Satrangi Sasural 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As the qualifying rounds begin, harpreet gets impatient on not getting a partner, while vihaan wonders where arushi is. soon she finally arrives, and he is relieved. She pretends to talk to rosy, that she specialises in Indian Punjabi cuisine. Harpreet gets interested and takes on her as a partner. their chance begins. Arushi keeps making one blunder after the other, in cokking, and sarthi, vihaan and rosy watch impatiently. Finally, she catches on. Arushi is relieved. After the dish is prepared, harpreet notices that arushi did the garnishing wrong, and when she tries to rectify it, she finds that her time is up. She is angry at arushi. harpreet tensedly gives the dish to the judge, who tastes it, while all wait with bated breaths. the

judge reprimands her that there’s an onion peel, which is sheer negligence, and leaves having disqualified them. harpreet fumes. Arushi apologises, and harpreet asks why did she lie then, as her efforts went in vain, due to her carelessness and naivety. arushi is hurt, while vihaan, rosy and sarthi are tensed. harpreet comments that doomed shall be the house, where she goes. She leaves, while arushi stands dejected. Arushi thinks that she wont be able to impress the seven mother in laws. She too leaves, but vihaan stops her saying that its okay. She apologies for losing, as she had told this earlier too. He says that there’s just one way, as they would have to run away then. she denies, and asks how can she separate him from his mothers, and he asks what to do then. He says that he wants to marry her, but she doesnt want to face the challenges. she tells about two mothers rejecting her, then how will they all agree. she thinks that she wont be able to manage. He is tensed. He asks her to try so hard, that life gives her anmother chance and keep her hope alive, and do this for them, and not for her or him. He sks her not to be disappointed and ensure that they shall get married with their elders’ blessings and they shall keep trying for that. He says that they have to set a role model for all the youngsters falling in love, that family is paramount. she promies him and complies.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Harpreet keeps criticising arushi, while vihaan says that she tried her best, and that only humans make mistake, and asks her to remember how she started her cooking days, making mistakes. She says that she lied too, and she wont be able to forget it. Vihaan is extremely tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence and Vihaan’s residence
While prahlad and girish are going out, stealing the tv, to sell it, they are shocked to find dadaji, standing in the way, asking them to put it back, and not try anything smart. They resignedly comply. they start thinking of ideas, and soon decide that only arushi can save them, and decide to get a rich man for her as a groom, so that they can mint money.

Meanwhile, Geeta finds harpreet busy on the phone, trying to find Vihaan a suitable match. Geeta takes the phone and leaves, and decides that she would have to arrange vihaan’s meet with arushi soon, so that she can present her as the prospective bahu. she calls on arushi’s number. The phone rings, and finally, arushi’s father picks it up, asking her who is this. She is surprised to hear a male voice. geeta identifies the voice, and says that he seems familiar. just then, arushi comes and takes the phone, and after cleaning, while she cleans the phone, geeta says that she is interested in her son’s marriage with his daughter, if he is the father. Due to weak netwrok, the phone gets disconnected, and arushi asks her father why did he pick it up anyways. Her mother comes to go to the temple. they both leave.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
On the road, as they are going, mini notices the thief stealing arushi’s purse and running away. she chases after him, while arushi is after her. Mini threatens him. He runs away. Mini catches the purse. Arushi thanks her, but she asks her to shut up too. Mini deems her as careless. Arushi says that its not her carelessness, as snatchers are trained for this. mini says that they try it on careless women like her only, and asks her to be strong, and not let the world take advantage of her. arushi stands tensed, while mini is angry. Her mother too comes and sees them both. mini leaves. Arushi still wonders how can Mini behave with another woman so rudely.

Scene 5:
Location: Temple
Arushi and her mother arrive at the temple. Her mother leaves to go to inside. geeta notices arushi and comes to her. Arushi smiles. geeta says that she wanted to say something. Geeta shows arushi, vihaan’s pic, and identifies him as the owner of Vatsala Brand, and then asks her if she shall marry him. Arushi smiles at the irnony of it, overwhelmed. Geeta says that there’s no better girl than her for their house, as that one incident told her everything, and that day she had decided that she shall marry vihaan with her. She asks her to meet vihaan first, then they shall talk to the families. Arushi smiles and complies. Geeta blesses her. Her mother sees them both and smiles. Arushi is super excited, as geeta leaves. her mother thanks the lord, that arushi shall be very happy in vihaan’s house, and that arushi’s destiny is bound to be forever happy. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Priyanks reprimands arushi, asking how can she be so callous, that she is taking a video of a woman getting beaten, and for what, so that the video goes viral on facebook, and she gets immense likes and comments. She reprimands arushi for her insensitivity, and how this is the problem with their generation. Arushi stands tensed. Nilima later, goes to IDBI bank, and says that she is a customer here, and she wants this work done right away. Arushi says that she has an urgent pre-disposition that she needs to take care of, even though she understands her urgency. she leaves. Nilima asks the manager how can they do this. She asks the manager to either suspend the girl in this bank, or else she shall close the account rightaway.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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