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Satrangi Sasural 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Vibha cribs and scorns about not wanting to drink the bitter turmeric milk, while complaining to vihaan about the mothers. But he says that they are being strict, for her sake only. she has no option but to drink it. Mini and geeta are amused. Vihaan thanks them both for taking such good care of his wife. geeta says that its their duty to take care of the son and the daughter in law. Geeta and mini ask vihaan and vibha to be ready tomorrow, early, as they have to go for the annual checkup. vibha is tensed, while vihaan is boggled, but complies. She hurriedly says that she too shall go, and they agree. they wish them goodnight and leave. Then vihaan asks about her, and she instead asks him about his daily dose. he says that he shall take it,

but she insists that she shall give it to him. He takes a pill that she gives him and she thinks that till he takes this tablet, he shall never remember anything, as they all may try hard, this shall keep vihaan in such a condition, that he wouldnt remember anything, and shall be in her control, and that arushi shall never be able to win, and vihaan shall never go back to her.

The next morning, while vihaan is ready, he finds vibha still in her nightgown, very tensed. He asks why isnt she ready. she says that she isnt well and wont be able to go. he says that he shall cancel then. But harpreet asks him not to cancel, as its a rare appointmwent. she asks her to stay back, and get the checkup done when okay. she is reluctant, but vihaan is convinced and says that he shall go. Harpreet asks him to come along, while she just comes. She again goes inside the bathroom, while harpreet leaves for outside.

in the living room, Arushi says that she is sure vibha is lying, and that there must be some cure, and due to the laxative mixed, she wont be able to come today with them, so that they can find out for sure why is vihaan not remembering anything back. geeta wonders what excuse to give to be able to take arushi too on the family checkup. Arushi is shocked to find vihaan and harpreet standing before them. Vihaan eyes them boggled, while they are scared that he might have heard them. He relieves them asking if they can go. they eagerly comply. harpreet asks them to go too. geeta and arushi leave. Granny sits behind in the car, with priyanka, and others, while asking arushi to sit in the front, which is more comfortable, asking her to take the hint to sit while vihaan is in the driver’s seat. She hesitates. Vihaan says that if granny wants it, then whats the problem. she complies. He then asks why is she coming along, as its their annual checkup. Granny says that she too has become a family member and hence needs a checkup given her state. being a gentleman, he comes out, and then goes to arushi’s side, he opens the door for her, while she eyes him longingly. He is boggled, while she takes his hand, much to the mothers’ happiness. he asks her to take care and sit properly, shielding her body and head. Once seated, he ensures that she is comfortable, and then shuts the door. He takes his seat and then drive, while she eyes him endearingly. He smiles and they leave.

Inside, vibha is stuck in the bathroom, and finally the maid opens it. she comes out frustrated. she gets a call, and goes to receive it. Its harpreet sadistically asking her how is she. She says that they didnt do right. They ask her to remember what she has doen to them. A verbal discussion ensues, wherein vibha threatens them that she shall hurt vihaan, if they dont mend their ways. They are tensed and ask her not to dare do it. before she can reparcate, vibha agin feels the urge to go to the bathroom, much to their amusement. she cancels the call. The maid holds her and says that she has been ordered not to let her go, as today her reality shall be exposed, and vihaan shall know the truth about her once and for all, and her going can hinder it, and she wont let it happen. Vibha struggles and manages to get free. she rushes out. In the auto, she thinks that she would have to stop vihaan anyhow, or her game shall be ruined.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
In the kitchen, kasturi tries to assure jhanvi, that soon girish shall land a job, and till he doesnt, he shall help with her business for her order deliveries. Jhanvi says that she is more tensed as he isnt talking to her, and then is about to say something but stops. Kasturi pesters her and seeing her teary eyed, she holds her hand and takes her to the room. She finds the beds separately made, and asks jhanvi since when has this been happening. jhanvi is tensed. kasturi says that definitely there’s some problem, and as a mother in law, she would have to do something.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital and On the road
Vihaan and others arrive. He gets down and instantly comes to arushi’s help, getting intimate by default, in helping her out of the car, while the mothers are happy. they all go in. In the hospital, Vihaan gets ready for the checkup and goes inside, leaving the phone outside. it starts to ring, and arushi comes to receive it. before she can say anything, she finds that its vibha, who thinks she is speaking to vihaan, in the autp herself, instigating him against his family, asking him not to get the checkup done, as his family is fooling him, and instead of a body checkup, which is routine, they are going for an examination of his brain. She says that they feel she is lying, and that they want him to separate from her. Arushi hears intently and then tells her that she got a little late in calling. Vibha says that she shall regret this forever. Arushi says that wont happen, as today vihaan shall know the true reports. She says that now its her time to be defeated as her game is over now. Vibha is worried, as she says that once the reports come, vihaan would know about her betrayal, after which he shall throw her out of the house.

