Satrangi Sasural 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Mili’s hotel
Kyra explains to granny, geeta and nilima, that mili isnt at the orphanage, as it shut down 2 years back. they are all shocked, and wonder why would she lie about staying at the hotel. kyra assures them that she means harm to them and the family. They are tensed. granny wonders what new evil plan is mili upto now.

Meanwhile, outside, vihaan bumps into harpreet, who is coming from outside, and asks her if she saw kyra. She replies that she just saw kyra get into a taxi and go somewhere but doesnt know where. She asks him why is he asking so tensed. He composes himself and says that he was merely concerned. She gos in. He wonders what new gameplan is kyra upto now, and whether she has gotten to know the truth

about mili staying at the hotel and not the orphanage. He decides ti go and alert mili, and as he checks for the phone number, of the hotel, he finds that it isnt there in his direcrtory, and understands that kyra must be behind it. He then decides that he has to alert mili anyhow, about kyra’s plan, and goes onto think of a way. he rushes in, and tries to waive furiously in front of the web cam, but when he doesnt get a response, he writes a message in bold letters, asking her to look, that kyra is reaching. Mili meanwhile is getting dressed, and doesnt see the message. Just then, harpreet comes in and asks whats going on. he says that he was searching for something and then goes out. She is boggled at his weird behaviour. Meanwhile, in the hotel, mili is all dressed, and as the doorbell rings, she thinks that its room service. But she is shocked when she opens the door, to find that its kyra with granny, geeta and nilima. granny accusingly asks her about her lying to them, regarding her stay. kyra taunts that mili just lied, and it isnt that big a crime. Mili stands tensedly. geeta asks why did she take unnecessary sympathy from them. kyra innocently says that there might have been some reason, and nilima asks what could it be. mili is speechless. Kyra asks for their permission to speak to her alone, as maybe she isnt comfortable with them, and she being her age would understand better. Nilima complies. geeta asks her to take care of herself. they all leave, leaving kyra and mili behind. Kyra shuts the door, and then comments on the wonderful place. mili asks what she wants now. Mili pretends to be sad and asks her what does she want, as she has already given her every right. Kyra asks who is she to give her the rights, and that she herself is the rightful bahu of the house. Kyra says that she is the bahu and she has all rights on the rights of the house. Mili eyes her tensedly. Mili asks whats she here for. Kyra remembers surfing through vihaan’s number, and finding hotel red Star’s number, in his phone, and is shocked, and how she deleted the number, so that even if he gets to know of their plan, he wouldnt be able to alert them at all. Mili is tensed, but continues that she has had a misunderstanding and that she cant be responsible for anything now. Kyra continues to taunt her, and then thanks her and asks her to come back home, so that she can stay with them. Mili is shocked but viciously agrees, thinking that she is an idiot making this mistake of gigantic proportions, as vihaan is in her captivity, and that she promises that she shall ruin her property. kyra says that she knows her now, and when she is with them, she shall expose her, and then have her thrown out.

While vihaan is tampering with the kitchen wires, he overhears mili coming and narmada and harpreet very happy at that prospect. Narmada wonders how would she have been managing at the orphanage. Granny asks if she was at the orphanage. Narmada is shocked when she gets to know that mili was at a hotel, but she continues to defend her. vihaan comes out just then, and kyra asks what was he doing there. he dodges the question. he excuses himself and leaves. Kyra says that noone shall go to the kitchen as today mili shall cook. she is tensed. Kyra says that she has to go out, and work urgently. Mili swears that within the next 24 hours, she shall take her revenge. kyra too swera sthat she shall expose her.

Geeta takes mili to the kitchen, where she starts wih the chopping of veggies, to make food. mili fumes wondering how she is stuck here, and god knows what kyra is upto now. Mili finds geeta busy in the tv, and decides to use her magic, but before she can, granny comes and gives her yet another set of intrustions. Mili fumes and continues working. Later, kyra tells granny to keep engaged anyhow and not let let her use her magic, or get away. granny asks where is she going. kyra tells granny that she shall come back and tell them. She leaves. Vihaan comes in and wonders whats mili doing in the kitchen, and decides that he has to get her out of there. but just then, granny asks him to come along with her. He asks about kyra. Granny says that she went to the temple. He then insistently is taken out by granny. Mili is boggled now, and wonders where is he going now, and what is kyra’s next plan. she hopes that she doesnt do something that might pose a problem later on.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Kyra talks about vihaan’s weird behaviour with her, and thinks that mili is behind this, and wants a remedy now. he asks her to elaborate further. She narrates all the incidents one by one. The priest isnt able to come to a plausible conclusion and asks her to get him here, so that they can rectify the situation. she complies. he blesses her. she then thinks how would she get him here. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As narmada clutches at the juicer mixer, she is shocked as she starts screaming, her hands glued to the machine, while all are apalled and horrified to see her. Mili is amused.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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