Satrangi Sasural 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra makes another batch of maggi. She goes to put somer salt, and is surprised. Kyra finds the salt container completely empty and then wonders why was narmada holding it and what was she doing. She decides to go and ask narmada. she turns around and is shocked to find narmada looming over her, asking her ominously if she wishes to ask her something. Kyra gets scaared and hesitantly asks if she put the salt, and narmada holds her hand and bangs it in the slap multiple times, while kyra is apalled. She says that she shall now be thrown out. She then takes kyra by the head and bangs it against the slab, when her hand falls on the idol kept there. When narmada tries to strike again, she gets an electric jolt due to the god’s idol’s

power, and is scared to see the lord. Narmada screams and then says that now she shall see what happens to armaan in the bathroom. Kyra is dizzy but gets alert hearing this. she composes herself and manages to rush out somehow, but isnt able to go far as she collapses on the ground, concerned for arhaan.

Meanwhile, arhaan takes off his glasses and then is ready to take a bath in the bathroom, when the place starts filling up with hot smoke, and wonders where is it coming from. he starts suffocating in the warm smoke. he tries to open the gate but isnt able to. he is distraught. Kyra gets up again and begins to go, but feels dizzy and is about to fall, when vihaan holds her midway and then she asks him to save arhaan. He wonders whats the matter, and then she keeps ranting to save their son. He asks her to compose herself, while rushing for the bathroom. kyra too drags behind her. vihaan hears arhaan’s coughs and is helpless, wondering what to do. after much efforts, he breaks the door open, and they both are shocked to find arhaan unconscious on the floor. he pulls off the plug of the geyser. He is shocked and covering him with a towel, he gets him out, after he isnt able to revive him insidee. they all come and rush to him, while vihaan is tensed, as they place arhaan on the sofa. narmada angrily refrains kyra from holding him, while she is shocked. They are all relieved to find arhaan having regained senses. They are boggled as to how it happened. narmada places the entire fault that she did on kyra. kyra is shocked and boggled too, as she starts connecting the weird behaviour together. all eyes turn questioningly and accusingly at her. she understands that narmada isnt behaving normal and she is under hypnosis, as she can never even attempt to do this at all. she accepts the blame much to their surprise, while narmada stands victoriously. Vihaan is enraged and doesnt grant her forgiveness and angrily takes arhaan inside. Kyra apologises in her mind thinking that she has to do this, to get to the bottom of whats happening. she says that she cant tell the truth till she finds it herself. She says that she shall prevent vihaan and her sasural from every kind of trouble, and draw her mother out too, and thats a mother’s. a wife’s and a bahu’s promise.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Sunny comes and finds someone under the covers and assuming its pinky, throws a chit at her. But he is shocked when pinky comes from behind and insistently takes him from there while he is scared of thr goofup. when dolly wakes up and finds the chit which says that she shall have to come to his room, at ten in the night, she is amused at this naughty gesture of his. later, while he is in his room, she too throws a chit at him, saying that she shall meet him in his room, at ten tonight, in his bed. He is shocked while she shyly leaves. He is disgusted and wonders how to get out of this mess. He shoves the chit away and it lands on pinky’s feet who reads it and is excited about the night too. later in the night, pinky comes and decides to sneak in the bed, before sunny finds out. Dolly comes after sometime and finds someone inside the bed, and thinking that its sunny, sneaks in too. both are shocked to find each other and scream. Sunny hears this and rushes to the room. they both reprimand him accusingly and walk out. he is frustrated.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Late in the night, as all get ready to sleep, kyra comes and alights the earthen lamp, that boggles everyone, but highly unsettles narmada, who asks her insistently to stop it. Then vihaan comes and resignedly asks her to do whatever she feels. Kyra continues, while narmada starts getting unnerved. She sneaks in the kitchen and backs in the corner, when kyra finds that its effective lands behind her in the kitchen.

meanwhile, while maata and bebo are sitting, bebo asks if they can hypnotise kyra and then get her to sign the paperts, and maata denies that this cant be, as she is at a much higher level of devotion towards the family. She suddenly senses something and tells bebo that someone is trying to take off the hynosis that she did on narmada.

Meanwhile, kyra comes to the kitchen and continues spraying hole smoke at her, while she is apalled and highly disturbed at the sight of godly things. Unable to bear her plight, kyra takes it away and rushes to her asking if she is okay. narmada getting her advantage, grabs hold of kyra’s throat while she lets out a scream, alerting other mothers in the drawing room. She gasps for breath.

Precap: Kyra is deliberately locked in a room, where maata sprays some powder on her, ans she starts coughing. Later, while walking on the road, she collapses and vihaan is boggled. A doctor comes and tells him after inspecfting her, that he apologises but she is no more. he is shocked and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. today I was watching older episodes from last year before that witch vibha stepped in. relived the happiness of how happy this show was… Everyone was so happy , full of life , great bonding of the family. It’s sad what rubbish these stupid directors made it now. It made me cry. seriously.. I hate how they run indian serials these days . sighh 🙁

  2. Same hear too

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