Satrangi Sasural 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
vihaan agrees to go to mumbai with arushi, and vibha is about to throw the food with disgust, when she gets to know that they shall go after three days. she is relieved that she would have sometime now.

At the dining table, all wonder where the passport went. vibha is scared, while all are tensed. Vihaan starts coughing, but before anyone can react, vibha immediately pours out water with concern, and seeing her tensed like this, arushi asks her to relax, as its nothing major. Vibha says she shall call the doctor and blames herself for putting chillies in the food. Vihaan says that its okay, as he is alright.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s and vihaan’s residence
Some goons walk in, and enter straight inside

the house. Jhanvi asks them who are they and how they walked in. she is shocked when jagjeet walks in angrily, and confronts her. she fumbles, while he says that she ran enough, and now its time for her to resrt. she asks why she came here. he says that she should pakc her bags and come along. She is scared and locks herself inside the room. One man holds mili from screaming.

Meanwhile, Arushi gets kasturi’s call, and tells her about her passport missing. they are tensed too. girish walks in and finds jagjeet and his men. kasturi too sees them, with jhanvi. Arushi asks why the line went dead. girish confronts them why they are doing all this. Arushi hears all this, and then the phone gets disconnected. Arushi is extremely tensed, and she along with vihaan rush to see whats the matter. vibha is tensed, wondering what kind of a wife she is, that cant let her husband finish his food too, that she specially made for him.

Girish confronts jagjeet who says that they can do anything, while girish says that he is the would be husband. kasturi asks why wasnt she told before. Jagjeet asks girish to forget this. Girish says that this shall happen. jagjeet asks how much he knows jhanvi. girish gets tensed, and says that he doesnt want to talk to him. jagjeet says that he doesnt want to fight, and asks jhanvi to get her bags. arushi comes in saying that jhanvi wont go anywhere. jagjeet turns around to find himself confronted with vihaan and arushi. Vihaan warns that the police shall be informed if they dont leave rightaway. His men threaten but jagjeet stops them. jagjeet clarifies that jhanvi is his sister and he shall take her. Vihaan tells them that they both are legally eligible to marry and instead he gives them ample time, and in fact asks them to be a part of their celebration. jagjeet leaves after having threatened that he would be back and this time with the father, jahnvi is scared. All are upset. kasturi thanks them proufsely for coming. girish asks what to do now. Arushi comforts them saying that once the marriage is done, everything shall calm down. vihaan says that his marriage shall be in two days. kasturi is tensed. vihaan takes it on themselves that they shall organise everything, and that too with all the rituals. Jhanvi finally speaks up saying that she cant marry, surprising everyone. Vihaan asks why. she says that she doesnt want to cause problems to them. vihaan smiles and asks if they arent powerful, assures her that nothing wrong would happen, alogn with arushi. Arushi comforts all of them. Vihaan then calls up at his house, for girish’s marriage and asks them to be ready for the functions. Granny asks them all to be ready. harpreet asks vibha to be ready too. Vibha says that she doesnt have any work there. but granny insists, saying that they shall send a car to pick her up. Vibha starts thinking that she really is a member of the family, and that if they are actually rerlated, if she becomes the bahu of the house, they would pamper her.

Arushi and vihaan are busy preparing for the rituals, as they set the entire house. Kasturi comes and says that she is scared at the haste. But arushi assures her yet again, along with vihaan. Granny and others come in too, greeting kasturi, who seems tensed. she clarifies that had her husband been here it would have been nice. harpreet and other ladies assure that they are better off right now, and asks her to be in the strong woman category like them. The haldi ceremony begins. Someone informs jagjeet about it, who is furious in front of his father, that he shall not let this marriage happen. but his father asks him to stay firm, as they still have two days, and now he shall do what needs to be done. he stands stoical.

Meanwhile, vihaan tightens up the security around the house. he comes inside tensed and arushi asks him whats the matter. he says that he has a headache, this being a ladies’ function, he shall go home. geeta agrees too. vihaan leaves. arushi is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Manohar eyes vibha tersely, when vibha coems out, and he is unable to take his eyes off her, and compliments her when she asks what and why is he staring at. she says that she would like to sit in the backseat, and manohra happily complies. Just then, vihaan’s car pulls in. they are surprised to see him coming out. As manohar is ready with vibha to leave for the venue, vohaan coems in clutching his head. Manohar asks vihaan why is he here as he was at girish’s residence. he tells about the terrible headache, and goes inside. Vibha thinks that in this condition, she cant leave vihaan and go. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan asks vibha whats she still doing here. Vibha says that she couldnt go seeing him like this. She says that he shall get Haldi Milk for him. She mixes one sedative and then decides that it not being enough, she thinks that she should put 2, 3 tablets, and does so. Both of them dose off. when arushi returns, she finds vihaan sleeping heavily on the bed, while vibha sleeping on the floor, by his bedside. she is startled to see this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what is wrong with vibha that is another crazy one again the usual scene in all the serials just now she will start to use her black magic too why on earth is she stalking arushis husband why doesn’t, she go find a single man for herself I hope something happens to vhaann and let the mothers and arushi see that that vibha is a wolf in sheeps clothing and that she is playing tricks on them and just maybe she has over dosed Vihaan with those tablets it is a wonder she did not lie beside him well that would have been chaos LOL

  2. what the hell is going on in this show it pure crap thing dont figure to them that when vibha enter the house things are not ryt they need to speed up this damn show or just end it nothing good is not going out of this show only crap

  3. Vibha what’s wrong wid u yr enough

  4. what I find what stupid when Vihaan and arushi saw vibha burning something could and right after arushis passport was missing could they not think to look in the fire and actually see what was burning even with the magazine arushi could have seen that something was up and all these strange things that are taking place and Vihaan is arushis husband yet she vibha show so much interest in him man if that was me I would have pelt her ass flying so fast straight into oblivion she would have want to know what hit her arushi needs to sit down and think back when all these strange things start happening and when she put two and two together she must arrive at four there you go arushi

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