Sau Tarah ke..Taud de…Ishq ka harz kya hai? ( episode 3 )


Hello everyone I am back and very disappointed seeing the comments. I can’t belive the intro it has 10 comments but now only 1 comment.??. And yeah maybe I will not be able to upload in September so please forgive me. We thought to give you moreeeee twists and turns. And I am inspired from my best friend Halima di and Nusz di , she doesn’t know me but I am big fan of hers. And I am ill yesterday had fever so couldn’t upload it yesterday. I have written half episode but it got deleted so need to write that again. Silent readers pleade comment. And who is your favourite couple? Well , now I start.

The episode starts with Swara shedding happy tears and saying

Swara- Now I can prove my sister cum enemy that I can do something. The whole world will shout SWARA!! Not that Ragini. Ohh no! I forgot to wake my enemy . Shit!

She hits her forehead and rushes towards her room. Where as Ragini already woke up and is getting ready. Swara opens the door but doesn’t find Ragini anywhere. Just then someone taps her shoulder, she turns with a jerk and gets relived seeing her enemy ( ragini )

Ragini – Kya hua Swara? Dar kyu gayi? Ye ham hai boot nahi. ( What happened Swara? Why did you get scared? This is me not ghost.)

Swara- Oh nothing dear , I was just thinking about something.

Ragini – Okay fine nothing happenes, by the way Sarla kaki must have prepared our breakfast na? Let’s go down and eat it.

Ragini ( in mind ) – My enemy , outside you were shedding happy tears na, but after some days you will shed sad tears. Be ready.

Just then she comes back to her senses and sees Swara glaring at her with a different manner.

Swara – What happened Ragini? Where are you lost?

Ragini – Nothing Swara just thinking about something. Let’s go down and eat our food.

Swara- Okay.

They go down and finish there breakfast. Screen the shifts to Soumya. She is on her two-wheeler. Then she reaches her college and parks her two-wheeler. There she sees Maya ( her friend ) with a boy. She angrily goes towards him and slaps him. The boy is shocked and touches his cheek with his palm then looks towards Soumya.

Soumya ( She says softly so that other people couldn’t listen what she is talking ) – You fool Anil ! Why did you force my friend to….. I can’t belive. Get off my sight or I will call police.

Anil then goes and Soumya looks at Maya.Then they both went inside their class. Screen shifts to a boy in the office. He is shouting someone.The boy isn’t revieled yet.

The boy – Because of you we lost the deal. You don’t how what loss we have occurred just because of you. Your punishment is you are suspended for a month or I should say year?

The boy who is listening to the boy-Sorry sir I am really very sorry. Please forgive me otherwise my children and I will die of hunger.


Just then another boy comes running. He tells – Sanskar bhai , please forgive him. I know we did a big loss but his family will die due to lack of food. Already they are going through much sad times , first his wife died . So forgive him.

The boy who has been shouting at his PA is none other then Sanskar.

Sanskar – Lucky par…… Chalo koi baat nahi Surya mene tumne maaf kiya. ( But lucky…. okay no problem I forgive you Surya. )

Surya falls on his feet and thanks him. And the boy who came to rescue Surya is Lakshya.

Screen shifts to Harman’s office. A boy comes there and then asks a boy.

The boy – Where is Harman brother ‘s cabin?

Another boy – Yes, go straight and then turn left.

The boy – Thank you.

He then goes straight and turns left then opens the door. He sees Harman seeing in his laptop.

Boy – Harman!

Harman – Hello Varun , when you came back from Mumbai?

The boy is revealed to be Varun.

Varun – Ummm today, few hours back.

Harman – Okay we will talk about this home and where is your luggage?

Varun – Bro, it’s with kaka.

Harman – Okay fine bit do you know how much Papa and Mumma missed you?

Varun – I know, even I missed them. Let’s go home.

Harman – Fine. They will be very happy seeing you.

Then both reaches their home , oh no its not a home but a palace.


Preeto and Harak singh comes our and are very happy to see their son, Varun. Preeto runs and hugs Varun.

Precap – Swara’s race and she wins or losses the race? Surbhi and Soumya’s emotianal talk which makes them cry! Mahender ro realise hos make or not??

Hello friends, I am back. And yeah this is Shrinjal here. Episodes may be bad as it’s written by me not Halima di. She helped me with the concept and pairs so a big thanks to her. And maybe I will start another ff so what should be the name or pairs? Voting starts now. ( it’s for my other ff not this one, pairs for this are started now ) Voting will be closed day after tommorow.

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  1. swalak

  2. Alia

    nice.. unite swaragini quickly n my fav couple is swasan

  3. Akshata

    superb update but i am bit confused.

  4. Hii Shrinjal epi was gud but m little confused….kya Varun Preeto aur Harak singh ka beta hai??? Soumya is quite bold…

  5. Alisha

    Wah ji wah! Heroes ki entry aur wo bhi dhamakedar entry? Superb! You guys nailed it, once again. Marvelous.. Seems like both Harman and Sanskaar are short tempered. ?
    But koi baat naheen, once they meet our heroines na, everything would be fine. I hope so! Aur han.. Is Preeto negative here? ? Just asking..
    Plus coming to the voting thing, first for this fanfiction cuz I really want Haya and Surun together. Please please.. ??
    And best of luck for your other fanfiction. I shall be looking forward to it. Here are the characters I vote for:
    Devakshi (Dev and Sonakshi from Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi)
    Shraman (Suman and Shravan from Ek Duje ke Vaaste)
    Preekar (Preeti and Pushkar from Ek Duje ke Vaaste)
    Vidhaani (The reason I really won’t thus couple is cuz this serial is gonna end soon. It’s Viplav and Dhaani from Ishq Ka Rang Safed. Now I leave this on you that whether you want Eisha as Dhaani or Sanjeeda as Dhaani. I would be fine as any of them.)
    Thahaan and Sharuv (This is a maybe one, cuz now a days I am more addicted to Shakti serial. It’s Bihaan and Thapki from Thapki Pyaar ki and Dhruv and Shraddha (cuz I love Monica’s acting) from the same serial)
    Tanshi and Aara (Tanu (you can use Kratika or Shivani as Tanu, your choice) and Rishi from Kasam and Aryaan and Aradhaya from Krishndasi)
    Acha.. Ab in mein se 2 ya 3 ka combo ya phir ek per bhi fanfiction chale ga. These are couples I love the most. Most fav ones are Haya, Devaskshi and Vidhaani. Aj kal, Aara..??
    Have a blessed day!

  6. Shrinjal

    Okay friends, and yeah what should be the name of ff?

    Sorry Alisha di, it’s my first ff and if I will start other ff it will be SwaRagini only.

  7. Nice episodes… BTW swaragini are enemies… Plz make it ragsan….. And swalak….

  8. Shrinjal

    Thank u everyone. Everyone’s comment bought a smile of my face. Thank you Khushbu, Alia, Akshata,Daisy, Alisha di n Suhani. Hope to see your comments again in next epi.

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