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Satrangi Sasural 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hauz Khas Village and Undisclosed Location
Kyra frantically searches for vihaan, screaming his name, and then is shocked as she finds the blood trail, leading out of the jungle. she is boggled but follows it nevertheless. She reaches the same place where vihaan had woken up, and is shocked to see those pics on the walls. Just then, someone locks her from outside, while she begs to be let go. she gets berserk and starts tearing the papers, splashed on the alls, conatining intimate pics of vihaan with the red dupatta clad girl. She says that this cant be, as she knows vihaan has been framed in this fabricated plan mastered by the red dupatta clad girl. she says that she trusts vihaan and she cant think that this shall spoil her relationship by this cheap trick. She

tears them all saying that its all a lie, and collapses on the floor, breaking into tears, and begs the red dupatta girl to let them be, as they havent caused her any harm, and stop interfering in their marital lives. she is apalled. Meanwhile. the red dupatta girl comes and stands right in front of her, seeing whom kyra is shocked, but is unable to see her face hidden behind the dupatta, and begs her to reveal herself or tell where is vihaan. she shows kyra a hammer, seeing which kyra is shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Meanwhile, vihaan wakes up in his bed with a heavy hangover, and when he sees his family in front of them, he wakes up with a startle. he asks how he reached here and who brought. Narmada asks him to lie as he isnt well. he asks about kyra, and they are tensed. he searches around and asks again, when granny says that they have no clue, as she went to search for him. Geeta tells that they went out to search, for him, and when they came back, they found the door open, and him on the bed. He is tensed. Mini wonders who is behind this. Vihaan says that the mysterious girl is behind this, shocking them. He says that she caused him harm, and abducted kyra too, and that she is dangerous, and kyra is at risk, and rushes to save her. but they hold him back. Mini says that he cant go, as he is very sick. He says that he cant let kyra’s life be at risk. he emphasises that he has to save kyra, as the mysterious lady can do anything. he says that he has lost arushi, but cant lose his kids’ mother, and cant take her away from them. They are tensed. he begs them to understand and then is determined and goes out, despite their protests.

Scene 3:
Location: Hauz khas Village
Vihaan arrives in the jungle, with the police, screaming for kyra, and then shows the place to the police, where he got hurt, and where kyra must have come too. His voice echoes. he then tells the police that he shall take them to the place where he was captive, when he arrives, he finds it all renovated and the entire look changed, with people working on it. he is shocked to see it. They say that they are working here for the past week. he gets angry and grabs him by the collar, asking how is he lying and how has sent them, and accuses the red dupatta girl behind this all. the police refuses to believe the story, without solid evidence, while vehemently he says that he can feel his presence here, and there is some mystery which isnt explaninable and begs them to find out. he collapses against a wall. Kyra lies just on the opposite end of the wall, gagged and tied up, trying desperately to make her presence be felt, but in vain. he starts crying. Then they leave.

meanwhile, kyra wonders how to get out of here, and begs the lord to give her the strength and power to fight this, and that her good luck cant topple over like this, and begs to be shown a way. She looks down and finds a ruler like thing that she tries grabs by her feet and is finally able to, and with much great difficulty, she slids it up to where her hands can reach it, and she takes it in the hand, and tries to cut off her ropes somehow to get free. With her hands freed, she begs the lord to show her the next step.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The priest comes and tells them that tonight is some strategic star position, and he has to marry in that itself, or else arushi’s spirit shall keep wandering. they are all shocked and tensed. geeta says that kyra is nowhere to be found. the priest is shocked and asks where is she, as her presence is paramount. narmada asks him to suggest an alternative. he says that he has a way out. They hear tensedly. Vihaan is shocked as he hears the solution, that the priest asks him to marry Mili, as she is his sister in law. the priest says that this is the only way. he refuses to marry her at all costs, as she is arushi’s sister. The mothers are tensed. He says that she was a child when he married arushi, and is adamant that he wont do this. he walks off from there. granny is tensed. Narmada says that the priest isnt wrong, and they both vehemently protest that this is the right way, and that destiny shall take its course. mili hears this from a distance tensedly and then leaves. Nilima asks them to think about this atleast, as they cant do this to arushi’s soul. Narmada, harpreet and nilima agree on this, that mili is the rightful choice, and they can save kyra too in a similar manner. granny and geeta stand tensed. when they suggest this to vihaan, he asks them to stop this nonsense, while they try to show him the practicality of the decision, and that its his responsibility towards arushi, and asks if she nomore holds any importance in his life. he gets frustrated. harpreet asks what should they do then. narmada too comes and says that he fulfilled all duties towards kyra efficiently, but still she isnt founf. he asks should they forget her then. narmada hopes that she is fine, but right now, he should think about arushi’s soul being free, which wont happen if he doesnt agree. He is tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Undisclosed location
As she creates a small hole, kyra begs when the door opens, that whoeever it is, please help her get out, as she is suffocating badly inside, and screams so that she can be heard. but she is shocked when the red dupatta girl comes in. The girl tells kyra that she is here and her destiny being decided there. kyra asks why is she after her, and her family and screams at her to be taken out. As kyra is locked behind a brick wall, with a small opening, begging to be left, the red dupatta clad girl, places a chemical jar, containing poisonous chemical, and tells kyra that soon she would be dead due to inhaling it, and she shall go and take her place with vihaan at the altar. Kyra is aghast. She turns around and finally reveals her face, which is Mili. the screen freezes on her, kyra’s and vihaan’s tensed face.

Precap: As kyra continues to drill holes into the wall, desperately trying to set herself free, she is oblivious that vihaan is marrying mili at the altar. He however thinks that he is sure that kyra shall come before this marriage complies. He takes the pheras in tension, while mili smiles, as the marriage appriaches culmination.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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