Satrangi Sasural 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vibha hands her the file, and then stealthily steals the passport from there in a magazine and leaves.She thinks that she shall have to get rid of the passport. Her inner conscience however shows her what a dreadful, and shameful thing she has planned and is going to do. she feels guilty, as her conscience narrates all the good things that arushi did to her, and how is she reciprocating back. she says that she feels helpless, as it isnt in her control. She gets to know from herself, that what she mistakes for love isnt love actually, and compares her love for vihaan, to radha. She is asked not to malign their love, as radha’s love was pure, but hers isnt, and is tainted, and if it was pure, then why did she steal the passport, and asks

her to speak up, while she stays silent, remorseful of what she did. Later, as she searches through the magazines, to find the passport, she is unable to. then she surfs through the bags of the kabaadiwala, but doesnt find it there. she is scared that arushi knopws she took the magazine, and if anyone finds the passport in it, she would be thrown out of this house. just then, she is shocked, when arushi has the magazine in her hands, and asks if she is searching for this. Vibha turns around. Arushi asks whats there, that she is so desperate to have this. vibha makes an excuse, of having some fabulous culinary recipes. Arushi tries to see, but she snatches saying that its a surprise for them. Arushi complies and goes in.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s and vihaan’s residence
dadaji and kasturi are tensed, about girish lying about jhanvi. They find jhanvi coming down with a suitcase, and ask where she is going with her baggage. girish comes down and says that he shall tell them, while she stands tensed. He says that jhanvi wants to say something to them, and hesitates. She stands tensed too. he takes her hand in his. while Kasturi senses something wrong, and asks jhanvi if all is okay. dadaji comes too. girish finally speaks up and says that the fact is they love each other and want to marry too. Jhanvi stands tensed. Dadaji and kasturi are boggled. jhanvi drops her bag in shock. Dadaji and kasturi are happy, while jahnvi stands tensed. Kasturi says that this is what she always wanted. She decides to call the priest and settle the engagement date. girish says that they dont need the engagement, but wants to get married asap. Kasturi teases him, and says that they shall have a lavish wedding. she asks jhanvi to get her family, so that they can finalise the talks so that her mother can also see her daughter getting mnarried. girish hesitatingly says tht she has noone, and is an orphan. They are shocked to know this.

In their room, jhanvi tells girish that he neednt show sympathy on her and marry her. He says that he isnt showing any sympathy. he asks if its easy for him to accept that she conceives another man’s child. He says that despite this, he gets scared at thge thought of losing her. he says that this isnt sympathy, as she knows about his love long back, and that is the reason he wants to marry her. she looks at him through tears, and then hugs him.

Later, arushi and vihaan come to congratulate girish and jhanvi for their marriage. She then asks girish to promise that jhanvi shall never cry ever in their life. he complies. All smile. Kasturi asks them to ssit, while she whips some snacks,. but they say that they have to pack, and just came to wish them all. they then take everyone’s leave. Kasturi wishes and prays that they are always together, away from evil spirits. They leave. Kasturi lights up a diya, and then prays that arushi’s happiness should never end. But just then strong winds blow, threatening to douse the diya out. Kasturi gets worried. Her diya finally douses.

Meanwhile, Vibha takes the passport along with other newspapewrs, and decides to burn the passport, apologising to arushi, in her mind, that she cant see her going with vihaan. However the matchstick doesnt light. Vibha goes back and gets a fresh light, and finally alights a fire. It starts burning. Just then, vihaan returns in his car with arushi, and vibha hopes that they dont get to know about this, or she would be in big trouble. They notice the fire, and rush to her asking whats she doing. Vihaan douses the fire with his feet. Arushi asks her what was she burning here, and the implications of it. vibha apologises. They ask her to be careful next time, and then go inside. Vibha eyes the ash and finds that the passport is burnt.

The next morning, vibha works happily in the kitchen, that arushi’s passport is missing, and then they shall not be able to go to their honeymoon, and that shall give her a chance to serve vihaan better. Outside, vihaan and arushi are ready to go. granny asks them if they are all set, and checkl on their passport and ticket. Arushi comfirms, but finds her passport missing, and all are tensed. Granny asks them to search in peace. arushi goes inside to check. vibha watches all the fun from the kitchen in amusement. Vihaan is tensed at her carelessness. He too goes to look for it. Granny and others too tensedly search for it. They dont find it anyweher. arushi and vihaan too come out dejectedly. Vihaan tells them that this is the third time its happening, and that they are going to cancel this time around too. he leaves dejectedly for his room. Arushi stops him and says that they shall definitely go to the honeymoon. All are surprised. Vibha is shocked too, wondering how is it possible. Arushi says that she wants to go where he proposed her. He is super excited The screen freezes on arushi’s face.

Precap: Jagjeet faces vihaan asking them to let jhanvi, his sister be allowed to be taken away by them, and they shall mean no harm. Vihaan tells them that jhanvi and girish are at the legal age to get married, and hence not two minutes shall cvhange their decision. jagjeet fumes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thanxzz…rimjhim..for d update…plzzz update it everyday

  2. well that is thanks for you imagine all that arushi did for the evil girl and this is the reward arushi gets betrayal how on earth could she burn arushis passport this girl vibha was taken into their home to recooperate and was also given the task of cooking but all that she is doing is roaming through their house and their belongings I hope that arushi finds her out and throw her ass on the streets that is thanks for you people just cannot be trusted anyway I hope that arushi and Vihaan still get to go on their honeymoon do not let anything come in their way of happiness and bliss

  3. Nice episode.

  4. did you all not notice they changed vibha to a prettier looking girl now

  5. farida uttan

    Hope Vihaan sends her packing from there – surely they are not that blind to realise her evil intentions.

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