Satrangi Sasural 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
kyra screeams at her as to how dare she talk like this to the mothers, while all eye her tensedly. narmada comes and intervenes in the middle, siding with mili, asking how dare she hit mili, and she made a huge mistake, by hitting her. vihaan eyes her tensedly, as narmada asks who gave her the right. mili starts crying, and hugs narmada, apologising for it, trying to gain sympathy. mili says that she had gotten scared, and that she had wanted to get havan done and had gone for that shopping only, and gives an excuse about it. she tries to prove her innocence while all eye tensedly. mili explains how she was frantically searching for arhaan, and was scared that something might happen to him. Narmada says that whatever it is, she made a gigantic

mistake, and told a big lie, and its just fortunate that arhaan is safe and sound. Mili goes to the wall, and starts banging her head against the wall, saying that she deserves punishment. Kyra says that she is lying, as if she had gone to the get hawan material, then where is it. Mili is speechless, while narmada is boggled. Just then, someone comes in with the material that mili had ordered. vihaan is all praise for her smartness. Vihaan then says that its all okay now, and asks kyra not to overreact, as mili has accepted her mistake and asks mili not to make this mistake again, and relieves everyone that they shouldnt be tensed as arhaan is found now, and is safe and healthy. mili storms off.

In her room, Mili remembers her slap and thinks that she shall definitely take back her revenge from kyra for this. Kyra comes and says that she can fool everyone but not her, as she knows that she wants to ruin her family, and she wouldnt let it happen, and that she is here in the house, only so that she can keep an eye on her, and asks him to be smart, and not mess with her, as she would constantly have her on her watch. she warns mili and then leaves. Mili says that kyra made a big mistake. She says that she had thought that she would take time to finish them off one by one, but now she would ruin them all and avenge her humiliation. She is enraged and furious at kyra, as she swears to play and end this game once and for all.

Outside kyra warns them all, while vihaan hears tensedly, that she has provoked mili enough that she takes a drastic step. he plays along with them, saying that they shall defeat mili, but she shouldnt get to know of their plan, while smirking at the irony that he himself shall tell her.

In the night, kyra makes arhaan sleep with them, while vihaan smiles. their hands meet, when kyra looks at him overwhelmingly, as they both pat arhaan’s head. She remembers their past moments, and wonders whats happening, as she isnt feeling the same, since he touched her too. he asks whats she thinking. she denies and then wishes him goodnight and turns away and sleeps. Mili eyes them from the window.

The next morning, kyra and arhaan wake up, with screams of a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, as they all wish him, and congratulate him on his birthday. Mili gives him the gift that kyra had brought, and apologises for yesterday, and he forgives her, while kyra fumes. vihaan eyes happily. They are all amused. He then takes everyone’s blessings. Then mili suggests that they should hurry up the puja preparations or else time would be wasted. kyra eyes her tensedly. Later, kyra comes out, to find mili finished with all the preparations, and taunting her, that she can help with the birthday party in the evening, if she couldnt help now. Meanwhile, as the priest sets up, mili goes to the store, and mixes a chemical containing toxic fumes in the ghee, hoping to cause a huge calamity. Then the puja starts, in which mili awaits the use of the ghee.

The puja starts, and all sit down to pray, while kyra stands and watches. kyra thinks that she knows mili isnt doing the right thing, but wonders what she is upto. She swears that she wont let mili succeed at any cost. Mili comes to kyra, and asks her to forget their enemity, on this happy occassion today, and bow down in front of each other, for the sake of their children. Kyra complies and sits with them. The priest uses the ghee that mili tamperered as he starts the havan. Kyra eyes mili eyeing the hawankund evilly amused, and gets boggled. Mili is ecstatic from within. The priest alights the fire, and the fumes start emanating, and mili gets tensed of the reaction, as all close their eyes and pray. Mili gets up to go, but kyra asks where is she going. Mili says that she shall just come, but she holds her hand and makes her sit. Mili asks her to let go of her hand, while kyra asks her whats the work, and what she wants. kyra then insistently tells her to sit, while mili squirms as she holds her hand tightly. Mili somehow wrenches her hand, and rushes away, and kyra is boggled and rushes after her to check. vihaan eyes them tensedly, while the mothers start feeling uncomfortable with the fumes, but continue praying. they start coughing severely.

In the kitchen, mili gasps for breath, while kyra confronts her, as she gets scared. Kyra asks whats she done, and why is she scared. mili doesnt respond. Kyra asks whats she done. Mili says that she did what she had come to do, and then points towards the drawing room, which is engulfed in smoke. Kyra is shocked to see it. outside, all of them fall and collapse on the floor, along with the priest. Kyra is aghast and rushes out, and gets engulfed in the smoke herself too, while wshocked to find everyone on the ground. Meanwhile, Mili comes out and douses the fire, to stop the smoke, as she covers her nose. finds all of them unconscious and dead on the floor, and screams in joy that her revenge and her motive is fulfilled. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: Kyra wakes up and starts clapping, shocking mili completely, as she is boggled and stunned to react, while she confronts mili, as others lie on the ground.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. It’s better that the show ends
    atleast then Vrushika could do something worthwhile.. she is a wonderful dancer

  2. How many pooja will they do it have more than actual acting plzzz give vihaan and Kyra so peace and end the show fast thank god arushi left this serial it would of done bad to her career

  3. Now only a STRONG NEW MALE LEAD could save this show and a fresh storyline

  4. This show should be named as ATRANGI SASURAL?????????

  5. Rianna well said!
    it’s strange that Ravish is always available to give interviews with Mughda but he has no time for coming and telling of the reasons to quit
    amazing characters in the ATRANGI SASURAL 😀 😀 BUT I still believe that show must go on because many actors are working hard like Farida maam and samta Sagar and other moms
    hopefully the new story and male lead will be good and I hope the makers use Vrushika ‘s dancing talent also for the upcoming new track

  6. I am sorry if I hurt anyone but this is what I feel about the show…… I don’t have any personal grudges with anyone…..

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