sound disappear in loud music, she saw other kids who were also crying like her not understanding the situation, she sobbed and finally got up to find her sister, all other kids closed their eyes to see her naked, ‘SWARA’ she again yelled, she stumble on some body which were still under the effect of drugs, she took a glance around room finally finding her sister, who was sitting in corner crying, she ran to her ‘swara, tm theek hona [u r fine na]’
S crying: di ye sab kia hai, humare kapray kahan hain, ye konsa jaga hai, muje yahan nai rehna, muje wapis le chalo plzz [di what is all this, where r our cloths, and what place is this, I don’t want to stay here, I want to go back] ‘she started to cry
R hugged her: shhhh me hn na, me kuch nai honey dngi tme,[shhh I’m here na, I will not let anything happened to u] ‘she was consoling her, when she notice something in her neck, it was a belt, she touched her neck and find the similar belt, she look at every kid all were wearing belts, they all were looking like some ……. pet, she closed her eyes, ‘ye hum qareeb logon ko insan tak nai samajte, jhanwar ki tarhan dekte han hume balke unse bi batar [they don’t even consider poor people like us human, they saw us like animal, infect worse than animal] her eyes got teary as she couldn’t take more embarrassments, ‘laksh tm sai thay, muje tmari baat sun leni chaye thi [u were right laksh, I should have listen to u]’, she stopped crying cus she know swara need her the most, but she herself don’t know how to deal with the situation when clearly she had no idea what they were exactly bring here for, she was consoling swara, when music stopped, door open and a man enter who seems like boss with few other behind him, sanskar was one of them behind man who look like boss
Man yell happily: WELCOME TO 8TH WONDER ‘he grabbed one girl from their and slit her throat, shocking everyone


Hello, I know u guys may didn’t think the story will turn out like this but that was my actual idea, it is dark story not like my other one, it is based on human trafficking and sorry to make sanskar character like this, but there will be more twists, and ya I tried to write this in English but I thought hindi dialogues were more effective than English, well anyways I tried writing both so enjoy and comment

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