Satrangi Sasural 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While mini and priyanka think how to insult arushi yet agin, they point out to her to organise a sophisticated party and not a middle class one, where she hails from. Arushi resignedly leaves. Priyanka says that she would have her Plan B ready, in case arushi falters, which she definitely will. mini and priyanka are happy.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Vihaan comes and takes the money from Prahlad, saying that he got a second chance, but he spent 3000 in one might only. prahlad tries to say that it got spent in a business meeting, while Vihaan asks him not to fool him, and says that now his only option is to get a job. prahlad agrees to that too, and asks for that money too, to run the family. vihaan eyes him

angrily, and then gives it to kasturi, while she is hesitant, to keep it a secret from arushi. He hands it to her, saying that arushi should never find out about this, as this is just a help from her own son. Kasturi is shocked as she eyes the gate, calling out arushi. Vihaan and others are tensed as they find arushi standing there, looking at him accusingly. She asks why he did so, and even if he did, he hid it from her, and then talks to kasturi, too as to how could she have taken it. He asks her not to overreact. She asks him not to speak as she is talking to her family and her own mother. he asks if he isnt a past of this family, as she can become a part of his family, but he cant reciprocate the same. she asks him not to give logic, as he wouldnt have trusted her father then, and asks how could he trust her own father. Prahlad pretends to be mortified that arushi doesnt trust him. she says that she doesnt. Vihaan asks her not to overreact, but she continues to rant her frustration, that she doesnt have a job, and she is talking of self dependance. she asks them to do whatever needs to be done. she rushes out. dadaji comments that this is wrong, that they hurt arushi’s self respect like this, while vihan stands tensedly. kasturi comes and gives him the money, and he accepts it resignedly, and leaves. prahlad tries to speak, but vihaan doesnt listen.

Later, a person, named Mr. Sharma comes to their house, asking for Kasturi’s embroidery work. she welcomes him in, and he introduces himself as a saree dealer. he asks for some samples, and she rushes to get them and shows them to him, who is highly impressed. Dadaji comes out too. the person asks that there’s an order of 100 sarees, and she accepts eagerly. He pays an advance and she accepts it after Dadaji’s permission. He gives her the contact number, and then leaves. They are happy. dadaji says that her sacrifice has paid off, as she has been given a second chance, as her husband didnt do anything, but she would rise and shine. dadaji is ecstatic, of her success now, as his own children have always mortified him.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In the kitchen, priyanka finds the maid having been given wrong instructions for the microwave and stops her in time. she then starts cribbing at arushi’s naivety. Arushi returns with the stuff. priyanka asks her why did she get the veggies in such plastics. She is boggled. priyanka asks her to get over the middle class lifestyle, and shows her the plastics being used. priyanka leaves. arushi asks her to forget and begin to prepare for the party. Arushi then takes the wrong bowl to boil rice in the microwave, oblivious that it isnt meant for microwaving. Arushi leaves for decoration. Just then, vihaan comes in and tries to get her attention, but she ignores him. geeta and harpreet notice that arushi is angry at him and are boggled. vihaan apologises to arushi. harpreet tries to send arushi away for some excuse, and when she leaves, they signal him to go after her. He thanks them for the idea and leaves. he then goes to arushi, and locks the door behind him. she is tensed as to why he did that. He asks for the thing that geeta sent her here for and ignoes him. He holds her tight, while she asks to be left alone. He asks her to forgive him first, while she denies. She asks if he would get a forced forgiveness and asks if she said sorry. he says sorry and apologises profusely, not letting her go. As she tries to wrangle free, the blouse tears free from the back, and she gets nervous and leaves to change. Arushi meanwhile changes and then comes back, while he apologises again that it wasnt intentional, as he didnt do it to hurt her. he says that he was genuinely doing this to test prahlad. she asks if he doesnt know how he is. he again tries to point it out. She finally agrees and relents in. as vihaan again tries to get naughty with her, they hear the sound of an explosion and a lady’s voice screaming out and are surprised. they rush out.

In the kitchen, the boild, overheated rice is stuck to harpreet’s hands, while priyank and others tend to her pain and wounds.
Priyanka reprimands the maid for doing so, cussing her, despite having been told not to while harpreet’s hands are burnt. Arushi and vihaan come in just then. Arushi finds the broken bowl, and spilled rice, and blurts out, that the maid isnt at fault, as she kept it. priyanka glares at her angrily. Mini and vihaan are shocked. priyanka taunts arushi tht she should have asked if she didnt know how to use the microwave. Granny comes and asks if harpreet is okay. priyanka tells about arushi’s foolishness. Arushi apologises profusely. granny is tensed. priyanka says that she should have given up on her ego, and asked, as a fatal calamity could have happened. Granny asks priyanka to stop now, and then asks reprimands arushi too for her foolishness, and asks her not to use electronics now in the house. She asks the maid to clean up. They all leave. Arushi is distraught and hugs him, apologising, while he asks her to relax as this cant happen sometimes. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Nilima is ecstatic to see the surprise party that her family have thrown for her, and they all start enjoying the party. Gaurav Diwan, her lover meanwhile is dressed up too, saying that today they shall meet and be close to each other, after a gap of 18 long years. He finally arrives at the party.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Why are they so hard on Arushi still.Whether you are middle class ,third class or first class this does not mean that every one can cook rice in a microwave.And them being first class as they boast ,there is something calls rice cooker.I cannot wait to see what will Nilima’s re-actions when her long lost boyfriend appears on the scene.I would love to see her handle this situation.Now she has something to worry about.

  2. this serial is also a lot of shit tooooooooooooooo slow and boring

  3. Just have hard rocking s*x

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