Satrangi Sasural 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
Carrying kyra in his arms, he finally, after a long gap of five years stands in front of the goddess, stepping inside the place. granny is apalled to see this. he is about to lay her down, when the priest stops him, asking him not to, boggling them both. he adds that if he wants to save the life of this girl, then he has to circle around the temple, a 108 times, and keep this girl in his arms. granny is shocked. He says that this is the only way to get her out of the hypnosis. She asks how is that possible. He says that he shall do it. they both retreat and then he begins with the ritual, as he eyes kyra, while granny stands tensed, praying for the safety of both of them. While he is taking the rounds, with kyra in his arms and remembers all that kyra has

done for their kids, the priest tells him to hurry up, as only ten minutes are left and he still has to do 50 more rounds. he hurries, while granny is tensed for him. the priest keeps giving him a countdown, while he keeps getting dizzy, while granny is apalled for both of them and is distraught, praying that nothing happens to them. he finally gets inside the temple, completing the rounds. After finishing the rounds, as he sits spent and exhausted, with kyra on the floor, the priest comes and tells him to fill her forehead with the vermillion of his name. he takes it and eyes the goddess, boggled at her course of events. granny watchs on surprised, while he is overwhelmed with mixed emotions. he picks his hand, but then hesitates yet again. he finally dons it. At the slightest touch of the vermillion, Kyra finally wakes up, slightly groggy and dizzy headed. Vihaan and granny are relieved. She wakes up boggled and confused as she stares at them and then eyes the vermillion, as hge asks her if she is okay. She gets up and clutches at him, while he is taken aback. granny smiles through tears. Kyra thinks to save her life, vihaan did so much and stepoped inside the temple, when he had vowed that he never shall, only for her sake, and hopes that maybe he too loves her. he raises his hands, but hesiates unable to hug her, but then he does hug her, confused himself at these mixed emotions, as he looks up at the goddess. granny is happy.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As granny enters with vihaan and kyra, narmada and priyanka throw some papers at them, and he boggledly asks whats this, and whats going on, narmada shuts him asking kyra to speak up. bebo eyes them from inside the room. narmada asks her to explain this contract marriage, while vihaan is frustrated. bebo thinks that now, they shall noy let kyra stay here as she shall break every dream of hers, if she breaks hers of getting the property. priyanka adds that whatever they thought about this girl was true. They are apalled. priyanka cites her as oppurtunist, who used vihaan for getting the property. narmada goes in and gets kyra’s bags saying that now she cant stay here, as they have taken this unanimous decision, and hence he shouldnt interfere, and asks her to leave. granny tries to speak, bu priyanka says that they all consent to this. Kyra says that she knows he would never tell her to go from this house, and looks expectantly at him, while he remains stern and goes inside. Kyra is shocked, while narmada taunts her that she got her answer. and asks if she understood and then asks her to get lost. Kyra is apalled, while granny is shocked. mini stands distressed. Kyra picks her stuff, while granny asks her not to. She turns around to leave, when vihaan’s voice asks her to stop. she along with the mothers turns around shocked, to find him ready to leave too with her. they are shocked and asks whats he doing and why. he says that if she is at fault, then he too is, and if they hold her guilty, then he is too. He says that if they feel that keeping them ignorant of this kind of marriage, was a mistake, then he too is equally guilty, and hence he has decided that her shall leave with her and the kids. Bebo is shocked, while others are surprised. kyra asks whats he doing as he doesnt need to. he says that he doesnt wish to listen to anything else, as he has to leave for her. Narmada asks why is he trusting her, and that she has just used him, and all wrongs have been happening since she came. he gets frustrated and screams that she did use him, but he reciprocated too, and then tells them all about the contract marriage, and narmada’s treatment, hearing which granny is apalled and others are shocked. he says that he let it happen due to her. Narmada is stunned, while mini says that this is where the money came from. Kyra is in tears. He says that he could save her due to kyra, and the girl who she is trying to throw out, is the one who saved her life, then and today too, and still she is against her. narmada is speechless. granny says that she knew about this before, and they arte shocked to know this too. priyanka asks how could she allow despite knowing it. narmada says that she understands his needs, but she too had a need, and hence didnt do any charity. he asks what charity is she talking about, as there are lots of guys who would have married her for monbut she chose him, the man who is a widower and has two kids. He says that she has done a favour on them. granny says that she left her home and comforts to live with them as a family, and served as a beautiful mother for the children and they all have seen what lengths she has gone to, which she neednt. he says that he shall finish this contract till the end. Kyra is boggled to think that he is only ndoing so, to finish the contract with her. the screen freezes on her boggled face.

Precap: Kyra asks if he is doing all this merely for the contract marriage and if he took the decision of leaving the house, his family and his life, merely for their deal. he is puzzled and asks what other reason could there have been as they have been very clear. She agrees, and he leaves. she wonders how to tell him, that she loves him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Yes we miss Arushi, but Kyra is not bad girl and she is a very good girl, not like those bad upbringing chaps whose father or granny has spoiled.

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