Satrangi Sasural 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
Vihaan picks kyra up in his arms, and then walks straight ahead, as he ascends the stairs. it starts raining heavily, but he braves the fear of slipping feet, and gets on, while she places her hand over him, so that raind oesnt fall on him. as they continue with the ritual, they both engage in a romanctic eyelock. Meanwhile, the red dupatta clad girl watches them from afar, behind a pillar. they finally reach the top, where they find the idol and they both pray ardently. then the priest comes and says that they were able to fulfill despite such troubles, which signifies that they shall be able to stand the test of time together, and that they are fortunate to have found each other. he asks them to step inside the room, now and pray. The priest leaves, while

they both move ahead to the room, and close the door behind them, as it needs to be in isolation. Meanwhile, the red dupatta clad girl, eyes them and then follows and opens the door. She opens the door, but doesnt find anyone inside. She wonders where they went. meanwhile vihaan and kyra come from behind and lock the door, with the girl inside, and then bolt it tightly.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
geeta takes the memory card, that aru and arhaan gave her, and shows it to the repairman, who says that there is a slight possibility that the data can be recovered. She asks how long. He says that it shall take two days. she asks him to finish it in one day. he complies. Then she leaves, and wonders why is it raining unnecessarily, and wonders how shall the marriage happen in the open then, and that they are already tensed about the red dupatta clad girl.

Scene 3:
Location: Temple
Geeta arrives with the police and they are told by vihaan and kyra, that their plan worked, as they knew that the mysterious girl shall come to attack them, finding them alone, and thats exactly what happened and they were able to trap the mysterious girl in that room. The police ask how she reached. They say that there’s an internal door inside, thats leads to a separate cabin, and they used that to fool her, and then trap her. They are all shocked to hear this. Geeta is surprised to hear this too. He gives the police the key to open the door. as they open the door carefully, they are shocked at who they see, for its mili standing inside. kyra and vihaan are distraught. geeta reprimands her that she was the rd dupatta clad girl, and asks if she wasnt ashamed. He stops her, and asks how could she do this. he says that he couldnt think that she could do them harm. she vehemently protests that she isnt that girl, and that they have had a misunderstanding. She asks them to believe her, as she did nothing, and she merely came to do the prayers. geeta reprimands and doesnt believe, saying that they agreed only because she was aruishi’s sister. Vihaan turns and then finds a red dupatta clad girl running from there. they rush after her, while all are shocked, that it isnt mili after all. They finally are able to grab the red dupatta clad lady and as kyra unveils, they are shocked to find that its Dolly, who vehemently denies that she isnt that, as Pinky called her, and sunny rushed after her call, towards the jungles to find her. she is extremely distraught, while kyra sks her to calm down. But she is boggled as to who is it then. Mili says that she shall soon find it out. krya says that she feels that whoever she is, knows them very well, and that her doubt only go towards the people, who were present in the temple, and asks if its Mili. Kyra connects the dots together, while he asks her to stop it. Mili says that she feared this only, and hence didnt want to stay with them, and asks how can they think that she can harm, as she has borne the loss of an entire family, and her lovable sister, and she knows what pain is, and she cant harm anyone else. She says that she wont stay with them. kyra and vihaan are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As mili has her bags pakced, granny clarifies that misunderstanding caused, and begs her not to go. all comply. mili says that she cant, as they dont have a relation now, as arushi is dead, and now he has moved on to marry again too, and hence she isnt related to them. Granny denies, and narmada asks her not to talk like this, and she is their daughter only. Mili says that they were the one who freed arushi. Kyra says that she wont go anywhere and asks her to stay. Kyra asks if she cant accept her as her sister. she says that they all want her not to go, including her, as they need her equally as she needs them. geeta too asks her not to be too sad, and asks her to understand, as its all for arushi’s welfare, as they loved her immensely. Mili is overwhelmed, and both of them hug each other. mili says that she misses arushi badly. all are emotional. kyra says that she would never let it happen again. All smile. kyra begs for a chance to prove her love. all are overwhelmed. Kyra wonders who is this mysterious girl now, and hopes that she doesnt harm Pinky.

Scene 5:
Location: Isolated Godown
Later, dolly gets the police, somewhere close to where pinky is kept captive, as she hears their investigative voices, being gagged and roped, she isnt able to speak up.

Scene 6:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and at the pub.
When its mehendi, kyra gets the mehendi done, and asks geeta, where is he. She informs her that he has gone for his bachelor party with her friends. She is shocked. She asks the children to dial his number and when they do, she asks where he went without informing him, and he says that her friends insisted and forcibly got him here. She is tensed. They are unable to talk properly due to the loud voice. then she gets angry at her friend, for having organised this, while he jests with her. he says that they wont give him alcohol, but she is still tensed and frustrated too. Geeta asks her not to worry, as he would be back. meanwhile, vihaan enjoys with kyra’s friends, fully drunk and dancing in the pub. Kyra gets a call again, and this time its the mysterious lady, asking her if she thought that she would win, as she wont, since this time, she shall defeat her, and not accept loss. Kyra is shocked and asks who is she, but she gets no response, and instead hears that the lady called her just to say that she is planning to sleep tonight with her husband. Kyra is downright shocked to hear this. the screen freezes on both the ladies’ faces.

Precap: The red dupatta clad girl dances suggestively and gyrating with vihaan, as he is totally drunk and inebriated. Kyra drives on the road, thinking that she wont let any other girl get close to him. The lady meanwhile gets vihaan inside a room and locks it. then she throws him on the bed, while she collapses on him, while he is out of his senses. she tries to consummate the relationship with him. Meanwhile, kyra arrives distraught and berserk, and enters the room and is shocked to see what she sees.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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