Satrangi Sasural 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s and Mamaji’s residence
Harpreet insistently takes kyra to the kitchen and geeta follows. she shows kyra the sink full of dirty dishes, thaty she has to finish before making them tea and breakfast. she asks kyra to do the dishes, and she has to wake up at five in the morning, do the dishes, the clothes and then get ready to make breakfast and tea for all. kyra is disgusted and says that she cant do this. harpreet gives her all the daily chores. geeta says that she wont do. they start fighting. finally kyra asks that this is the work of servants. harpreet says thats why vihaan married her, as they dont have servants. geeta asks her to stop talking rubbish. harpreet says that kyra considers them as servants. Kyra says that she didnt say that but

she wont do it. harpreet holds her by the hand and almost throws her out of the house, and right in bebo’s arms, who just walked in. harpreet asks bebo to take her away. bebo says that she shall break her hand the next time she does this to kyra. harpreet dares her to try. all are tensed. bebo comes close to her, while all other stand tensed. bebo raises her hand but harpreet takes her handf and wrenches her around and tries to wrangle while she
winces in pain. geeta is tensed. Kyra tries to get bebo out of her grip. harpreet gives her a shove too, and her head hits the wall. bebo and others are shocked. Vihaan comes out to see harpreet doing this. She lets go of bebo’s hand and she takeas this moment to slap harpreet, who is shocked. He asks her to move and not even dare raise her hand at his mother. bebo asks him to make her understand that she shouldnt try her smartness with her. Kyra shuts bebo asking her to stop it now. Vihaan stands angrily too. Kyra then turns to harpreet saying that its enough, and that just because she is the saans and she herself the bahu, she cant behave like this. she says that she is educated and understands her responsibilities towards the house, and knows she has to work, and she shall do, but asks her not to force and order her around, as she shall take some time to adjust. Kyra remembers that its been just some days that her grandpa died, and its all still in her head and she cant get over it. she says that she has a bedroom the size of the house and she would take sometime to adjust but she doesnt want them to fight like this because of it. vihaan stands tensedly. Kyra is emotionally overwhelmed and goes inside. bebo rushes in after her. He then turns to harpreet and tries to talk, if she is okay. she wrenches her hand away and says that she never thought he would change like this. She says that earlier he would have kill;ed the person who even said bad words to him but adds and says that he was just a silent spectator today that his mother got slapped. He asks her to listen. she says that there’s nothing left to listen or see, and what wasnt left, she saw that too. she begins to go. Vihaan says that they are going to get narmada back after having gotten her discharged from the hospital, and asks if she wont go. Harpreet asks what good would narmada do by coming back, as its better that she died, instead of having to do this. he stands tensed.

In her room, bebo shows her the camera and teklls her everything. Kyra is shocked, anddecides to report mamaji but bebo says that its a blessing in disguise as they can use it to their advantage now. bebo asks her to show in front of the camera that this is the best marriage for her, and convince mamaji that this isnt a fake marriage after all. kyra is boggled and asks how can this be. bebo asks her to behave like a husband and wife, and speak lovingly to him, when he comes, so that there is no evidence of this contract marriage. Just then, dolly comes in giving them prashad, and then turns sideways to find it having fallen down. bebo and kyra see this and are tensed as she sets it back in place and leaves. bebo signals kyra to act aaccordingly. just then vihaan comes in and asks her to go out. bebo tries to speak, but he says that he doesnt wish to listen to anything, and asks her to leave as he needs to speak to kyra in private. bebo looks at kyra tensedly and then leaves. he closes the door and then turns tensedly at kyra. she thinks that she has to pretend in front of the camera. meanwhile, mamaji is watching the live feed in the hope that he shall get evidence that its a fake marriage. He tries to speak but she lovingly lunges at him, thanking him for not scolding her in front of the mothers, pretending to be affectionate. Vihaan and mamaji both are boggled to see this sudden change of behaviour. She says that he shall win over his mothers. she tries to come in close to vihaan. Vihaan is super furious and angry. Kyra tells him stealthily about the camera, and pretends to be overly affectionate towards him and nudges him to reciprocate back too. he stands tensed. vihaan sees and complies. mamaji meanwhile sees the changed scenario and wonders what is happening. he is irritated. she hugs him saying she loves him, and he too responds back by caressing her hair and smiling, while she is a little uncomfortable. He turns her around, while her mangalsutra gets stuck in shirt, while he maintains a tensed face. as they try to take it out, the webcam feed feels like she is unbuttoning him. Vihaan decides and then takes off his shirt, to show their physical proximity to each other. kyra eyes her tensedly. conscious of their new found intimacy even if for pretense sake. Mamaji is frustrated while they both are tensed as they eye each other. Mamaji puts the phone away in disgust. Vihaan leaves for the bathroom, while she smiles in love for the camera and then turns around tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Outside the hospital
harpreet and vihaan seat narmada in the cab, and then he goes to search for the driver. geeta asks harpreet not to talk about kyra to narmada right now. harpreet says that she shall see her anyways when she goes home. geeta asks her not to tell anything right now, as she is sensitive, and they shall handle it later at home. A verbal scuffle ensues. they get in the car resignedly.

Scene 3:
At home, kyra prepares a welcome back granny card along with the kids. granny comes and loves the idea. She asks who gave this brilliant idea. the daughter says that it was kyra’s idea. granny and kyra smile at each other. Granny thinks that she has seen the children happy after a long time, and maybe kyra shall bring back the cheer and excitement of the house. Then the cake is delivered, and kyra along with the children are excited. granny smiles. The children ask if they can see the cake. They all look and love it. Arhaan says that they love her and that narmada shall love her too. kyra is tensed. granny hopes that narmada likes her as the bahu and not be tensed that she has replaced arushi. later, kyra prepares dessert and granny approves it completely. As they come back, they find that the children have already started eating the cake. kyra reprimands tham what did they do. granny is tensed, while the chilren look at her fearful. she asks why are they scared. Granny says that they get scared at the slightest scolding. She says that she was just joking and puts them at ease, and joins in their cheer. granny loves that she is playing with the kids and they all enjoy together, by throwing cake at each other. Just then, the children throw a piece and it lands right on narmada and harpreet’s faces, when they enter inside. All are tensed. narmada is shocked to see them and particularly kyra. the screen freezes on kyra’s shocked face.

Precap: When narmada knows the truth, kyra comes to take blessings from her, and she shoves her away and kyra falls on the ground. Later in her locked room, narmada throws petrol on herself and lights up a matchstick and then is about to set herself afire. all are outraged and apalled. Vihaan desperately tries to break the door.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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