Satrangi Sasural 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Undisclosed location
Vibha’s men place vihaan in the tub, while due to the effect of the injection administered, vihaan lies unconscious and literally paralysed. She says that she shall have to take vihaan away from his mothers, his wife and children, so that he doesnt have past flashes of memory, so that they can live together always. she decides that the money to go that far would be given by his mothers only. Vibha apologises to vihaan, as he lies in the bathtub, while she switches on the water in the tub, and it starts filling up, saying that she didnt have any other chance or option but to do this. She then places the webcam of the ptop, facing the tub, for its blackmaling use later on.

Inside, Arushi tells everyone

what happened, and how vihaan wasnt responding to her screaams too. Vibha comes and says that he can remain unconscious forever if they dont do what she wants. she smiles evilly, as she comes inside the house with the lawyer. she throws a file on the table, and tells granny that she wants her to sign on them. they are all shocked. She says that granny needs to sign off the entire property and wealth in her name. she blackmails them by showing vihaan in the tub. they are all apalled, while she continues to teases and torment that she shall kill vihaan if they dont comply to her wishes, and if she cant have him, she would ensure that neither do they. Granny hurriedly agrees to do so, while arushi eyes vihaan in the video chat distraught. she then hears the azan calling out, and recognises it as the one, from the masjid in girish’s locality. While vibha glows evilly as granny signs off the papers, arushi takes this turn, to stealthily leave the house. After signing, granny asks vibha to stop this drama and get back their vihaan. she asks her not to be hasty. the lawyer tells vibha that they should hurry up, as they have an appointment fixed with the registrar, so that they can get the pic clicked, and sign in front of him, so that they dont deny tomorrow. All are tensed annd shocked.

In the tub, the water level starts rising dangerously, now, covering his chest and neck, while the guard has dosed off. Suddenyl; vihaan wakes up, and wonders whats happened to him, and why cant he scream or move his legs and hands. He wonders how he came here. He tries to strughgle to get out, but is unable to move, and thinks that if he doesnt do anything in two minutes, his being alive would be difficult.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s locality and karuna’s hideout
Jhanvi wakes up and after much effortrs, she is able to untie herself, and trapping and fooling the goons, she locks them inside, and then rushes out. they immediately inform karuna, who is upset and distraught. She dials her man’s number with girish, and asks him to get girish to do it in the next five minutes, and they should leave from there immediately. He complies. The man tells girish, who has come with a blanket covering the bomb, that he has to detonate it right here, saying that being terrorists its their work, to incite terror amongst people. He also warns that if this time their mission fails, then he wont ever see his family alive, but if he succeeds, then they shall see that his family is safe. he is tensed, and begs for mercy, but he instead hands him a remote, that shall detonate the bomb. he then leaves, saying that he has five minutes to finish the work. Girish starts having flahes of this place, in memories, and the happy times he spent with his family. He is distraught, as he finally puts his finger on the remote to press it.

Meanwhile, Arushi arrives, and starts asking people if they have seen vihaan, showing his pic. after much failures, she hears the azan yet again, and prays to the lord, to help her and make her meet vihaan. A distraught girish, hears arushi’s voice as she asks a person, who says that he saw vihaan in a particular direction, half an hour back. He wonders why is arushi so tensed. Arushi hears intently wherer the man points. The screen freezes on girish, arushi’s and vihaan’s tensed faces.

Precap: At the registrar’s office, granny does the formal signing off of all the property papers to vibha, and she smiles evilly. Granny again asks vibha to call her men and get the water to stop. She amusedly asks her to relax, and then dials. noone picks up the phone. she starts getting tensed. meanwhile, in the hideout, vibha’s guard beside vihaan, falls aside from his chair, down on the ground, unconscious. Vihaan meanwhile struggles badly to get out of the water. meanwhile, arushi arrives at vibha’s den, where vihaan is drowning.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. If Arushi really dies in this show….I am no longer watching!

  2. kristrelle I too read it that arushi and vibha will get into a fight and both of them will die but after fixing those writers good I hope they change their minds because this is utter shit with them killing off all the good ones and letting evil prevail over good this is unacceptable to we the viewers

  3. I just want vihan to regain his memory…. Unless the film would be so gloomy…

  4. Dam it if arushi dies I hate this dam soap I wan viba dead she d crass vihaan get ur memory back dam u ur wife n children need u come on

  5. Bad Episode !! Only blackmailing

  6. Plz stop vibhas chapter

  7. This show turn from bad to worse vibha is the one who suppose to die not arushi vihba the one who is causing the problem not arushi so writer go n get ur story right
    And hurry n let vihaan get his memory back wish if get it back n go and save arushi from dying

  8. Aretha Fouda

    I stop watching this is always evil wining over good memory lost that can last for ten years

  9. seriously. one thing to come to the notice that if Vibha doesn`t have money to go anywhere, how can she get a lowyer with her to Vihaan`s house ? this is really ridiculous. how does she pay the goons whom she has hired to keep a watch on Vihaan???

  10. I think the series is too slow but i like to c how a woman can fight for their rites

  11. No Aarushi can’t die if she does what’s the use of this programme writers what the hell man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  12. Arushi should not die plz close vibha’s chapter

  13. they have turned an entertaining , feel good soapie into utter shit. this is sooo stupid cos it is teaching people all the wrong things. If your’ll have run out of story – den end the soapie . don’t show shit & expect fans to watch.

  14. So true, this Was a sweet feel good programme, and now it’s totally crap.if aarushi is killed then there is no point to this programme. As for girish,dude go to the police.

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