Satrangi Sasural 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As kyra and Vihaan enter in his roon, she is shocked to see such living conditions, and asks how can she stay here. he angrily asks her to shut up, as this is hios house, and she has to adjust. she comments that her bathroom is bigger than the house. he asks her to go live there only. she asks him to stop the lecture, and says that there shall be some rules. He is frustrated and upset.

Outside, harpreet vouches that she shall send kyra out in a week, while geeta says that she shall see how it happens. nilima asks how can she side with kyra just because she is against harpreet. Geeta says that she is doing it for respect pf the house. She says that she is the bahu of the house. harpreet is tensed and fumes that she shall torture kyra.

bebo comes and angrily asks them not to even dare to do anything against her daughter. All are surprised to see her. granny comes and asks who is she. Bebo says that she is like kyra’s mother and she too has come to stay here. they are all shocked. bebo thinks that she is here just so that kyra spends the three months nicely, and get the money. Kyra comes out and is relieved to see her, and hugs her. all stand tensed. bebo says that she is here too to live with her. harpreet says that kyra has brought bebo as her dowry, and that they wont be able to sustain her, and says that this isnt possible for her to stay here. She tries to throw out her luggage, when kyra stops her, asking her to behave as she is like her mother. harpreet says that she is like a mother, not the mother, and if she is apined, then she should leave too. Bebo says that she never thought kyra and she would be met with a treatment like this. Bebo asks her not to be tensed as she shall not stay here but stay nearby. Granny asks where. Dolly comes and says that she is there as a paying guest. the mothers are tensed. Dolly then asks them about their rent. harpreet says that she shall give and then sayss that she shall deal with her later and tries to throw bebo out. Vihaan comes and asks whats wrong with her, and why is she behaving like this. she asks him to stay out of it too, as she has been hurt by him and the children would be too, along with narmada as they cant give anyone’s place to arushi. She says that when narmada returns, she shall decide. Vihaan tries to speak, but she says that she doesnt wish to talk and then warns kyra that she shall be out in a week. Harpreet goes inside.

In his room, kyra talks to arushi in the pic, asking how could she stay in the house, with seven mothers, as she finds it impossible and cant imagine how she did this. She says that her children are very nice, and thats her only solace as otherwise staying in this room is impossible and she doesnt know what to do. bebo comes and kyra hugs her, saying that she cant stay here as its too small and hot, and there’s no AC even. bebo asks her to manage for 3 months. Kyra givces her a long list of things to be purchased. bebo asks her to try and understand as they wont have much to spend now and manage in the same things for the next 3 months. Vihaan listens to all this. Bebo reminds that she gave all her savings to vihaan for the operation. Kyra asks why grandpa did this. bebo asks her to manage. vihaan eyes arushi’s pic heartbroken and leaves outside. Kyra says that its impossible for her, while bebo tries to convince her that they have to manage this for sometime so that they can go back in their house. kyra asks if she is sure that they shall go after 3 months. Bebo tells kyra that in the next 3 months, they shall have left from here, and thinks as in 3 months, vihaan shall die and she shall get kyra married to her son, Sunny. They are tensed, as they find the children staring at them, listening to their conversation. They ask her if she shall leave after 3 months. kyra says that they were talking about something else. bebo comes and makes an excuse that they shall go on vacation after 3 months. they are excited and ask kyra if this is true. she complies. then they ask if she shall tell them a story. Kyra says yes. she then eyes arushi’s pic, and tensedly looks. bebo compliments her and asks her not to tell anyone, that its a contract marriage as she shall be able to manage children, but she has to focus on the mothers. Kyra says that she cant lie to the kids. Bebo says that they shall easily be distracted and soon forget. Kyra is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Mamaji’s residence
The lawyer is told by mamaji to do something to prove that vihaan’s marriage with kyra is a fraud and fake marriage. Ther lawyer is boggled, while he explains tyhat they have an age gap of 10 years, and he is a widower with two kids, and why would a bful girl like kyra marry such a man, and convinces the lawyer that he trapped kyra into marriage. He asks him to work soemthing out. the lawyer leaves.

After sometime, the lawyer happily comes back, and says that he has found a way to expose vihaan and kyra’s fake marriage. mamaji asks whats the matter and hurriedly asks what. the lawyer gets dolly, seeing whom mamaji is boggled. Dolly identifies herself and then says that she shall do his work easily.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Outside, Vihaan thinks frustratedly that whats happening isnt right, but he feels helpless and deosnt know what to do. Vihaan talks to himself saying that he had to arrange for the money anyhow, for narmada’s operation and had no other option but to marry kyra, and that he shall have to return kyra’s money anyhow. He feels a hand on his shoulder, and is surprised. He turns around to find granny looking at her. granny says that she knew there’s something amiss, as without a strong reason, he wouldnt take such a strong step. she is apalled at his helplessness. he is ashamed at how low he had stooped. she says that she doesnt think like that. He explains the double problem and doubt that he landed in at that time, which made him helpless. She asks him to stop clarifying as he knows that he isnt wrong. he says that he shall return the money and shall work very hard. She says that she knows him and his self respect. She says that god took eveerything from them, and how poverty has become their harsh reality, and how they even have to see him married just for money and says that behind all this, is god’s bigger plan and says that he believes in it. he eyes her tensed. She says that she knows this is difficult and maybe in god’s surprise, there is something good in store. He thinks that he cant think about anyone in place of arushi. She says that this is what he thinks and maybe god has another plan as she too would love to see what happens after 3 months. Vihaan is tensed. granny asks him not to tell this to anyone or else there would be unnecessary trouble. She says that she has seen the kids happy with kyra, and thats genuine and says that she has the faith that kyra shall always stay here. he angrily says that this shall not happen. granny says that they both shall see, and find out what god has in store for them. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: mamaji gives a camera hidden in an idol of laughing buddha and asks her to place it in their room anyhow, when vihaan and kyra decide to live together. when the mothers set up their room, for the wedding night, dolly stealthily places the idol on the table. Later in the night, kyra and vihaan start squabbling and arguing, while she asks him not to dare come close to her, and he asks angrily what shall she do. she says that she shall shout. A verbal scuffle ensues. meanwhile mamaji sees this webcam feed on his tablet and thinks that this is perfcet and exactly what he needed, as now he shall present this to the court tomorrow rightaway and then get back everything thats rightfully his.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. farida uttan

    This is now really joke for a serial

  2. I miss aurushi a lot I wish sh didn’t die . She brought 2 loving children in this world without seeing them how heartsore

  3. this like the worse serial on tv right now wish if arushi would come back
    she kyra the one who who first say that she will married vihaan now they done married n come to live in his home n see how the housse is in state say that her room is biggest then this house if she know her house n rooms was bigger why she married vihaan for go back n live in your big house if it was arushi she would be contented n happily live with vihaan in his small home……she is nothing like arushi
    arushi is the best n will always be the best

  4. Nobody can replace arushi…she was the best..the show has become a blo*dy crap…

  5. Wat a cold hearted uncle n kyra should sue him for putting a hidden camera in their bedroom

  6. Seriously I don’t like the turnover of this film. I liked aarushi better. I only watched it because of her n now its hard to concentrate on the series again

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