Satrangi Sasural 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Priyanka is about to eat the peanut butter snack. She gets a call, demanding for arushi for a meeting urgently in US. But priyanka tells them that arushi is on leave. They ask for a replacement and she suggests vihaan’s name. Priyanka says that she shall get vihaan’s tickets booked, and then send him an itinerary. she cancels the call and gets to thinking.

All are excitedly packing up for vihaan and arushi. Mini notices a bag kept aside, and asks whats filled in it. Arusdhi and vihaan immediately try to cover up, saying that its nothing. They are boggled. They go to see whats in that bag, but vihaan rushes saying that its personal stuff. mini asks him not to be formal, and finds that its western skimpy outfits. all are amused

and shocked. Mini teases them. Arushi says that vihaan got it for her, while he says that she wanted. granny asks them not to embarass vihaan and arushi. Priyanka comes and apologises saying that he shall have to cancel the honeymoon trip, as he has to leave for UK tomorrow itself. All are shocked. Granny asks how can she do this, as the meeting was decided long back. Priyanka says that they wanted vihaan, and being important, this cant be delayed. Geeta asks her to postpone the meeting. but all are shocked and sad when they get to know that it cant be delayed. Priyanka tells that they dont realise how important business is. harpreet comments that even she doesnt know how important a honeymoon is, since she doesnt know it herself. Priyanka is hurt, and arushi asks harpreet to stop. Arushi asks her not to bother, as it must have been very important, hence priyanka couldnt refuse. Priyanka apologises and thinks that if she isnt happy, shecant see anyone else happy too.

The next morning, everyone sees vihaan goodbye for his US trip. Vihaan says that he also wants them all to takle care of arushi, so that she doesnt feel lonely at all. harpreet says that he would be back in a couple of months. They all wish him a tearful farewell. Arushi takes vihaan in the room and then hugs him, very tearful that she is not going to be seeing him for so long. He teases her and finally ends in cheering her. they click a selfie together.

scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
Jhanvi is packing her bags, remembering about girish’s job offer. girish comes and asks her becoming possessive as to why is she leaving. she says that she doesnt need to answer him. kasturi comes and demands too to know the reason. But jhanvi hesitates. Later, she comes down to find girish and kasturi in tears, talking about how much they are hurt that jhanvi is leaving wothout explanation. she rushes to them, saying that they neednt cry, as she wont go anywhere. they both break into a guffaw as they reveal that the eyes are watery as kasturi is peeling onions. they have a good laugh.

The next morning, Girish and Jahanvi collide into each other, and she reprimands him and goes upto her room. girish is lost, while kasturi comes and asks whats the matter. he excuses himself and goes. She turns to Dadaji and talks about how it isnt very simple, having a young boy and girl live under the same roof. She says that she would find out today everything about jhanvi’s background.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
the next morning, mini is all dressed, for raunak to arrive, but he doesnt come. They ask whats the matter. she says that she doesnt see anyone exercising. They say that he hasnt come and neither has he called. she gets tensed. then she calls him up, who cockily gloats that he knew she would call, as she must have been missing him baadly. She asks him to cut the nonsense, and meet her at the coffee shop in fifteen minutes sharp. He complies amusedly. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: arushi and priyanka are out in thecar, while priyanka is driving. she loses control and hits a woman, and then jams the car in a tree. arushi’s head hits the bonnet.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Pryanka is such an evil witch.She is trying to kill Arushi. I think she will put the blame on Arushi or Arushiwill lose her memory .Arushi will then forget who Vihaan is.

  2. Don’t know what wrong priyanka it like she is mentally ill she really need help
    Don’t know what arushi ever done to her for her to hate her like that poor arushi don’t know nothing about her past life and still this priyanka a blame her for nothing she is trying to ruin arushi happiness n married life
    Well in the precap i think arushi will take the blame for the accident despite knowing priyanka is at fault

  3. what is wrong with prianka all this hate and jealously for nothing she is a grown woman now she has lived her life if it did not turn out the way it should that is not arushis fault why blame her by trying to destroy her happiness with Vihaan prianka is doing any and everything to stop arushi and Vihaan from going on their honeymoon she is playing with their happiness just because she is a sad old foagy now she cannot stand to see this beautiful young couple with so much happiness anyway I hope Vihaan could find out what she did and from now on do not let prianka mini geeta harpreet or granny dictate their lives don’t matter how much respect you have for them their is a limit to everything

  4. Lvely episode.

  5. Read somewhere that arushi will end up in jail and as it was the weekend no bail could’ve been posted

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