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Satrangi Sasural 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Harpreet has enrolled in a cooking competition and she asks assistance help frm all the other ladies of the house. All others Moms say that they are busy or they dont like crowd etc. Harpreet is sad and says no one is bothered about her her and goes to her room. Vihaan follows her and tries to cheer her up. She says I just needed to have someone so that I dont forget anything. Everyone laughs at me because of my forgetful nature. Vihaan pacifies her and gives her a diary to account all activities. He also teels her she find her assistant there. Harpreet says that she wishes for a daughter in law who reminbds her whenever she forgets something. Vihaan says Amen to that

Vihaan plans to somehow get Arushi to help chachi ma but in the meantime Priyanka (Bua

Maa) decides to go to an art exhibition. On the way her car breaks down. Saarthi tells her it will take time. By chance arushi comes there in a Rikshaw and gives her a lift as she is going to the same venue. Sarthi calls and tells Vihaan . Vihaan gets tension.

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Vihaan calls arushi and te;ls her not to react at all and that his bua ma is sitting next to her. arushi gets shocked. Vihaan says I was planning you to meet chachi ma first but as you have met bua ma try to impress her. She is a fan of Birju maharaj and classical dance and music . Arushi says she cant make thiss report as she has no knowledge on this matter. Vihaan says she need not give the whole exam and says out of all his moms bua ma is the toughest nut and that she has no weekness but if God has brought you two together then there must be a reason, Be confidant and pass ypour second test. she is says ok fine

Arushi pretends to like the music Priyanka is listening to. She tries to impress her by saying is it thumri and that she loves Birju maharaj. Priyanka says she didnt think the generation of today was interested in this all. She says she loves classical. Priyanka asks her who is her favourite. She is perplexed and says all. she likes all. Priyanka says hers is bheem sen joshi.Arushi says hers too and that she had gone to his concert . Prinka stares at her and say7s bheemsen Joshi dies four years ago. Then she starts berating todays generation for being a show off and tells Arushi never to meet her again and gets off the rikshaw.

Geeta (Tai Ma) tells Harpreet (Chachi ma ) that she has chosen a girl for Vihaan . Harpreet gets exited and Geeta says that as Narmada had said we all will make Vihaan meet the girl of our choice and then once Vihaan finalizes things will move forward. I am sure Vihaan will like this girl. Harpreet says I also want to meet her. Geeta agrees

Arushi meets Vihaan and says its her fault but Vihaan says iits his mistake as they took it up unplanned. Vihaan says we will take a return on this next time. Right now we will concentrate on chaachi maa. Arushi says she wont be able to do it. Vihaan convinces her with his love and shows her pic of chachi ma and gives all details about her also says she wont need to do any cooking and that Chachi ma is not strict like bua ma she is very kind . She will soon like you and our score will be 2 on 7

Arushi’s father is stealing some money and when her mom yries to stop him hhe threatens her with valence. She says last time she had stopped Arushi but this time if he did anything she will go to the police station. He keeps the money back

Arushi tries her hand at making roti. It has not come iyt well but still dadu apprreciates her efforts but says that she needs some practice. Arushi thinks how will she pass now. Girish sees the entire thing and wonders who are they tring to impress .

Priyanka is showing a picture of Birju maharaj to Geeta. Vihaan comes there and she asks him who is he? He says he is a big bharatnatyam dancer. Prianka says this is the problem of this generation they are zero on Indian culture .She tells all that she had met a girl like that today and goes.

Vihan thinks that he had given wrong answer so that Bua Ma doesnt feel arushi is the only one who is zero on the subject but it seems very tough to soften bua ma now

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Gitanjali

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