Satrangi Sasural 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kaira going to Daadi maa’s room to see if Daadi maa has birth mark on her leg. Daadi maa asks if she came to spy on her. Kaira says she came to massage her legs. Daadi asks her to massage only her fingers and switch off bed light. Kaira massages fingers and tries to check mobile’s call data. Daadi maa catches her and says she will get punishment and takes her to hall where all ladies are waiting for Kaira. She punishes Kaira that she will prepare food today and nobody will help her. Tai maa says oldie will punish Kaira more if they comment. Chachi maa asks why is she calling maa as oldie. Tai maa says she calling imposter and not maa. Kaira tells ladies that she noted down mobile number from Daadi maa’s mobile and will find out location via

her friend.

Kaira sits in kitchen to prepare food. Daadi maa comes and gives her lits of dishes and asks to prepare her and others’ dishes separately. Once she leaves, Kaira asks Chachi maa to take her place and goes to meet her friend. Her friend says number’s location is in same area and gives address.

Chachi maa thinks of checking daadi maa’s birth mark and tries to check her leg in lieu of groomig floor. Daadi scolds her. She then goes to kitchen where maa is sitting in place of Kaira and scolds why is she spreading so much smoke.

Kaira reaches address and gets into home where she finds an old lady (Vasundhara) who says she is a cleaner and came to clean home, but nobody stays here since 10 years. Kaira asks then what is she doing here. Vasundhara says she gets paid to clean this house, but don’t know who pays her. Once Kaira leaves, she removes her wig and make up and fumes that Kaira did mistake by being oversmart. She then calls Daadi and daadi gets tensed seeing her number.

Daadi repeatedly calls Kaira to serve food. Chachi maa in white clothes and wearing veil over face takes food. Maasi then brings food next. Daadi sees 2 Kaira and get suspicious. Kaira comes back home. Tai maa scolds her to go and serve food to Daadi maa first. Kaira changes clothes and takes food and gets tensed seeing 2 plates already. Daadi sees one more white clothed lady and asks to come in front and asks what game they are planning. Kaira says she broke rule and is ready to accept her punishment. Daadi says they will get punishment and says they should pack all their clothes in bags as they will not wear colorful dresses.

Precap: Daadi sells all family members’ clothes for throw away price in market. They all get angry see their clothes being sold.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Today epi was little funny I watched last part of the show. Hasan mam thnx what happened to rimjhim?

    1. H Hasan

      Welcome, and no clue about the other updater.

      1. Mam u r awsm updater too fast especially swaragini updates haan love u dear BTW wt does ‘H’ in ur name stands for?

  2. After so many days I am getting a fast update…. Thank u Hasan and I think u r confused about the characters
    I will brief u
    Vasundra /Mayavini Ma
    Farida jalal is Dadi ma
    then Chachi Maa is Harpreet
    and Maa is Narmada
    and Tai Maa is Geeta
    and Masi maa is Neelima
    and the other 2 mom’s m also confused about their names
    and Vihaan ‘ s kinds name are Arhaan and Aru
    and can u tell me Hasan that the new male lead has entered the show or not coz u have not updated Monday’s episode

  3. satrangi sasural is no more satrangi. Arushi die n nw vihaan als. The episod is vry gd wen arushi there. Bt aftr tht totaly crap n worst. Watever! Even satrangi sasural seperate arushi vihaan but they get engaged in real life. May this couple lead hapy married life. Best of luck aru n vihaan, ravish n mughda.

  4. Boring

  5. I don’t understand what’s going on anymore, I am totally lost. Writers what r u doing to the show please show some good stuff now.

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