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Satrangi Sasural 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Vibha cribs and screams about secvere itching in her legs, while he tries to tell her not to scratch so much. the mothers come in, and pretend to be extra concerned. vibha says that someone deliberately did this, thats why her legs are itching so much. She points to arushi. The mothers ask what motive does arushi have. Vihaan too is unconvinced. they all try to enforce that she has allergies to the kumkum probably. they ask vihaan to step away and not put kumkum in her forehead, as it would scratch there too. vihaan is perplexed. Vibha tells vihaan, that she is sure that they mixed something in the kumkum solution, deliberately. Vihaan is perplexed. They are all amused. She says that she can prove, as if this isnt done by arushi, then arushi

should fill her forehead with the same kumkum. She says that if arushi isnt affected by the kumkum, then she would understand that she is allergic to kumkum, but if something happens, then they would be sure that she has mixed something in the kumkum, and then vihaan shall throw her out. they are all shocked, while arushi stands surprised too. The mothers are worried. They all gather in the living area. Arushi eyes her sternly. Vibha asks why is she staring like this, as its an order from the owner of the house, and asks her to take some kumkum and apply on the forehead. Arushi stands sternly, while all mothers are worried for her. Vibha taunts why does she hesitate if she is married. Granny says that she is pregnant, and hence this shall adversely affect the child too, if she gets alerrgies. Vibha reminds that according to them, there’s only kumkum, then why is she so bothered. She is sure that there’s something. arushi says that there’s nothing in it, and she shall comply, as she cant let her marital status be insulted, eyeing vihaan, and says thats the difference between her and vibha herself. vibha eyes her angrily, and then bends to pick the thali. all the mothers are worried. She hands out the thali of solution, to arushi. All are tensed for arushi. arushi and vibha eye each other. Vihaan is perplexed. Arushi takes the kumkum, and puts one drop on her finger, eyeing her determinedly, with a smile on her face, as she eyes vihaan. She then takes it and places it on her forehead, while vibha watches amused. the mothers are surprised and worried for arushi. she eyes vihaan longingly, who seems boggled. Arushi stands composed, while vibha is boggled as to why isnt she reacting. vihaan stands up for her, saying that nothing happened to arushi, and this means vibha herself is allergic. vibha is angry, while arushi smiles at her. Vibha tells arushi that she doesnt know how she did it, but knows that she did something. she eyes arushi angrily. she asks vihaan to come inside, as her legs are paining badly. they both leave. Granny and others ask what happened. arushi gives the credit to the maid, and says that she knew vibha would react like this, and at the last minute, pushpa changed the thali deftly. They are amused. Arushi says that as long as its for winning over her husband, she doesnt mind cheating, and that her mothers are with her in this. they all happily bless her.

Later in the night, while vibha is highly uncomfortable with the itch, vihaan suggests to call a doctor and she instantly agrees. But geeta and mini come in with haldi paste, and force vibha amusingly to allow them to put it, for relief. Vibha is scared. vibha doesnt agree and presses him for a doctor. geeta says that their solution shall work far better. Mini holds her feet, and then asks vihaan to go out for sometime. He complies. Vibha asks him to stay back, and mini amusingly asks if they would eat her. Vibha is unconvinced, but he says that he shall wait outside, and the mothers shall take good care of her. mini and geeta smile, saying that they shall surely do so. They apply haldi on her feet while she cringes in discomfort.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
Jhanvi comes out searching for girish, and finds him smoking in one corner of the road. she is apalled, and rushes inside. Girish is tensed. he thinks that she would now go inside and tell kasturi. He hollers after her. inside, kasturi stops herself barely, from hitting him, saying that it was her fault, to have believed that he is a changed man, and that he got influenced positively by arushi and vihaan, as he had forgotten that his father’s blood runs through him. He is surprised. Jhanvi is crying. Kasturi says that she would tell arushi straightaway how wrong she was about him. Girish stops her saying that its wrong to stress her in this delicate condition, when even vihaan isnt also with her. Kasturi snidely remarks that atleast he is still concerned for his sister atleast. he stands tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Outside, granny snubs harpreet who wants to go inside. meanwhile arushi feels a kick and tells this to them and they too start feeling it. just then, vihaan passes by and asks whats the matter. they tell him and he is happy too. He asks how do they know if the baby has kicked. They awkwardly tell that they have to place the hand on the stomach to feel it. On the mothers’ nudge, arushi intentionally goes close to vihaan, and when the baby kicks again, she loses her balance. Arushi almost slips, and falls right in vihaan’s arms, who holds out his hand to prevent her from falling, while his one hand rests on their unborn baby in her belly, and the other around her neck, to comfort her. A romantic yet awkward eyegaze follows, while vihaan seems perplexed and boggled. He then tells with a jerk, that he kicked, and arushi looks at him with teary eyes full of love and longing. He is boggled, and goes inside. Arushi is very happy to be so close to vihaan again. Arushi gets overwhelmed with emotions, and tells granny and harpreet who too get teary eyed, seeing her happy, that vihaan felt their baby for the first time today and she is glad that it started somewhere and soon vihaan shall regain his entire memory back, as his child shall make him remember everything, and bring him back to them and her. they comply. they are very happy for her. the screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap: Geeta and mini ask vihaan and vibha to be ready tomorrow, early, as they have to go for the annual checkup. vibha is tensed, while vihaan is boggled, but complies. the next morning, while vihaan is ready, he finds vibha still in her nightgown, very tensed. He asks why isnt she ready. she says that she isnt well and wont be able to go. he leaves. In the hospital, Vihaan gets ready for the checkup and goes inside, leaving the phone outside. it starts to ring, and arushi comes to receive it. before she can say anything, she finds that its vibha, who thinks she is speaking to vihaan, in the autp herself, instigating him against his family, asking him not to get the checkup done, as his family is fooling him, and instead of a body checkup, which is routine, they are going for an examination of his brain. Arushi hears intently and then tells her that she got a little late in calling. She says that now its her time to be defeated as her game is over now. Vibha is worried.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. come on arushi work on Vihaan get him by himself show him your wedding pictures remind him of the honeymoon and what happened try your best and jog his memory before these writers make him end up like ahil you baby must not come into this world without him or her having the comfort of Vihaan I cannot wait till Vihaan knows the truth and throw vibhas ass in the streets without a second thought

  2. Come on arushi,be vibrant

  3. Nice episode how vihaan is not getting any flashback while standing next to that witch or when he hold arushi anyway in the end good will win over evil
    Actress Alefia Kapadia Will enter satrangi sasural she will essay the role of Karuna a rich married who will live life to the fullest however after meeting arushi brother grish she will fell head over heel in love with him and in no time she will make him fall for her a role is negative and a again if she is a married woman them state on social media then who is her husband well jhanvi look out cuz problem is coming ur way too it will be two married woman fight against evil women to protect they husband’s

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