Satrangi Sasural 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kyra wakes up and starts clapping, shocking mili completely, as she is boggled and stunned to react, while she confronts mili, as others lie on the ground. she tells her that she saw her tampering with the ghee, and hence got everyone together, and after much deliberation, she managed to give them the antidote to the chemical, that would keep them safe, and also expose mili and her evil plan. vihaan meanwhile hears this tensedly, when she was prewarning the family of mili’s plans, while harpreet and narmada refuse to believe, but under familial pressure, they finally give in. she says that she finally got the real mili out in front of everyone, and broke her belief, that she could get away with ruining her family, and shw ould be a mute spectator. Mili is shocked. kyra then asks them all

to get6 up, as they need to stop this acting now, since mili is already exposed. but they dont, and she is aghast, as she tries to get everyone to wake up, but noone of them responds. she screams out. She then grabs mili and asks what she did, while she smiles evilly. mili says that she had already told her that she would never be able to overplay her, and that she would always be one step ahead. Kyra says that sxhe shall kill her. mili asks her to focus on saving her family first. Kyra turns to them, apalled, and asks them to wake up, but they dont. Mili smiles, while kyra continues to run around berserk, refusing to believe that her family is dead. No one comes to help. then she calls for the ambulance, and mili eyes her evilly, smikring behind her.

Kyra tries to get info from the nurse, but she says that she cant say anything right now, while kyra keeps screaming for some info on her family, as they are inside the ICU. mili comes and mocks her, saying that she can feel the same pain, that she felt when her family was dying. kyra says that she shall report mili to the police. mili asks her to go ahead, as she is the one who gave poisonous tablets, and they arent dying because of any toxic fumes. Kyra is shocked to hear this. mili says that she saw her looking at her while she was mixing the chemicals, and hence she changed the antidote that she had hideen in the kitchen and hence she herself poisoned her own family. kyra is aghast, saying that this cant be. Mili asks her to accept the truth as it is. She says that she had always told that she cant outsmart her at any cost, and she failed yet again. Kyra is aghast, but keeps her presence of mind, and behind her back, she turns the audio recorder on in her app, so that whatever mili says is recorded, and she is sure to take her revenge from mili. The docto]r comes and tells mili, that they were poisoned, and the poison has been taken out, but its a police case, and mili has already informed the police of kyra trying to kill her family. kyra vehemently protests, and wishes to meet her family, but is denied, and taken outside, in the custody of the nurses. In this, obliviously her phone falls on the floor. She turns to the temple, built inside, and prays to the goddess, asking if she knows the truth, why did she let this happen to her. she says that she wont budge from here, till she gets her family back from the lords. The screen freezes on her apalled face.

Precap: The next day, as all sit in granny’s ward, while she is on the bed, kyra comes and lunges at mili’s throat, swearing to kill her, while all are shocked and tensed. She is stopped by vihaan who asks her to keep her hands off mili. mili smirks. Kyra says that she has a proof to support what she is saying.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. this drama needs to come to an end asap…its been going on for toooooo long.

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    hey readers so sorry to disappoint you….was dealing with some issues, hence the delay in update….hopefully all shall be smooth sailing from now on….thanks for bearing till now, particularly, devyani, who I heartily apologise. Enjoy reading…dere wont be problems from hereon….

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