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Satrangi Sasural 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the temple and Magistrate’s office
the jaimala happens as per the priest, while bebo and her friends bear witness. Vihaan is reminiscient of his marrieg with arushi as he dons the jaimala around kyra’s neck. The priest begins with the other rituals, as bebo does the gadhbandhan, and then the pheras start. vihaan remembers his first marriage and does so tensedly. Kyra too is tensed and awkward at this weird situation that they are both stuck in. The pheras are done and then the riest asks them to sit down for the rest of the rituals. then he asks vihaan to don the mangalsutra, and he picks it up, remembering arushi and then with great difficulty, he dons it on kyra, who herself is in tears as she eyes him. bebo stands happily as one by one, the rituals

commence. When the sindoor happens, bebo takes a pic as a poor, and being strong, he dons it for narmada’s sake. the priest proclaims them to be husband and wife. Bebo comes to kyra and asks her to sign the marriage certificate and then when kyra is done, she asks vihaan too to do the same. he complies. Then bebo leaves to send the pics to the lawyer. the lawyer shows the pics that bebo sent to him, to the magistrate and the uncle, that the marriage is done and kyra is married from today. Mamji says that this is a fraud, only to get his father’s property. The lawyer says that its genuine, and that he requests him to cancel the uncle’s petition. they start fighting. the magistrate proclaims that kyra is married, and even if its a fraud then they shall look at it, but for now, hsi petition stands null. mamaji is frustrated. The magistrate says that for the next 3 months, the court shall be having a close eye on their marriage and if they find that its fake, then she shall face criminal charges. the lawyer thanks the magistrate and leaves. He calls and tells the same to bebo, and then adds what the magistrate told what if the marriage turned fake. bebo complies and asks him not to worry as she shall handle that. she is tensed, and then comes back and tells the good news to kyra, and also magistrate’s reservation, and how they shall have to actually live as husband and wife, as the court feels that its a fake marriage due to the property, and if they find so, kyra can face legal action. they are tensed and surprised. bebo asks him to get his stuff from his house. He is boggled and asks what it means. bebo says that she wants him to shift with kyra, so that it looks like a genuine marriage. He asks if she is suggesting to be a Ghar Jamaai. bebo complies. He says that this wasnt a part of the deal and he wont comply to this, and leave his mothers and children at any cost, to live with her. he says that if he wants the world to know that this is a real marriage, then kyra shall have to stay with him in his house. bebo and kyra are shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Granny and others get to know from the doctor, that narmada’s pulse rate has dropped badly, and they should start praying, as if the operation isnt start soon, it would be difficult to save her. Just then, the nurse takes the doctor, and they are hopeful that the doctors have started the operation, which means vihaan said yes. They are hopeful.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny and others thank the lord profusely for having saved narmada’s life. all get to working. Just then, nilima comes in and all are surprised. she asks how could they not tell her. geeta comes and eyes them curtly, asking why should she be told. Nilima says that she is still a part of this family, and hence when she was in the neighbourhood, she came here when she got to know of this. Priyanka too comes in with the luggage, boggled and confused. geeta says that had she been so concerned she should have come earlier. priyanka asks how is her condition. They tell her. priyanka asks where did vihaan manage so much money, as it isnt even given as a loan. geeta says that she too is concerned as to what he did to arrange the money. just then, vihaan comes in saying that he shall die but never steal again. they turn around to find kyra and vihaan, as they both come in with the jaimala, and kyra with her sindoor, mangalsutra and the jaimala. geeta recognises the girl. others are shocked and boggled too.

As vihaan and kyra come back to the house, with the jaimala, and the vermillion on her forehead, geeta vents out her anger seeing kyra, saying that she has the audacity to come here after what she did and its good that she came, as her insult was long overdue, and finally she herself got the chance to teach her a lesson. She is about to raise her hand to slap kyra, when vihaan stops her, by holding her hand. she and the others are surprised. harpreet asks geeta to do this later on, and first they need to ask who is she and what she is doing here with him. granny too asks seeing her marital status. He says that this is kyra, and she fumbles and says that they can call her KI. Vihaan hesitaes and fumbles to speak, and then finally when he is unable to, kyra speaks out that they got married. This shocks everyone out of their wits. harpreet asks if she has gone mad, and nilima asks her never to joke on this topic. Granny asks vihaan what dioes this mean. He says that she is right. kyra asks if she can come in. harpreet denies and asks her to stay there only. They are all shocked and tensed. She asks him to come in. He is tensed, but complies, when they instruct her. harpreet shuts the door, on her face, saying that they need to speak to him in private. Kyra stands shocked. inside, mini asks if this is true, and priyanka congratulates her. harpreeta sks how can she be happy. Mini and priyanka are happy for him. granny is tensed. harpreet says that this isnt right. Nilima asks how can he give arushi’s place to someone else. Harpreet takes him and then shows him arushi’s pic, and then asks him how could he do this, and even think of another marriage. geeta comes and asks whats the problem, as arushi was vihaan’s past and he should move on. geeta asks why cant they see that vihaan has stopped living and smiling and being happy, ever since she left. harpreet asks her to stay quiet. geeta says that the choice could have been better but she is happy he remarried. harpreet says that when he has done this, then he shall have to prove that he has forgotten his past and moved on, by throwing this pic of arushi rightaway. They are tensed. the screen freezes on vihaan’s face as he eyes arushi’s pic.

Precap: Harpreet tells that kyra shall not have a grihapravesh, and if she does so, it shall happen over her dead body. geeta gets angry and tells them that it shall happen and asks her to stop this nonsense. kyra finally opens the door. geeta says that it shall happen and she shall see who tries to stop it. she gets the kalash of rice. harpreet tales it away. they enter into a scuffle. Kyra and vihaan are shocked and appalled to see this. The mothers are tensed too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Crazy storyline – do not watch but read the write-up , even that is confusing. JUST LOVED ARUSHI and her how she won over the mothers

  3. Marie Taylor

    I cant stand that new girl at all, firstly she can never replace Arushi! She was the best of best ? I don’t know why they chose to remove her, I don’t even watch this show anymore I hardly remember to read, because its total crap!

  4. Yes it is a blo*dy crap….totally useless storyline….unnecessary extension to the serial.better to end it up

  5. why the writers don’t understand they can’t replace arushi wid kaira….. she was the bst…this is useless story….either bring arushi in the serial or stop it..

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