Satrangi Sasural 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s and arushi’s residence
Granny says that what happendd shouldnt have, but her presence is needed here. Kasturi says that she doesnt want to anger nilima, while granny tells vihaan that he shall go to impress nilima. he happily accepts and leaves to get nilima down, while granny asks her to be a part of this happy celebration. Arushi assures that they both are here to impress Nilima.

In the room, nilima is frustrated at what happened down, when she hears a voice coming from the bathroom, where gautam is hiding stealthily, with a rose clutched in his hand, nervous and scared. before she can open the door, vihaan comes in and apologises profusely, saying that he didnt mean tohurt her intentionally, and begs for apology. she says that its not

that she doesnt like the gift, but what happened at her own party, was humiliating. he accepts his mistake and his ignorance too, that kasturi wore it. He asks her to come down as all await her. Gautam hears intently. Vihaan sits in front of her, and asks her to beat him like she used to, with a stick on his hand. She is amused and hugs him. he apologises, and asks her to come down as all are awaiting her and she has changed too. he also tells her that the biggest gift awaits for her downstairs, and she gets excited and leaves with him. gautam meanwhile, thinks that come what may, he shall feed her the cake, at any cost, as his rightful gesture. he comes out stealthily, and then moves out. In the hallway, nilima remembers she forgot her phone, and goes back towards her room, oblivious that gautam is coming. just as she opens the gate, she hears vihaan calling her that her phone is downstairs only, and gautam ducks in time. nilima closes and goes down. gautam sees her through the door slightly ajar, and once she leaves, he too moves out. Once Nilima comes down, all ask for the cake. Arushi gets it, and when she opens it, its Pineapple Cake, while all stand boggled and shocked, whereas arushi is boggled, as to how the pineapple cake came instead of Chocolate cake, while nilima says that she is allergic to pineapple. priyanka doesnt tell arushi about the phone call, and blames her for her carelessness. Arushi calls the cake bakery, and speaks on the speaker phone, and the person says that some woman picked up and ordered for anything else thats available. granny asks her to cancel the phone and then asks who picked up. All stand silent. she asks the maid if she talked to the cake bakery, and she denies. priyanka is tensed. Arushi says that she doesnt feel its the maid. she blames it on the bakery person. She rushes to order another cake, but nilima says that its a bad day as it is, and hence should let it be. nilima says that either it is, or someone is deliberately trying to. Granny asks her to let be. Arushi reminds her that its her special day only and tries to arrange for a cake. priyanka asks her to let be, as she had already told harpreet to prepare a chocolate cake for Nilima. All are happy. the maid gets harpreet’s cake then, and Nilima is happy. Nilima cuts it and feeds vihaan, after which the lights go off, and while all are tensed, Gautam springs behind Nilima, and feeds her, while she happily asks who is it, and that they should have waited for the lights to come back. he congratulates nilima, and she recognises the voice, and turns around to face him, while he gives her the rose, and says that its for her. when the lights come back on, she is shocked and boggled, as she turns around but gautam is gone by then. All ask why is she so frightened, and they are tensed. Vihaan teases her for being scared of the darkness. he then distracts her saying that the special surprise’s turn has finally come. she is tensed still. he blindfolds hr, much to their amusement, and taking her hand, he leads her outside, and others follow. Everyone notices that its a new car, while happy for Nilima when she finds out. vihaan asks her to take the blindfold off at the count of three, and when she does, she is ecstatic to see her new car, and applauds him for this wonderful surprise gift. They all comment what a nice son vihaan is. Priyanka taunts arushi by not inviting her for the pic, and asking the maid to take them. They take pictures of the entire family with the car in the background. Nilima sees the pictures together along with others, when she zooms in on one pic, and finds that its gautam in hiding, and asks who is it. vihaan says that it must be an outsider, who came in the frame co-incidentally. She is shocked and furious. Nilima rushes and comes inside shocked and dazed. All come inside, and then ask her whats the matter. Nilima says that this is gautam and they are all tensed and boggled. Grany asks who she just talked about. nilima says that its the same person, while all are tensed, as she starts ranting that he is back. Vihaan and others try to calm her down, that this must be her hallucination, but she is territied. Vihaan says that he shall go and search for him. gautam comes in saying that he neednt be searched. the entire family confronts him, while all are shocked. The screen freezes on nilima’s scared face.

Precap: Gautam and vihaan enter into a scuffle, and then gautam finds a broken glass bottle, and holds it against arushi’s throat, much to their horror. vihaan angrily asks him to let go of his wife. gautam says that he wont leave arushi, till he bares out his heart. all are shocked and tensed, while nilima and vihaan are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nilima your day has come .let us see your reaction to a love of your life back in action.

  2. These mothers especially Priyanka and Babita aka Mini they left no stone unturned to trouble poor Aarushi and they keep insulting Aarushi’s Mom these mothers need to be cut down to size typical attitude of most rich ppl… If i was Aarushi Vihaan would divorce my a**a long time ago cause i would give each a fitting reply they even try to push her out of the family photo they are so damn petty

  3. Nice…lets view nilima’s reaction!!!

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