Satrangi Sasural 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s and arushi’s residence
Mini and priyanka get to calling guests for the party. Priyanka gets a call, from the bakery saying that the chocolate cake arushi ordered for, is spoilt, and priyanka instead orders for the available pineapple cake. Meanwhile, vihaan thanks the Seth who gave kasturi orders for embroidery, while he applauds her work immensely. Vihaan says that he hopes that one day she too reaches the success that his mothers have achieved.

While prahlad comes and sits, kasturi is tensed, that he is sitting right next to the saree, that has the advance money in it. dadaji too is tensed. he gets an idea and tries to send him out on the pretext of getting meds for him, but when they dont, he tries to lure them with money, and they both

rush out, throwing the saree carelessly on the floor, accidentally. Kasturi and dadaji are tensed, but are relieved when they find that the money hasnt spilled out. when they leave, kasturi is tensed when she doesnt find the money. Mili then tells them that she has taken the money out. they both are overwhelmed. dadaji gets vihaan’s call, inviting them for the party. dadaji hesitates, and vihaan insists saying that they have to come. He tells the entire family. Kasturi is tensed. but dadaji says that they have to go, or else vihaan shall feel bad. He asks her to take mili along, and he shall try to stop prahlad and girish.

Later, when they come back, Prahlad and Girish are angry, when dadaji gives them hotel ordered food, and drinks too. prahlad is boggled, and then finds the newspaper headlines about nilima. prahlad understands that this is his way of keeping them away, and asks whats the need. prahlad asks if he is an idiot to think that he is a fool. he then shows him the newspaper clipping of Nilima’s success. As they get ready, dadaji says that they cant go. they dont pay heed. seeing no other option, dadaji walks out, and locks the door, while prahlad and girish keep asking him to open the gate.

Meanwhile, Vihaan asks arushi is everything is done, and she is tensed for a long list pending. He is happy that she has ordered nilima’s favourite chocolate cake.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav Diwan’s house
Gaurav Diwan, her lover meanwhile is dressed up too, saying that today they shall meet and be close to each other, after a gap of 18 long years, and noone shall be able to stop them.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and office
Later, in the evening, Vihaan is impressed by arushi’s arrangement. he finds her struggling with a flower to be kept at a height. he lifts her up, while she says that buama is standing behind. He thinks that she is lying, but is embarassed when priyanka actually coughs to signal her presence. he puts her down. Geeta comes tensedly saying that nilima isnt picking up the phone. priyanka says that she shall go and check. they both leave. vihaan gets back to helping her, while she shoves her away.

Meanwhile, nilima is attending a press conference, whereas she is tensed that her house is calling her again and again. She gets to answering and rendering her success mantra to the reporters, oblivious that Gaurav is on his way to her office. she then concludes it, while he comes and stands right in front of her. he raises his hand and she shakes hands with him, but not seeing him. instinctively, she senses familiarity, but before she can see, the phone rings and she picks it up, and tells priyanka that she shall be home soon. When she turns back, gautam is gone. Nilima leaves. Gaurav comes out from hiding and thinks that its time to introduce him to her yet again.

When she returns, nilima finds the room very dark. Nilima is ecstatic to see the surprise party that her family have thrown for her, and they all start enjoying the party. They all congratulate her profusely. vihaan says that arushi planned all this. Mini and priyanka taunt that they werent doing nything. Arushi congratulates Nilima, and saying that to make it memorable, she has made a memoir. She gives one gift to everyone, and they all find out that its a cup, containing all the mothers’ pic together. All are overwhelmed and happy at such a thoughtful gesture. Vihaan however says that there’s one mistake and that she isnt there. Arushi says that she is in their hearts. Mini and priyanka are happy too. Vihaan then says that he too has a gift, and presents her with one. She is happy, and he asks her to get ready in this. Nilima however is restless and tensed, and expresses that she feels something wrong is going to happen. But vihaan assures her otherwise and she leaves. When she comes down, she finds that everyone is complimenting her galore, while they all ask where has he purchased it from, and he tries to say that its an exclusive designer piece. Just then, kasturi and mili come in. Arushi goes to meet them. Arushi is very happy to see kasturi coming in, but they are shocked when they find that kasturi and nilima have worn the same saree. Nilima asks if this is such an expensive, exclusive and designer piece, that even arushi’s mother can afford this. vihaan tries to make her understand, but she says that she never expected this from him. Nilima leaves upset, while mini taunts that there’s nothing wrong in it. Vihaan keeps trying to elaborate, while mini is taunting him regarding this. Priyanka then goes to taunt kasturi, that she has given good training to arushi, who has captivated her husband completely. Mini points out that its good that the mother shall embroider the saree, and then shall sell it to her son in law, who shall then gift it to his mother, claiming it to be an expensive, designer piece. granny is tensed. harpreet asks them not to be rude. Vihaan asks her not to give false accusations, as she is utterly lying. Kasturi tells arushi that she is wrong, in having come here, as it just caused problems for her. She begins to leave, but vihaan stops her. She says that she never knew the saree that she is giving to Seth as sample, he would sell it. She apologises to everyone, and begins to leave, when granny surprises them all by saying that she wont go anywhere. Arushi eyes her overwhelmingly. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Nilima sees the pictures together along with others, when she zooms in on one pic, and finds that its gautam in hiding. She is shocked and furious. Nilima comes inside shocked and dazed. All come inside, and then ask her whats the matter. Nilima says that gautam is here, and they are all tensed and boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nilima !This is so good for you because you are too rude and arrogant.It is always about class.I do not care which class you belong to ,we all are God’s children and we all have to die one day.This is a must’Nilima man is back after 18 years.I hope she accepts him.I would like to know what cause the break up.Let me see how the other mothers will deal with this now.Arushi hold your heart because something good is going to happy.

  2. writers I thought this serial was about Vihaan and arushi this is what I always talk about arushi and Vihaan have not even consummated their marriage yet already you writers jump to another storyline it is true these mothers need a man in their lives but my gosh wait till arushi and Vihaan get it going please and I find this serial to be tooooooooooooo slow and boring

  3. Vihaan is really traying for arshi after all the trouble he entered with his mums but he still never gives up wow she I’d soo lucky

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