Satrangi Sasural 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’ s residence
All of maayavini’s magic goes in vain, as it all shatters down. she curses Mili who betrayed her and her black magic went in vain, and even after nurturing her, and giving her a life and identity, she proved to be a failure, and made her year long effort go in vain. Mili is taken by everyone, while all are concerned for her, and made to lie down. When she wakes up, mili is slapped tight by kyra across her face, asking if she hates them all so much, that she is willing to put her own life at risk. all are shocked. kyra tells how she thinks wrong, that the whole family is against her, and that all are wrong and she is right. she says that they feel bad seeing her like this, being arushi’s sister. then kyra goes on an emotional

rant and journey regarding the family’s connection and attachment to arushi, and how much they loved her, and hence they cared for her sister too. She says that she knows the torture and pain the family and vihaan went through after losing arushi, and that she is lucky that she got some of his love, and that she isnt jealous that he still loves arushi. She says that she didnt hit her out of anger, but because arushi would have done the same, and that she is like an elder sister to her, and that there is no solution to misunderstanding but she has one. Mili gets emotional and teary eyed. Kyra then gives her arushi’s diary, going throuh the pages of which, mili gets overwhelmed with emotions remmebering her. the mothers get emotional too. As she is unable to speak anymore, vihaan speaks about the rest as to how concerned arushi was for the well being of mili. the mothers get teary eyed too. He says that she forced him to read it out to her. she folds her hands and apologises profusely to each and everyone of them, while kyra hugs and composes her.

the next morning, the entire family sits happily with morning tea and breakfast. vihaan comes in chirpily, and rushedly eats food and then goes out, when kyra forces him to have food. the mothers are amused and tease him about being in his wife’s control. kyra serves them all and says that she waits for mili. harpreet says that she isnt able to trust her completely still. granny complies with her, but then says that she agrees with kyra as by trusting, trust grows. But then they decide to get ahead smoothly. Mili comes ad kyra offers her breakfast. Mili comes and again apologises to them all, while they are all tensed. Kyra asks her to forget it all. mili says that what she did was unforgivable. granny says that she was under someone’s influence. mili says that she is distraught thinking that she did them all. Mili says that she feels that she should go. The mothers are tensed. Kyra turns to her and says that she agrees with her, and that she should go. vihaan and others are shocked. kyra say that they should comply to mili’s request. she then tells mili that she shall help them in packing. All are boggled, as kyra takes mili inside.

In the room, kyra gets everything packed, in severak bags, while mili says that she wont need as many bags. kyra says that she would. Mili is boggled. she then says that she would need the remaining bags, for the love of every member of the family. mili gets emotional and teary eyed. Kyra gets choked with tears too, and mili hugs her. They both are overwhelmed and cry it out. Vihaan comes in and finds that kyra has managed to get mili to stay back, as noone leaves their family, and also assures her that everything shall be okay. he comes in saying that nothing shall be fine, as its shall be more than fine, and very good. They both excitedly banter, while vihaan hugs mili, and says that the house is equally hers too. All smile through their tears. mili says that she came to seek arushi’s revenge, which she couldnt, but found arushi instead. vihaan says that she shall now lead them to the mastermind who got her to do all this. mili agrees. they both rush out to tell others. vihan hugs kyra in the doorway, and praises her for her efforts, and romances her, while she too cajolingly joins in. They have a good time. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: while climbing down the stairs of the temple, Kyra gets dizzy and falls and is just composed, by a lady in black saree, who holds her just in time, to prevent her from hitting her head. kyra is shocked to see that lady.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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