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Satrangi Sasural 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vihaan holding the mani in his hand and looks at it. Guru ji informs him that he is Ansh/part of the Mahavini. Vihaan is shocked. Guruji says this problem can be solved in Samshaan/crematorium. Vihaan goes out. He says if Vasundara is Mahavini, then it means I am her son. He says this can’t be possible. If Vasundara is threat to my family,then I will not leave her in any circumstances. He gets Vasundara’s call, who wishes him happy birthday and asks what do you think that you are very smart. Vihaan says Vasundara, I came to know about your truth, I know you are Mahavini, I won’t leave you. Vasundara says really, guess what, I have hypnotized Kaira and she is in my control, and can kill your kids at any time. Kaira is seen in Mahavini’s control and stares the kids.

Kids asks what happened to you mum. Vasundara tells Vihaan that his mums are coming in their car, their car will slip because of the oil and accident will happen. Vihaan gets shocked and scared. Vihaan asks what do you want? Vasundara says I want my Mani back, it has my strength. She asks him to decide what is more important to me, to save his wife and kids, or to save his mums. Vihaan is shocked and says hello as vasundara disconnects the call. His mums meet with an accident. He says what to do God? He hears his kids’ voice screaming for their life, and his mums’ voice asking him to save them. He finds himself in dilemma. He wonders what to do and shouts Maa. Guruji asks Gomti to wake up and says your family needs you today. He says you have never accepted defeat and have binded your family. He asks her to wake up. He prays to God to help them.

Mahavini/Vasundara sees Vihaan running on road. His mums are seen struck in the car and shout for help. Vihaan comes there and shouts Maa. He tries opening the car’s door as it is turned down. Vasundara smiles. Kaira lights the match sticks. Their kids shout for Vihaan. Kaira throws the match stick near the kids. Gomti/Badi Maa gains consciousness and sees Guruji. She folds her hands. Vihaan asks his mums to try to open the door and asks Maasi Maa to come out first. He tries opening the door, and climbs on to the car to help them come out of car. He holds their hand and takes them out to safety place. His mum looks at him and gets emotional. He recalls Guru ji’s words. His mum says I thought I will not see you again. Vihaan gets emotional and hugs her. Mahavini sees them hugging and says she will make the way more tough for Vihaan. She blasts the car. Vihaan and his mums get shocked.

Vihaan asks his sister in law to take care of his mums and says he will go and bring Kaira and kids. He takes all his mum’s blessings and hugs them. Vasundara says you can’t be alive or your family. She says Guru ji knows everything, so I will attack him now. She attacks him with her evil powers, and Guruji dies. Shea sks him to rest and let her do her work. Vihaan comes to the crematorium ground and thinks there is nobody here? Vasundara says this is illusion/ bharam jaal, and you will hear your kids’ screams. Vihaan looks for his kids. He finally finds his kids and opens their hands. He asks his son to hold her sister’s hand and hide there. Kaira goes near Vihaan and is about to attack him with knife, but Vihaan holds her hand and asks what you are doing Kaira. Daimaa calls on Kaira’s number. Vasundara picks the call and talks in Kaira’s voice, says they are fine and Vihaan is with them. Daimaa asks them to come fast.

Part 2:

Vasundara disconnects the call and smiles. Vihaan tells Kaira that she is under someone’s control and asks her to identify herself. Kaira tries to kill him. Vihaan looks at the magical locket in her neck and takes it out. Kaira faints and falls in his arms. Vihaan asks her to open eyes. Vasundara sees everything in the ball and comes there. Vihaan keeps Kaira on ground and faces Vasundara. She says it is good that you have saved your kids’ life and asks him to return her mani. Vihaan thinks of Guruji’s words and thinks seeing her pic with badi maa. Vasundara says I am eldest one among your mums and you can’t do bad with me. Vihaan says I have seen my mums after opening my eyes, and you are nothing infront of them, I can’t forget even God for my mums. He says about this mani, and shows the mani in his hand. Vasundara eyes the mani. Vihaan says this mani have evil strengths, and that’s why it need to end/damage. He throws it in fire before Vasundara could take it.

Vasundara says my mani is burnt to ashes and says Vihaan have to bear the punishment now. Vihaan says all the troubles will end like this. Vasundara picks up a rod and hits on his head. Vihaan gets hurt and falls down unconscious. Kaira gains consciousness and sees Vihaan lying unconsciously. She shouts Vihaan and runs to him. She asks him to open eyes and says we have to leave from here. Other Guru ji tells Gomti that Vihaan needs her. Vihaan tells Kaira that she…..Kaira asks who? Vihaan says Mahavini….Maa…He dies. Lamp is blown away in the house and everyone is shocked. Kaira shouts at his death. A song plays……………Kaira asks him to wake up and cries.

Kids makes arrangements for Father’s day and shows the poster to their grannies. He says dad will bring many gifts for us today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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