Satrangi Sasural 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Dadaji gives vihaan the permission to go inside and compose arushi, who’s extremely disturbed. He happily goes inside. dadaji happily tells her mother, that he has a gut feling that vihaan shall always keep arushi happy. Vihaan goes inside to find arushi sleeping, and caresses her forehead. In her sleep, she turns and grabs her hand, and sleeps with it, murmuring that vihaan shouldnt go away from her. But she wakes up and is startled to find him there. Vihaan is overwhelmed. She asks how is he here. He says that he have everyone’s permission. She maintains her stern stand, but he says that he loves her, and cant go away from her. She reminds him what happened, and he asks her to be hopeful. she sys that nothing can change, and

asks him to go away. he asks her to look at herself, as she searches for him even in sleep. He asks if she would be able to live without him. He sys that he knows how they can be together, and get married. He hugs her, while she asks how is this possible.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road
By the roadside tea stall, vihaan shows arushi, their plan that he made with sarthi. He tries to explain that granny is already impressed, and now its her chance to impress the others too, and asks her to study everyone of his mothers. She cuts him short, and says that this is cheating, and they cant do this, as she cant have a planned meet with them. He says that this isnt betrayal, and she cites his plan as weird. She is highly tensed. He sys that she is the perfect girl for their family, and hence they need to implement the plan. He assures her that once the mothers like her, then he would find a way to disclose their love. She has her reservations, but he asks her to think before she speaks, as if they miss this chance, they would never be able to be together, and if they pass through this incredibly tough test, they would be able to be together, and asks her to say yes, for the sake of their love. She complies. He smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi is highly nervous in the temple, as she awaits the beginning of this test, and wonders if she would be able to perform. She waits for his mother, and finally finds similr ladies like geeta, and she gets extremely confused, how to find geeta maa from them. the priest tells that there’s a bengali function, and bengali ladies would come in galore. Arushi gets tensed and finds that vihaan’s number isnt going through. She then hears someone talking to a vihu on the phone, and in her excitement rushes to her, but collides into actual geeta, who reprimands her, for being so brash and in a ush in a temple. She bends down to pick up the fallen flowers, but arushi stops her saying that this isnt good, and gives hr flowers from her own plate instead. geeta smiles at arushi’s good nature, and her apology. geeta likes the girl instantly. Meanwhile, arushi then goes to who she thinks is geeta, and starts to impress her, and she become happy. Arushi thinks that she agreed a little too soon. The lady says that her child is very naughty. Arushi asks her to get him married. When she sees the photo, she is shocked that its a little chap. Just then, an orphan child rushes past, with the preist hitting and running after him, as he stole money. Arushi says that he might have been helpless. geeta hears her siding for the childish innocnce and asks them to file a police complaint, and not beat him, if they want him to improve. geeta is impressed with arushi’s maturity. They take the child away. arushi stands tensed. geeta comes to her, and says that many come for worshipping, but she has done an actual service to God, and blesses her. She asks if she is married, and arushi denies. geeta asks her for her mobile number, and arushi complies. she blesses arushi to be happy, and arushi touches her feet. Then geeta gets vihaan’s call, and arushi is surprised. geeta leaves, and arushi finally understands that this was vihaan’s mothers and happy that she unintentionally impressed the first mother.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Geeta thanks the lrod for making her meet Arushi, and decides that she shall get arushi as vihaan’s wife, and all the ladies shall be proud. harpreet is boggled to see her like this, feeling victorious.

Scene 5:
Location: Bank
Arushi keeps a fast, to be able to impress vihaan’s mothers, and rosy is shocked at the length to which she can go. Arushi goes through her official presentation, without feeling hungry or thirsty. Arushi has a faint and dizzy spell, and hopes that god gives her strength to pull through.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
While he waits tensedly beside his car, waiting for arushi, she comes and asks vihaan what was the urgency, that he came so soon. he asks her to sit in the car, without any questions. She is boggled and tensed. they both drive off.

Scene 7:
Location: In the temple
Vihaan takes arushi to the temple, holding her hand, while she berserkedly keeps asking whats the matter and why are they here. He makes her stand in front of the lord, and she is shocked. he tells her how he got to know about her fast from rosy, and asks how could she do this. He tells her that she should understand, that her life isnt hers, but his too, and with that right, he cant give her the permission to put herself through this torture. She says that she cant break her fast midway, and he asks her to break his fast, but she is adamant. He goes and gets water for her, while she is tensed. He asks her to drink it, while she refuses. He asks her to look to her condition but she is adamant. she tells him the purpose of her fast, but he says that their faith shall stand the test of his mothers. She is tensed. he makes her swear on him, that she shall never do aything like this again. He says that this cant be the way to fulfill their dreams, and asks her to try and try again to get it, and not resort to such means. She agrees and complies. he is relieved. He makes her drink water. She complies, and says that she is fine.

Scene 8:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi tells her mother about her first victory. her mother is tensed at their plan, as to what if his mothers get to know. arushi says that she doesnt know right or wrong, but this is their only option, but knows vihaan loves him and they cant live without each other. dadaji comes and blesses them both. Dadaji tells arushi and her mother that he is very sure that vihaan wont do anything, going against or upseting his mothers or his love even. all smile. Dadaji says that they need to ensure that noone else should know about this. girish hears this, and wonders whats cooking behind him and prahlad, between the three, and decides to find out. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Arushi and Priyanka get along to chatting, bout their common interest in classical music, while they share an auto. Arushi tries to impress her by saying that she attended Bhimsen Joshi’s concert last year. Priyanka is tensed. Priyanka tells arushi that Bhimsen Joshi passed awy four years back, and asks which concert did she go to. Arushi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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