Satrangi Sasural 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mili fuming with rage, does the veggies, while geeta enjoys her minitv. she accidentally and intentionally spills the daal on her saree, while geeta reprimands her for her carelessness, and hurries to change the saree. She hurrieddly tries to use this chance to use her magic, but just then, much to her frustration, narmada comes in and tries to be concerned for her, asking if she is okay. Mili replies in confirmation tensedly, and is irritated as she sticks around.

Meanwhile, outside, granny keeps vihaan occupied with her gardening talks, so that he cant get to mili. He however wishes to go in. Kyra comes in too, and asks whats the hurry. He doesnt reply anything. Just then, they hear narmada screaming. As narmada clutches at the juicer

mixer, she is shocked as she starts screaming, her hands glued to the machine, while all are apalled and horrified to see her. Mili is amused. Vihaan is tensed. Kyra uses her brains to get her off the juicer, using wood, and she lands on vihaan, whose hand accidentally gets cut by knife. all attend to her while she ie scared. Kyra meanwhile notices vihaan and mili sharing signals, and how she rectifies the wound in his hand due to the knife. She understands that vihaan is in mili’s control, hence he has been behaving so good to her recently. they take narmada in, while mili rushes to get the ointment, while vihaan wonders that it was meant to electrocute kyra and not narmada. kyra is tensed and is almost certain, as she overviews the recent happenings, that maybe vihann is after this. Geeta is boggled as to how this happened, since there wasnt any spark. kyra asks vihaan to come along, while he getsd tensed and says that he wont go leaving narmada. granny asks him to go alng, and he has no option but to comply.

Meanwhile, mili uses the magic and puts the veggies for curry, as she hears kyra taking vihaan out insistently, and decides that she has to find out where they went, and whats kyra upto. She meanwhile rushes back to the room, asking granny where they went. granny says that kyra took him somewhere. she is tensed. Narmada asks her to put the ointment and she complies. geeta notices something burning, and reaches the kitchen along with others to find that the food is spoilt. granny tells mili tht she shall have to start from scratch, while she is frustrated.

Meanwhile, on the road, kyra takes an auto, while vihaan tries to message to mili, that they are going to the temple. But he isnt able to since, she intervenes. But then she blurts out that she is doing all this fo her family, and then. He hugs her, and usses this chance to send the message. mili reads this message and is frustrated. She tries to get out, but granny intentinally stops her and asks her to help with the student’s project. She excuses herself and goes to the bathroom, where sghe alerts her gurumata, about kyra’s intentions, and asks her to do something. she then cancels the call, and walks past the walls, to the outer side, while granny keeps beating the door at this end, wondering whats mili upto thats taking her so long.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Kyra and vihaan arrive, wherein after much hesitation, and the blowing of heavy winds due to the chants, done by Mili’s aide, she remains undaunted and take him upstairs along with the priest to begin with the puja. he hesitantly starts it, without having any other option. the screen freezes on her hopeful face, as she prays that all goes well.

Precap: Mili arrives in the auto, to find vihaan and kyra playfully romancing, and gets frustrated as to how can vihaan, who is inher control do this. She dials his number, and he sees her call, and cancels it, while getting back again with kyra. Mili is furious.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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