Satrangi Sasural 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: vihaan’s and vibha’s residence
All are tensed as to whats taking so long. arushi comes, and they ask her where’s vihaan, as they are shocked to find her alone. she tells them that vihaan is okay and shall come back soon. She says that he is trying to lure her in her own trap, and hence asks them not to contact vihaan, as that might just spoil everything. vibha might get alert. She assures them to have the faith that he shall contact them himself.

Later, in the night, vihaan calls arushi, while vibha is asleep. They ask each other. She tells him that vibha’s lawyer came and told them that they are auctioning the house tomorrow. He asks her not to worry as he wont let that happen. Arushi tells him that she is very scared as they need

vibha’s signatures anyhow on the papers. he asks her not to worry, as he plans to expose vibha in front of everyone tomorrow. he asks about the children, and she says that they miss him and his lap, and then he tells them that he shall come soon, as she places the receiver near the child. He sayss that he wont be able to talk for long, and asks her not to worry and assures that he shall rigth everything. Just after he cancels the call, he feels vibha’s hands on his shoulders. he gets scared and tensed. He stealthily hides the phone, back in the pockt. He turns around, and she asks him whats he doing here. He says that he came for water as he was thirsty. she smiles and says that she could have done. he asks her not to bother, as she is already doing a lot. he wishes her goodnight and goes to bed, while she smiles.

The next morning, while vihaan is asleep, vibha comes and caresses him, and says that after the auction today, they shall be free, and merely a few hours remain for that. she leaves. he gets up from his pretense sleep, and rubs off where she caressed, and then goes to freshen up. he finds that she has locked the door from outside, and is upset. he finds that its already time, for the auction and that he has to reach the house. he finds that he has to uncork all the screws, one by one, and finally finds a pin to help him do so. He gets to doing it. after looseining up some of them, he finally manages to budge the door.

meanwhile, at Vihaan’s residence, Vibha organises an auction at Vatsala house. The MC starts the ceremony, saying that the house and its things have been listed according to Exhibit A and B. All are tensed that vihaan hasnt come. arushi assures them that he shall. Just then, the Mc announces that the owner of the house, vibha has arrived. the mothers and arushi look at her in disgust and hatred, while she evilly smiles and moves past them. she addresses the crowd. Vibha tells everyone that she wants to sell every and anything in the house shall be sold, and starts off with the pious idols of the gods, while arushi and the mothers are distraught. Unable to resist herself, arushi slaps vibha tightly, asking her to have some shame, and spare the lords atleast. granny too pleads not to do so. Vibha callously says that its not god for her, but just idols, that have gold in them, which shall fetch her money. geeta asks her not to do this sin. Vibha asks the guards to get the murti here. but all the mothers and arushi stand guarding the idols, warding the guards off, desperately fighting to save the idols from being moved. but the guards overpower them, and to the ladies’ dismay, the idols are taken out from the temple, for the autcion to begin. the bidding begins, and arushi and the mothers are apalled and the MC is about to seal the bid at 25lakhs, while vibha smiles in glee, when at the final call, someone interrupts him, which is actually Vihaan in disguise. All, including vibha are boggled to see who it is. He asks whats this nonsense, as he was called for auction, and who are they to place a bid for the lord. he eyes arushi and then winks at her, and they understand that its vihaan. they are relieved and thrilled to have him here. He makes an exorbitant bid of 50 crores, for the house and everything in it, but first the idols should be placed back in the temple. vibha complies and the guards follow the order. He then asks if there’s anyone else who bids more than him. They decide that its too high a bar to be crossed. the MC calls it out 3 times, and finally seals the deal to vihaan. the other bidders leave, to their glee. The mothers and arushi is overwhelmed, while vibha is unable to believe her good fortune, at the mention of such money.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
jhanvi tells them everything, while dadaji and kasturi are tensed. she says that she didnt even know so much so happened, and that they shall have to help. Dadaji says that noone shall do anything, as he has betrayed the nation and he shall not be helped. kasturi asks how can they leave girish like this. dadaji says that he shall rot in jail, as his father, and as far as they are concerned, they shall leave the ciuty. They are shocked, and dadaji is adamant.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vibha hurriedly takes the property papers and then gives the papers to him, extending her hand for a shake, congratulating him for the house. He looks around. She says that it seems he loved the house. he says that he is Prem Chopra, and that he wants to gift this house to his wife. arushi smiles overwhelmed. Vihaan writes her a cheque of 50 crores and she accepts it in utter disbelief and shock still. She gets to signing the papers. Before signing the papers, arushi is stopped and advised by the lawyer, to check whether he has that kind of money in his account. vibha confronts vihaan, and asks him whats the guarantee that he has that kind of cash in his account. he stands speechless. the mothers are tensed. she asks if she can talk to his bank manager. All are surprised at this. the screen freezes on vihaan’s tensed face.

Precap: Vibha talks to the supposed bank manager, of vihaan, who dials the number and gives it to her. she enquires whats Prem Chopra’s bank balance. She is surprised at what she hears. later, Vihaan then takes off his disguise, and vibha is shocked, to see that he was the bidder, as he eyes her angrily.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. writers vibha is not an important person in this serial she is from nowhere why make her so important now that she is in control of every ones life and so you are prolonging this nonsensical storyline which just does not make sense at all the name of the serial is SATRANGI SASURAL please stick to the name you writers are pushing the main characters in the background while elevating and bringing the bad character to the fore front this so not right the serial is about arushi Vihaan and the seven mothers well now there are the kids too so please get rid of vibha now and let arushi and Vihaan and the rest of the family live happily ever after now do the right thing and get rid of vibha once and for all throw her ass in jail to rot with her evil husband and step mother the serial is near to end and this vibha script taking up too much time we need to spend more time focusing on Vihaan arushi the kids and the seven mothers so again end this storyline now and that is not killing off arushi

  2. what is happening everyones sad that the writers want to kill off arushi where are all you commentators when we need you speak out for the writers to do the right thing and that is not to kill off arushi please plead with them to change their script and do not allow this to happen

  3. chweet mahyan

    vihan should teach a lesson to this witchcraft vibha.she sucks for real

  4. I agree with Keen Oberver – we need to SAVE ARUSHI so the story can continue with a happy family finally. Writers please kill off VIBHA to save the story

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