Satrangi Sasural 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the moms r scolding ArHaan for letting the man in…Just then dadi asks abt the guy who ran away from the house…They ask her to leave the matter and they all go into their rooms…Maasi ma notices a rose and a letter pinned to the mirror and gets worried thinking abt her husband…She rushes to tell all this to dadi but couldnt as she feels dadi is already tensed…

Vihaan notices Maasi ma’s saree in his cupboard and wonders abt it..While he is going out he notices Aarushi’s phone ringing…He lifts the phone and Aarushi’s mom tells all abt Vihaan giving money to Prahlad thinking its Aarushi…Vihaan asks her to trust him and Prahlad and not to inform this to Aarushi…He notices Aarushi and puts down the phone…He manages

Aarushi when she asks abt it…When he asks abt the saree, she informs him that it is Maasi ma’s saree..He asks her not to enquire abt this any further with anyone in the house including him…She tells him abt Maasi ma’s worry but he asks her to stay out of it and leaves…

Nxt morning, Neelima finds a bouquet of roses and gets worried…Aarushi asks her abt the sender, Dadi asks her to call everyone…Everyone assemble in the hall and Dadi asks Neelima abt her phone being switched off..Then she asks Neelima to come to her and take her blessings…Dadi, then informs everyone abt the award won by Neelima…everyone becomes happy and congratulates Neelima…Vihaan leaves for office…Neelima thanks Dadi for giving her good news and asks pushpa to bring the bouquet to her room

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Aarushi notices that the note fell off from the bouquet and she goes into Neelima’s room to give it…She notices that Gautam Divan has gifted her that..She receives the call of Gautam on Neelima’s phone but before she could speak, Neelima comes and reprimand her for lifting her phone…Aarushi apologizes and then informs her abt Gautam Divan gifting her the bouquet…Neelima gets shocked on learning the call is also from Gautam…She tries to talk but Gautam cuts the phone..Neelima scolds Aarushi for coming into the room and asks her to take away the bouquet also..

Harpreet informs Aarushi abt the party for Neelima on her success…Priyanks asks her to organise it and Aarushi agrees to it and wants it to make Maasi ma very happy…

PRECAP::Mini ma and Bua ma discuss abt Aarushi arranging the party and Priyanka is confident that Aaruhsi will fail…

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