Satrangi Sasural 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is furious at raunak, for suggesting that he loves his mother. But arushi stands for him, along with granny, saying that there’s nothing wrong. raunak tells them to ask mini to say that she doesnt like him at all, and doesnt want to see him again, and he shall leave forever without a word. All are surprised. mini stands silent, while granny asks her to speak up. all eyes turn on mini, who leaves inside in frustration. narmada goes after her, while all are shocked. raunak says that he expected this, and that he said what he wanted to, and then leaves. all are tensed. Vihaan asks granny whats going on. she comes to him, and asks whats wrong in this, as love can happen at any stage. Arushi too tells vihaamn that love knows no bounds

and age limit, and mini’s reaction shows that she too likes him, but they should respond by supporting her in troubling times, as she fears social norms, of this age gap, particularly when the girl is elder to the guy, against the social conventions. granny says that it was okay in earlier generations, but now its now, but they should rather respect love, as Radha- Krishna’s love too is revered, despite Krishna’s marital status. Vibha hears them and thinks that she too is vihaan’s Radha, and hence she shouldnt think about the societal norms in loving vihaan now. She is detremined.

In her room, mini is in tears, while granny too comes, as narmada tries to calm her down. narmada leaves. granny caresses mini’s face, while she clutches at granny, saying that she didnt do anything, as the person is mad. granny asks how long she plans to lie, as she is at fault, and thought that her family is cursed, but arushi’s arrival changed everything. she says that she always wanted to talk about her daughters’ desires and wishes, but couldnt out of fear of ill luck, that runs in the family. she says that she is tired of being scared but not anymore, as now she would want her desires to be fulfilled. arushi comes in and they both look at her. She says that vihaan wants mini to come out. Mini says that she wont be able to face him, as it isnt her age to love. Arushi says that raunak too is outside, as vihaan called him. mini is boggled and shocked.

Outside, vihaan says that he wants to hear it from her, while mini lashes and says that she doesnt want to talk about it. she asks raunak to get lost and not embarass her anymore. she leaves yet again. all are tensed. they discuss the peculiar casxe, while vihaan says that the reason he caleld raunak, is because he agrees. raurank asks if he should leave. granny asks him to understand the delicacy of the situation. raunak leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
As jhanvi’s brother knocks on girish’s door, he is unable to get out of jhanvi’s grasp from a distance, who is extremely scared. Kasturi comes and he asks about jhanvi and is taken inside. Girish goes to check, but she doesnt let him go, clutching tightly to him. but he asks her to have trust on him. she is tensed. kasturi seats him inside, while he asks about jhanvi. just then, girish comes, and identifies himself as Jagjeet’s employe. Jagjeet is unable to recognise him. girish elaborates. Kasturi gets excited and goes to the kitchen, while pondering with girish that he was asking for jhanvi. Jhanvi hears this from outside, and collapses on the floor, in tension and worry.
Inside, when jagjeet aagin asks about jhanvi, girish lies that she used to, but not anymore. He signals kasturi to be quiet, while he makes a story, about her not paying the rent, and he wanting to teach her a lesson. jagjeet asks him to beware and then angrily leaves. kasturi asks girish whats all this. He says that he shall explain everything, and then leaves. kasturi hopes everything is alright.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Girish tensedly arrives at the clinic, and asks the doctor about jhanvi. The doctor reprimands him for being so callous, to leave his wife on the road in such a delicate condition. Girish is shocked to knowthat she is pregnant, while the doctor continues to lash at him, asking him to take better care of her, and not leave her aalone, and assures that he would learn with time. sensing the shock on his face, she asks that he is the husband. he complies. the doctor leaves. girish confronts jhanvi tersely.

Scene 4:
Location: Girish’s residence
Jhanvi then narrates the entire story to girish, how the person she loved was kileed by her parents, and they dont want her or their child to live either. Girish is emotional, as jhanvi is in deep tears. She comes to him and asks him not to be tensed and worried, as she knows he would also not think right about her, and hence she wants to leave the house. he asks urgently where shall she go. she says that she shall go anywehre she has to, but she cant afford to spoil anymore lives or cause anymore sadness. girish then turns to jhanvi and hugs her, saying that she should never say such things again, as he is there and he wont let anything happen to her. she is boggled with his concern, as he clutches at him tightly.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While vihaan and arushi are packing, sullen and tensed at the family’s atmosphere right now, vibha comes with vihaan’s pressed clothes to help. Arushi asks her to get the black file from the almirah, telling her the location. vihaan asks if she plans to work on their honeymoon, sullenly. they start arguing. Vibha, while searching for the file, finds Arushi’s passport, and thinks that arushi doesnt care for him like he should be taken care of, and that she wont let him be tensed and she knows exactly whats to be done about it. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: girish and jhanvi come to kasturi, while she senses something wrong, and asks jhanvi is all is okay. dadaji comes too. girish finally speaks up and says that the fact is they love each other and want to marry too. Jhanvi stands tensed. Dadaji and kasturi are boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Vibha don’t play game with aarhan u will get burn with it nothing can destroy a truth love

  2. The last show I could watch regularly (kind of), please remove this Vibha character that has nothing to do with the storyline. With the way how all the Zee serials are going now, probably Vibha will try to kill Arushi or Vihaan…steups

    1. or Vibha will start using black magic, or get in an accident and get sudden amnesia or get mad and think Vihaan is her husband lolol

      1. Oh yes Kristelle this is the trend of these shows.

  3. The best of all the soaps

  4. Gosh!!!……..vibha…..u berra stay clear……..because vihaan nd aruushi are bond to be together……so get lost!!!

  5. these parts that are keep coming makes no sense anyways zee tv is just wasting stupid people time

  6. I say get rid of trouble before trouble starts to trouble you get rid of vibha please she is certainly out for arushi what happen to her like she feel Vihaan is her husband or what I now see why the step mother did her what she did by going with her husband she vibha must have been real trouble and that is why they decided to get rid of her and in the process make some easy money wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL anyway vibha back off do not try to mess with arushi and those seven mother cause you will not see what is coming until it hits you comprende’

  7. Vibhaa wht’s wrong wid u yr..stay away aarusi&vihaann

  8. D written episodes r being published 2 late

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