Sau Tarah ke..Taud de…Ishq ka harz kya hai? ( episode 4 )


Episode 4:

The episode starts with Preeto hugging Varun.

“Where were you Varun? I missed you a lot.” Preeto says.

“Preeto, I went only for 2 days.” Varun says.

“But Maa hoon mein, Zahir see baat hai that I would miss my son.” Preeto says.

“Okay Bas, won’t you meet your Papa?” Harak says.

“Oho, how can I forget my Papa Ji?” Varun says and breaks the hug with Preeto.

He then hugs Harak and Harak hugs him back, Preeto smiles and wipes her tears. Harman also smiles.

Scene shifts to Swara, she is getting ready for the race, she tied her hair up in a ponytail and wears a headband.

“Aaj I will prove to that Ragini that not only she is the best!” Swara says with a smirk.

Swara then bends down and ties her trainers, Ragini is shown behind Swara and at the door.

“You want to show me that your the best?! That chance won’t come Swara!” Ragini says and smirks.

Swara stands up and looks in the mirror while Ragini hides. Swara then picks her bag up and heads outside.

Scene then shifts to Surbhi, she is sitting down and thinking about something, just then Surbhi feels two hand cover her eyes.

“Somu Di?” Surbhi says while touching the hands.

The person is revealed to be Soumya, she then feels tears running through Surbhi’s eyes and takes her hand back.

“Surbhi, what happened?” Soumya asks and sits besides her.

“Nothing Di, something went in my eyes.” Surbhi lies and touches her eyes.

“Who will you lie to Surbhi? I’m your sister, your Somu Di…” Soumya tells and turns Surbhi towards her.

Surbhi couldn’t take it anymore and starts crying, Soumya hugs her and consoles her.

“Surbhi… Don’t cry, you’re a good girl and good girls don’t cry… Come on, tell me what happened.” Soumya asks.

“Di… Why doesn’t Papa love me? Am I that bad?” Surbhi cries.

“No Surbhi, you’re amazing… Papa does love you but he doesn’t show it.” Soumya explains.

“No Di, he hates me.” Soumya cries.

“He doesn’t, he also loves you but he’s overprotective.” Soumya says while thinking.

Surbhi moves back and wipes her tears and looks at Soumya.

“What do you mean Di?” Surbhi asks.

“I mean… Papa loves you but he’s overprotective because he doesn’t want anything bad happening to you, that’s why he doesn’t let you out much… He believes you’re beautiful and should be hidden.” Soumya explains.

“Sachchi?” Surbhi says and thinks.

“Aur Nahi toh Kya? Papa loves you and cares for you but he doesn’t tell the reason because he doesn’t know how to express it.” Soumya says and cups Surbhi’s face.

Soumya then wipes Surbhi’s tears.

“But Di…” Surbhi says but gets interrupted.

“Soumya is right.” Mahender’s voice is heard.

Surbhi looks there while Soumya turns around.

Scene shifts to the racing area, Swara is in her line and ready to go, Ragini is seen standing in the audience section and fakes smiles. Swara sees her and fakes smiles too. Ragini puts her thumbs up to indicate good luck. Swara nods and turns her head to the other side and Ragini turns that thumbs up to thumbs down and looks on.

“On your marks!” A man announces.
All get ready.
“Get set!” The man says.
All bend down.
“Go!” The man says and all start running.

“I have to win this, I have to do this for myself.” Swara thinks while increasing her speed.

Swara sees the finish line and smiles, while running he ankle gets twisted and she falls onto the floor.

“Aah!” Swara screams in pain and touches her ankle.

Ragini gets surprised and smirks, Swara starts crying. The other racer crosses the finish line and Swara is shocked at starts crying even more. Ragini comes to Swara and makes a sad face.

“Swara, are you okay?” Ragini acts worried and bends down.

Swara angrily glares at Ragini while in tears.

“Kya hua?” Ragini asks.

“It hurts a lot.” Swara says in pain.

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” Ragini says.

Swara nods okay and Ragini helps Swara up.

“This is all because of you Ragini! You stole my chance of showing you that I can also be something! I hate you.” Swara thinks while angrily looking on with tears rolling down her eyes.

Scene shifts to Surbhi and Soumya, Mahender comes in and Soumya is surprised.

“Surbhi, Soumya is right, I love you but I don’t know how to express it… I’m sorry beta, I’ve been so unfair to you…” Mahender says and acts as if he’s crying.

“A sudden change?” Soumya thinks.

Surbhi stands up and walks up to him.

“No Papa… You don’t need to say sorry… I’m sorry for not understanding you…” Surbhi says.

“You’re so great Surbhi… You understood me… Sorry for not telling you beforehand…” Mahender says and hugs her.

Soumya feels suspicious while Mahender looks on.

“This is my Majboori Surbhi, or else…” Mahender thinks and fake consoles Surbhi.

Soumya stands up and Surbhi makes her join the hug.

“Papa mein sudden change? Something’s fishy.” Soumya thinks.

Episode ends splits screen on Swara’s teary face and Raginis smirky face along with Surbhi, Soumya and Mahender’s hug and Soumya’s suspicious face.

Precap: Maheshwari company to do Project with the Singh’s… Harman and Sanskaar meeting.
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  1. Well done Shrinjal,it was pleasure reading this. Jst luvd it ,somu is tooo caring nd d way she tackle d situation was superb. Waiting for nxt epi. Well done guys….keep going

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