Satrangi Sasural 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
Vihaan is highly uncomfortable as kyra and the priest start the puja with him, and get him to participtae in all the rituals. He doesnt like it at all, but has no option but to comply nevertheless. the priest seems to somehow remove the evil spirit looming over him, captivating him. Then he seems relaxed and composed. meanwhile, mili comes there and watches tensedly. the priest then takes kyra aside and says that its nothing very severe, and that she just needs to show him compassion, sympathy and love, and that its only because of the stress that theyhave been through. giving her some more general tips. he asks them to leave now. Kyra turns to vihaan overwhelmingly. vihaan asks kyra why did she get this done, and she answers that she wanted to know if he

is with her, and wanted to foil mili’s planning, and then explains everything. mili sees them talking to each other from a distance and hides when they get down the stairs, fully confident that there musnt have been any rectification, as she sees the priest disappearing in the cloudy mist, and understands that it was sent by her god mother helping her out in her cause, by her blacg magic. Mili says that now kyra shall see her game, as she would ruin her, and she wouldnt even get to know it, and her win is actually her greatest loss.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny gets everyone alarmed that mili is inside and hasnt been out for a long time. they are all tensed, and wonder whether they should open the door. They then break in, when mili appears before them, with the headphones on, saying that she was listening to music and hence didnt listen to their screams. Granny is boggled, while all others are relieved. mili gives the excuse that her stomach is upset, hence she took such a long time. she leaves. granny laments that she wishes she was speaking the truth, but also hopes that kyra is able to get vihaan safely out of the traps.

Narmada calls everyone tensedly, and then tells that arhaan’s school called saying that he isnt well, and they need to pick him up. granny asks to inform kyra, who shall pick him up. Mili then asks why kyra needs to be called, as she can get them. But granny refuses saying that they are already out, and can pick the children. But mili insists saying that they are spending quality time, and shouldnt be disturbed, and she shall get the kids. narmada is convinced and sends her off, while granny doesnt like it. mili hurriedly leaves, having gotten what she wanted. Granny thinks that she has to tell this to kyra anyhow.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Vihaan asks kyra why is she doing this, and he doesnt understand this superstition shit. Kyra begs him not to misunderstand her, as she thought that mili had captivated him. he then asks if she didnt believe her. she says that he did. He asks why this then. she says that she believes in him, but not mili, who she wont let succeed in her motives. He eyes her tensedly, pretending to be concerned, whereas actually still in mili’s grip. He hugs her, while she is overwhelmed. They start deciding gifts for aru and arhaan’s birthday tomorrow, while she is supwer excited to get the kids gift. He gets a call, while she is busy seeing gifts. granny then tells vihaan about arhaan’s health and hpw mili has gone, but she doesnt trust her. he says that he shall tell. granny says that she wishes to tell herself. He says that he shall inform her. She complies tensedly. he then turns to kyra, who asks who was it. He lies that it was a client.

Mili meanwhile gets arhaan back in the auto, to find vihaan and kyra playfully romancing, and gets frustrated as to how can vihaan, who is inher control do this. She dials his number, and he sees her call, and cancels it, while getting back again with kyra. Mili is furious. She decides to tell something, but gets granny’s call, and responds whilwe vihaan and arhaan walk off. mili goes after them, asking the auto fellow to take care of the child. Granny meanwhile is tensed that mili isnt receiving the call. geeta asks her not to be tensed. Granny says that mili should inform atleast. geeta decides to talk to kyra and find out if she got the message, but her call doesnt get through. meanwhile, on the road, vihaan and arhaan continue discussing their shopping, while mili closely follows them, misreading his signals. they then get in the autp and drive off, while mili stands irritably. Mili wonders if kyra is going to some other priest, as she has doubted mili now. she is determined to stop kyra at any cost. meanwhile, arhaan wakes up and finding herself with the stranger, she rushes out of the auto, with the auto fellow after him. Mili again calls vihaan, but he doesnt receive. She again gets granny’s call. She is frustrated getting granny’s call, and cancels it yet again. She comes back, to find the auto gone, and is shocked. She starts looking around for him, and running on the road, calling for him.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
At home, all are tensed, while narmada continues to protest that maybe she got stuck or something, and hence wasnt able to call. Just then, mili comes. granny reprimands and asks why wasnt she receiving the call. mili lies that her phone wasnt working. Granny asks where is arhaan. Mili lies that arhaan is in the school, and actually some other child was sick. All are releieved, to know that he is safe and fine. Mili says that she shall get him when the school gets over. sheis about to go out, when narmada asks where is she going now. mili says that she had some work, and are tensed, that she has very less time to find arhaan, or else the mothers shall eat her alive. she turns around and is shocked as she finds vihaan and kyra coming in, with arhaan, looking at her with reprimanding eyes. they are shocked to see arhaan, who hugs granny. all are relieved. mili is flustered. narmada asks what happened. Arhaan tells them the truth, about how mili left him, and they are all aghast. kyra asks if she wasnr ashamed to be doing this, as he was bruning with fever.He says that arhaan is okay now, unable to see mili being scolded. He then tells granny that they showed him to the doctor, and asks him to go home and rest. they are all tensed for mili’s behaviour. Geeta reprimands mili that she shouldnt have lied to them like this. Mili says that she had gotten scared. Geeta says that she still should have spoken the truth. But she vents out her frustration and asks them to shut up, all of them, as she did make a mistake, so what, would they crucify her due to that. Mili is shocked, as kyra turns her around and slaps her tight across her face. Narmada and others are stunned. the screen freezes on mili’s shocked face.

Precap: Mili remembers her slap and thinks that she shall definitely take back her revenge from kyra for this. She says that she had thought that she would take time to finish them off one by one, but now she would ruin them all and avenge her humiliation. She is enraged and furious at kyra.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Oh please Mili . Please get a F*CKING LIFE !!! I am sick and tired of you

  3. Guys Ravish Desai who plays Vihaan has decided to quit the show…. and as per sources a new male lead will be introduced…. Omg I really wonder what is the lovely girl Vrushika Mehta doing here…. she is really awesome as an actor

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