Satrangi Sasural 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s and Mamaji’s residence
When the mothers set up their room, for the wedding night, dolly comes and teases them, while they say that they have to accept the fate. She then thinks that she shall expose this contract marriage effectively. She stealthily places an idol on the table and remembers how mamaji had given her a camera hidden in an idol of laughing buddha and asks her to place it in their room anyhow, when vihaan and kyra decide to live together. She hastily leaves, and then calls mamaji saying that she did her work, and he says that he shall send the money. she says that she needs their marriage to fall apart rather than the money. He cancels the call. Dolly thinks that now kyra shall leave the house. she says that she needs a handsome

and intelligent woman like vihaan for her daughter. bebo hears this and decides to alert kyra and calls her, but doesnt get through. She is tensed. she wonders how to tell her. She goes to the house, and harpreet opens the door, and when she says that she has to see kyra rightaweya, harpreet slams the door on her face saying that she should come tomorrow as its getting late and all are asleep. bebo fumes at harpreet and hopes and prays that nothing goes wrong, and kyra behaves mature.

Later in the night, kyra enters and finds the romantic setup, and is shocked. vihaan enters and closes the door. she asks why is he here and he says that its his room. she asks if he sleeps with flowers on the bed. she starts reprimanding him for this and asks whats his intention. Kyra and vihaan start squabbling and arguing, while she asks him not to dare come close to her, and he asks angrily what shall she do. she says that she shall shout. A verbal scuffle ensues. She asks him if he isnt ashamed of doing this. meanwhile mamaji sees this webcam feed on his tablet and thinks that this is perfcet and exactly what he needed, as now he shall present this to the court tomorrow rightaway and then get back everything thats rightfully his. meanwhile, while kyra continues babling, vihaan tries to shut her, but then when she doesnt, he tries to put a hand on her mouth, and they both fall on the bed in that position. mamji is tensed to see as to whats happening. Vihaan says that whoever has planned this thinks that this is an actual marriage, and just wishes to consummate that. he asks if she understands. she is scared but complies, and then adds that she does. he removes the hand from her mouth, and then is tensed at their physical proximity. he then gets up composing himself. she clarifies that she thought he did it. he says that he doesnt care what she thinks or says. She gets angry and asks if he considers himself intelligent. he says that he is, and then takes the pillow and sheet and storms out. Mamji is very happy to see this and says that now kyra shall have to answer the judge’s questions in the court of law, when they see this video. he and his lawyer are overjoyed. Just then, kyra throws the pillow on him and his pillow falls on the idol, and it falls on the ground, cutting off the live feed on mamaji’s tablet, and he starts getting frustrated as to what went wrong. meanwhile, vihaan is angry as he asks whats this childish nonsense. she asks whats it. he asks who threw the pillow. She asks who wanted to go out. he says that he cant bear to be another minute with her. She asks him to go ahead and let everyone know that this marriage is a sham. he understands. She asks him to just sleep her and not try any hanky panky with her, as she knows karate. he angrily spreads the mat on the floor and then lies down, asking her to close the light. she says that she doesnt trust him, and hence wont turn off the lights. She sits on the bed, while he fumes on the floor. they dose off.

Bebo meanwhile wonders god knows whats happening, as if the camera captures anything, then her game shall be ruined. Just then dolly, who is sound asleep, her phone rings, and bebo eyes it tensedly. after confirming that she is asleep, she checks and finds that its mamaji’s call and rushes out to receive it, after composing herself. she hears him reprimanding her that the camera is shut down, and asks her to go and get it working again. bebo is relieved and thanks the lord that nothing wrong happened. bebo calls him bad namesd and asks him to cancel the call. he is enraged that she talked to him like this, and thinks that now he would give her a hard time for the money.

meanwhile, dolly wakes up, with dreams of minting money today from mamaji, due to her excellent work. but she finds a chappal thrown at her, and then finds mamaji coming in. he reprimands her for having the guts to talk back to him like that. mamaji tells her everything. She is boggled as she never received, and asked when he called. He says that he called around ten in the night. she says that she was asleep at that time. he asks her to get the camera working again and this time it shouldnt finish nor should it fall. she hastily agrees. mamaji leaves hastily. she wonders who picked up the phone, and is scared that bebo might know that she is working for kyra’s mamaji.

The next morning, all the mothers wake up too with a bad sprain and neck ache with stiffness, and are boggled when they find everyone’s pillow missing. harpreet says that she knows whose act is this. they come to vihaan’s room to find kyra sleeping peacefully with all the pillows gathered around her on the bed. They wonder how vihaan must have managed in the night. harpreet angrily throws water at her. In her sleep, she thinks harpreet is ramu Kaka, and asks how dare he. geeta starts laughing amusedly. Kyra gets up and understands what she did, and apologises profusely, saying that she thought that she was in her house. harpreet asks her to wake up from her heaven as she has landed in hell. Kyra says that she cant sleep till there arent pillows all around. she asks her to try too as there are dark circles. geeta is again amused and takes kyra on her side. harpreet gets angry at both of them and swears that she shall teach her a lesson. Kyra holds her hand and apologises. harpreet asks her not to be dramatic, as she shall have to be punished and asks her to wash all the pillow covers. kyra says that she has never done anything like this, and is disgusted by it. hjarpreet says that she shall also make tea for them. geeta says that she wont do. harpreet says that she has to do as the bahu of the house, as she has to follow some rules. the screen freezes on kyra’s shocked face.

Precap: Vihaan is super furious and angry. Kyra tells him stealthily about the camera, and pretends to be overly affectionate towards him and nudges him to reciprocate back too. he stands tensed. mamaji meanwhile sees the changed scenario and wonders what is happening. he is irritated.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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