Outside, vibha thinks that she would have to stop the actual reports from reaching vihaan’s family anyhow. inside they wait impatiently for the reports. The doctor tells that all tests have been done and then addressing arushi, he says that he needs to talk to her about her husband. all are surprised and tensed as to how to react, as they look at each other, while arushi stands surprised. Vihaan is thoroughly boggled. Vibha rushes in just then, sayingh that she is his wife, Mrs. Vatsal. All are distraught, including arushi. Vibha says that the doctor can discuss anything with her. Vihaan asks vibha how is she feeling, and she says that she is fine. Granny asks if they can come along too. the doctor says that they can, as they too are family. They comply, while arushi tries to get in. vibha stops her saying that she neednt go in, as if vihaan needs anything, then she should get it, and reminds her that she isnt a family member, but a servant. Arushi is hurt. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The doctor tells them, that there’s something thats stoppping vihaan’s progress, as since the incident, he hasnt made any major progress so far, and it seems that there’s some block to his gaining his memory back. he prescribes some meds nevertheless, and tells them to dosage. they all get up and begin to leave, including vibha. All leave, while granny stays back, and shuts the door. Vibha gets tensed and worried. the mothers ask her to calm down, as granny is just talking inside. granny inside, asks the doctor if there’s any other way to ensure vihaan getting his memory back. The doctor says that there’s one way but he didnt want to talk about it, in front of vibha, and hence can say it now. Granny is shocked to hear it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. ThiS story is similar to kahani ghar ghar ki

  2. arushi should leave and then they should fast forward 10 yrs showing arushi and her child in a place away from her family . on the other side it should show vihaan finally getting his memory back and going on the search to find his wife and child but when he does find them they hate him say yeah if you like this idea

  3. Hoping by next week vibha chapter come to an end cuz it so irritated to watch n hear her calling vihaan her husband and addressing arushi as a maid this is so unbearable claiming some1 else husband to be urs
    I want vihaan himself to give her a tight slap and kick her out of the house when he come to know her about her reality

  4. I believe that Vihaan must go back on a honeymoon to regain his memory.

  5. unknown your idea is not good because arushi has already lost most of her months pregnant without Vihaan being there so to make a leap of ten years now it just does not make sense she needs him to regain his memory be with her before the baby comes what my idea is that the mothers could team up and try and get the pills that she vibha is administering to Vihaan which is causing him not to remember and mix two not one every day in vibhas food for her to eat let the tables turn now and let her forget then throw her ass out on the streets or better yet call the police and inform them of what she was doing to Vihaan and let the police put her in jail to join her husband and stepmother let them fight with one another in jail that is where vibha should rightfully be because she is no different from them evil incarnate how on earth she could do this to Vihaan putting a hold on him regaining his memory just because of her obsession I hope the doctor really give granny the solution and Vihaan could get his memory back just in time for the delivery of the baby and so arushi will get her happiness back

  6. Why can’t some find that bottle of capsules and get rid of them unknowing to Vivah?

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