Satrangi Sasural 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
geeta reprimands narmada and priyanka as they plan and plot to toture and traumatise her so much so, that kyra runs out of the house herself. Maata and bebo hear this. bebo is happy and tells maata that its good if she is driven away herself as it makes their job so much easier. Maata asks what about her property then, amnd how is this good for her. bebo says that there is only 15 days left for the contract to end, and once it does, kyra would have been tortured so much so, that she would immediately divorce vihaan, as the love goes out of air itself. they smile viciously.

Inside, Kyra apologises to narmada saying that she is sorry if she hurt her. Narmada tells kyra that it is too late now, as she hasnt hurt her, but this is what

she deserves, as she broke her heart. she says that she did the unthinkable of accusing her of trying to murder her own son. She asks kyra to let bygones be bygones, and assures kyra that she wont have any problem due to her. kyra is boggled and tensed to hear her say and talk like this. While she is working in the kitchen, she wonders why narmada said so, and then suddenly she remembers narmada having ropes in her hand and understand that she was talking suicidal. she is shocked. When she rushes in narmada’s room, she is shocked to find narmada having committed suicide, by hanging herself to the fan. she screams out in shock and despair. she rushes out, to go and call others, who are shocked and ask her whats the matter. amidst much despair, kyra finally manages to tell them of narmada’s suicide. they are shocked and apalled. vihaan rushes in with others in tow. maata and bebo are boggled to see this. Inside, vihaan finds narmada working normally, and rushes to her, clutching her. Narmada asks whats the matter and why are they all so scared. they are boggled, while kyra is out of her wits. she tries to speak, but then vihaan turns to her and asks whats all this. when narmada hears this, she pretends to be shocked and hurt. narmada asks her why would she do this, and kyra is boggled. others are boggled, while narmada reprimands her saying that finally what she wanted she uttered too, as she wants her to be dead too. She tells granny that either kyra is too smart or too mad, or else why would she keep creating troubles like this. All are tensed, while kyra is distraught. Narmada tells him that he knows that she would never do this, and tells him that if kyra stays here, then their destruction is inevitable. She hastily rushes out. All accusingly eye kyra, while she doesnt have a clue. As narmada goes outside. kyra turns to granny and begs her to believe her. They dont understand whats going on. narmada rushes out, barely able to control her laughter, and meets priyanka. Priyanka asks if she is okay. They have a good laugh at this, and then decide that they shall declare her mad and insane. Bebo and maata hear this and are shocked, as bebo says that now they dont need to do anything and just sit back and enjoy, as they torture kyra. She says that now things shall happen as they want them to. Priyanka then comes inside the house and tells kyra that after what she did, its impossible to believe her. granny leaves from there without saying a word, and other mothers too. She then turns to vihaan and asks him to believe, but he jerks his hand away from her grasp, and goes in. she is shattered. Arhaan holds her hand while she is surprised. He says that he believes her, as she never lies, and also teaches them not to. vihaan from behind the door, sees her cajoling the child. Arhaamn asks if she would be able to cure narmada, and she says that she shall try. vihaan is tensed. He thinks that he doesnt believe that kyra is lying, and isnt convinced, and wonders as to why kyra is talking like this, and maybe there is something, that he cant quite put his finger to. bebo hears this, and wonders that she had thought she could sit back and enjoy, but this child can act as kyra’s shield, and she shall have to seek maata’s help once again. She says that she has to get kyra rid of the family, and for that she has to do something, that makes the child hate kyra.

Scene 2:
Location: Maata’s lair
Maata does the chants, when she tells bebo that if they have to instigate the child against kyra, they have to use narmada, as she is the only one in that house, who is mentally weak, and through her, they can capture the child very easily and instigate him. she starts the chants, and then asks bebo to blow this powder on narmada and then they can use her. Bebo takes it and leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Sunny comes in and dolly plays peekaboo with him. they hug each other lovingly. He tells her that he had gone to the priest, and got back two lemons infused with magic, to strengthen their love. they hurriedly get to it, and then squeeze out lemon juice. they are about to drink, when she tells him that she has a two mouthed straw, that they can use and rushes to get ot. He decides that he should take the other lemons and go in the kitchen, to take the full juice out, so that their love grows deeper. meanwhile, dolly comes in and finding the lemon juice, she drinks it all, being parched and thirsty. Just then, he comes out and finds that she drank it all. She starts to seduce him, while he is distraught and apalled.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In the name of puja, when narmada comes back from the market, bebo blows the powder on narmada, and she immediately falls in their influence.bebo smiles evilly as she goes inside in a daze.

While working in the kitchen, kyra hollers at arhaan and then rushes out to check on him as the breakfast is ready. narmada comes in a daze and tampers with the Maggi that she made for arhaan, by putting the entire amount of salt, and then leaves, while just then, kyra comes and finds her going out. Kyra is tensed, but she pours out noddles, and serves them to arhaan, who is extremely happy. as he tastes, he makes a disgusting face and says that its full of salt. she tastes it herself and finds that he isnt lying. she is shocked as to how this happened. she then tells arhaan that its okay, and she makes a mistake too sometimes. She asks him go and get ready for a bath, while she adjusts the water for him, in the geyser. he complies. she sets the geyser and walks out. Narmada then comes in and tampers with the geyser to extra hot, and thinks that now all shall see what she does. the screen freezes on her scary face.

Precap: Kyra finds the salt container completely empty and then wonders why was narmada holding it and what was she doing. She decides to go and ask narmada. she turns around and is shocked to find narmada looming over her, asking her ominously if she wishes to ask her something. Kyra gets scaared and hesitantly asks if she put the salt, and narmada holds her hand and bangs it in the slap multiple times, while kyra is apalled. Meanwhile, arhaan takes off his glasses and then is ready to take a bath in the bathroom, when the place starts filling up with hot smoke, and wonders where is it coming from. he starts suffocating in the warm smoke.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Are they mad
    All the show they are showing black magic which doesn’t exist
    What they think viewers are mad or fools

  2. I think they have run out of a story line , rather watch ek tha raja ek thi rani thousand times better

  3. One thing over and over a wife and daughter in law alwsys have to get blame nobody listen to them sometime not even the huaband support

  4. Is black magic the norm in these places.

  5. They should bring back something like Pavitra Rishta or Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi Ho. All this black magic disgrace to East Indian culture

  6. Yea right!! Black magic now.. Is the writer don’t have anything intresting to write?

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