Sau Tarah ke..Taud de…Ishq ka harz kya hai? ( Intro and episode 1 )


Hello everyone we are back .. We want more comments and if you don’t like our ff then do please tell then we will stop here . And yeah we forgot to give the intro of shakti characters . Here it is.

Intro –

Soumya – Loved by everyone in her family ,even by her father.

Surbhi – Soumya’s sister .Hated by her father and grandma as she is a kinner.

Harman – A boy who doesn’t belive in love . He doesn’t even respect girls.

Varun – His brother .. Same like his brother.

Episode 1

The episode starts with two girls fighting while one is in tears. There faces aren’t revealed yet.

Girl 1 – Just because if you he went away from me. Now I can never get him back. Just because if YOU.

Girl 2 – Hey don’t shout , because of you he went away from me . Now no need to shed crocodile tears. I know this is one of your plan.

Saying this , both parted different ways.


A girl is shown is sleeping . She wakes up and sees herself in the mirror and says

Girl – Good morning dear Ragini .

The girl is revealed to be Ragini.

Screen shifts to another girl. She is sleeping but then someone pours a bucket full of water on her and she wakes up with a jerk. Girl gets scared and says

Girl – What happened father , please let me sleep. It’s 5 a.m. In the morning .

Her father – Shut up Surbhi ! Don’t you know you are talking to Mahendir Singh ? Come fast and clean the house and then prepare food and tea for us. But don’t make food like yesterday otherwise I will kill you from my own hands.

Well that’s for today .. Keep guessing the girls’ name. Hope you liked it?

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  1. Alisha

    Oho.. Combine fanfiction! Halima, I know you are gonna rock it plus Shrinjal.. As much as I know you na, I know you are gonna turn out to be a perfect writer. ???
    Well.. That was a great surprise when I read the intro, so you guys swapped the characters a bit. Soumya ban gai ladli aur Surbhi.. transgender. Not bad.. Likin, actors wohi hain kiya? Is Soumya’s character being played by Rubina and Surbhi’s character by Roshni?
    Anyways.. I loved the intro plus that little sneak peak.. Waiting for the next episode.
    Rock it girls.. ?

  2. Renuverma

    Superb shri

  3. Super episode ..but surbhi is kinner..

    1. Shrinjal_and_Halima

      Yes Suhani she is a kinner

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