Satrangi Sasural 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra is tensed to see the anonymous call, and then takes off the mehendi and rushes out. geeta asks why she did that, as its an omen. Kyra says that she doesnt need this, as she has a permanent V, imprinted due to the press scar, and rushes out, taking someone’s car, saying that she urgently needs to go.

Meanwhile, granny and others are tensed, and prays that kyra and vihaan are safe, and are not in any more troubles. harpreet says that this marriage itself is trouble. granny asks her to shut up. narmada and nilima side with harpreet saying that the first soul is disheartened to see the second marriage. geeta says that its just moving on. nilima asks geeta not to boss around just because she sustains them financially. they

aggravate geeta, who accuses them of having gone mental. granny asks them to stop their fights, and that destiny wants vihaan to get married, and hence this marriage shall happen. narmada says that would happen when vihaan is found, and god knows where have the modern bahu’s friends taken him. narmada hopes that they havent put him to any danger. all are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Kyra drives on the road, thinking that she wont let any other girl get close to him, and she would expose her today at all cost,a s she has borne enough, and decides to call him. She tries his number, but gets no response, and wonders frustratedly why he isnt picking up, as the ring must be deafening due to the loud music.

Scene 3:
Location: Pub
Kyra’s friends make him drink that they deliberately laced with alcohol stealthily, and he takes it too. He gets inebriated and starts dancing. Her friends then say that now the bachelor’s last night of fun starts, and asks a special lady to flirt with him. The red dupatta clad girl dances suggestively and gyrating with vihaan, as he is totally drunk and inebriated. She tries to flirt, while he musters all the mental strength in him, to be able to thwart away her suggestive and progressive moves, but his alcoholic body finally giving in. She takes him with his hand outside the pub.

Later, the music stops and lights go on. Her friends crib as to who did this. kyra comes and says that she did this. They ask her whats she doing here as she isnt allowed. she slaps him and asks where’s vihaan, and they inform that he was right here, with a red dupatta girl, and then disappeared. kyra is shocked to know this and is determined to find out.

The mysterious lady meanwhile gets vihaan inside a room and locks it. then she throws him on the bed, while she collapses on him, while he is out of his senses, continuously muttering that he wishes to go home. She tries to get close, but he pushes her away, saying that he isnt that type of a guy, and he wishes to go home, as kyra must be waiting for him, trying hard to compose himself. but she pushes him back, and he falls on the bed unconscious. She then unbuttons his shirt and tries to consummate the relationship with him.

Meanwhile, kyra searches around distraught and berserk, and then asks a waietr about vihaan, who tells her that he went to the corner room with a girl with red dupatta. She is shocked and rushes there. Kyra enters the room but doesnt find him anywhere, and doesnt notice the red dupatta clad girl hiding behind the curtains. She wonders where is he, as the waiter signalled here only. she is distraught as she stands boggled and confused. Meanwhile, the red dupatta clad girl takes him away.

Scene 4:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Vihaan wakes up with a heavy head and a bad hangover, oblivious of the kiss marks all over his body. when he opens his eyes, he finds the whole room sprawled with pics of his consummation with the red dupatta clad girl, who has kept her face hidden. he is shocked and aghast and wonders how is this possible. he tries to remember what happened last night, and how did this happen, and who got him here. he desperately tries to rub off the lipstick marks, trying to remember what happened. he is distraught and shocked. He finds his phone, but no network in it, and wonders where is he, and decides to go out immediately. he puts on his shirt, and then finds a note on the bed stand, saying that if he wishes to have his questions answered, then he should immediately come to the secluded area, of the Hauz Khas village, as she would meet him there only. He is shocked to read it, but complies nevertheless. he wipes his face and then rushes out.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All mothers and kyra desperately try vihaan’s number, but in vain. geeta says that she has a way, and they are all alarmed, as she says that they can uncover the truth. kyra asks what. geeta says that she has the SD card that contains the footage of the red dupatta clad girl. kyra is shocked to know that she found it, and says that now they shall find out. They go out and find the person’s shop, where they have the Sd card, totally ransacked. Geeta and kyra are sure that this is done by the oversmart red dupatta clad girl. Kyra is tensed for his safety and says that she is going to the police station to complain

Scene 6:
Location: Hauz Khas Village and On the road
Vihaan arrives and starts screaming for the lady to expose herself, as she did come. He keeps screaming and then finds a red duptta waiving at a distance, and then disappearing. he begs her to expose himself. he finds network on his phone, and decides to call kyra, but wonders how to call, as he has no clue what happened the last night, and what shall he tell kyra about it. But then decides that he has to let them know. Vihaan calls up kyra, who is shocked to find his call, and receives and asks him to speak up. he is about to say something, when he gets hit by a rod on the head, by the red dupatta clad girl, from behind, and he screams and winces in pain, the phone dropping on the ground. hearing this, kyra is distraught, as she is in the auto. she begs him to speak up, while he gets unconscious succumbing to the head wound. kyra is apalled and dead worried. She decides to call the police, but the autofellow says that he has no balance. She is distraught. meanwhile, he finds that his call with kyra is still on. he gets up and screams and asks why is she enemy with him and his family, and asks her to expose herself, as he came where she told him to, deliberately speaking out the address, so that kaira hears it. kaira hears this and directs the auto driver to take him there. he gets hit yet again and falls on the floor unconscious. the screen freezes on his, kaira’s and the red dupatta clad girl’s faces.

Precap: The priest comes and tells them that tonight is some strategic star position, and he has to marry in that itself, or else arushi’s spirit shall keep wandering. they are all shocked and tensed. geeta says that kyra is nowhere to be found. the priest says that he has a way out. meanwhile kyra is locked behind a brick wall, with a small opening, begging to be left, at the end of which the red dupatta clad girl, places a chemical jar, containing poisonous chemical, and tells kyra that soon she would be dead due to inhaling it, and she shall go and take her place with vihaan at the altar.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Who is this evil stupid clad girl n wat nonsence is going with arushi spirit isn’t she dead

  3. Enough of Aarushi already.. And the red sari girl is Aarushi sister which is Milli . She is the one who is behind all this nonsense.. she is like a second Vibha

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